June 21, 2014


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Border agency’s watchdog under investigation for coverup [Excerpts] 



June 20, 2014 








The internal affairs division of U.S. [World Tyrant] Customs and Border Protection is being investigated for 


falsifying documents, 


intentionally misplacing employee complaints and 


bungling misconduct reports 


as *part* of a coverup to mask its failure to curb employee wrongdoing, a McClatchy investigation has found. 



The inquiry of the nation’s largest federal law enforcement agency also involves a much broader array of allegations, including 


an inner-office sexual relationship between two high-ranking officials, who themselves sometimes oversee investigations of similar illicit affairs. 



According to three Customs and Border Protection officials, investigators quietly interviewed witnesses this spring as part of a potential criminal case that reflected badly on the leadership of former division chief James Tomsheck and at least two of his deputies. 



The allegations taint a unit that must grapple with recurring accusations that Customs and Border Protection personnel have 


abused migrants, including children, 


taken bribes and 


conspired with drug cartels. 




[ . . .employee wrongdoing. . . ] 








Parliament Speaker: Syria and DPRK on same page against common adversaries 


Jun 19, 2014 







Speaker of the People’s Assembly Mohammad Jihad al-Laham said Syria and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) have a common adversary [The World Tyrant] that seeks to forward its agendas in both countries, “a matter which we absolutely reject.” 



Al-Laham was speaking during his meeting with DPRK Foreign Minister Ri Su Yong, who is currently visiting Syria at the top [as leader of] of an official delegation. 



“The countries involved in the anti-Syria conspiracy —-namely the US [The World Tyrant], the countries of the colonial West [NATO] and some Arab reactionary regimes—- wish the Syrian people ill, as they continue their monetary and arms supplies to terrorists in an attempt, obviously, to cripple Syria’s economic capabilities and disrupt political life,” he said during the meeting. 



Touching on [the] recent presidential vote which saw the Syrians turn out in large numbers to cast their votes, the Assembly Speaker said President al-Assad’s sweeping win has come as a severe blow to the US [World Tyrant] administration and its allies “who approach regional issues with double standards and political hypocrisy.” 



He struck a confident note as he expressed trust in Syria’s inevitable victory which he puts down to 



“the sacrifices of the Syrian army, 



the Syrians’ belief in their homeland and 



support to leadership.” 




The support of friends, including DPRK, is a great asset that will contribute to Syria’s imminent victory, added the Assembly speaker. 



Syria and DPRK have long-standing “historic and strategic” ties whose foundation the late presidents Hafez al-Assad and Kim Il-sung had laid, adding that bilateral relations are growing stronger under current leaderships in both countries. 



[The] DPRK FM [Ri Su Yong], for his part, said the peoples of Syria and the DPRK are on the same page against common enemies. 



“Syria is on course for an imminent victory,” he affirmed. 



“More than ever, we have a strong conviction that Syrian people are headed to an undeniable victory, which we came to perceive when we saw the overwhelming support for President al-Assad,” said the [DPRK] FM. 



Citing the Syrian government’s “successful” policies such as free education and medical services, as well as subsidization of basic items and oil products, Ri Su [Yong] said the situation in Syria is different from the image that some media seeks to market. 







Jun 21, 11:22 AM EDT 











The fracas began shortly after midnight in Salem, in southern New Hampshire, when Officer Adam Pearson pulled over 52-year-old Robert Zygarowski, of Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, for a traffic stop. 


Police say Zygarowski was uncooperative so Pearson shocked him with the stun gun. 



Zygarowski *pulled out the barbs*, assaulted Pearson, then jumped in his car and sped away 



[ The New American Hero ? ] 













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