June 9, 2014


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Supreme Leader’s Speech on 25th Demise Anniversary of Imam Khomeini [Excerpts] 











The following is [part of] the full text of the speech delivered on June 4, 2014 by Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, on the occasion of the demise anniversary of Imam Khomeini [the founder]. 




khO-mEIn-i  24 September 19023 June 1989 




khA-mEn-Ei  17 July 1939 – 






The kind of power [religious democracy] which emerges on the basis of people’s choice is respectable.  No one should confront this power.  No one should try to suppress and subjugate this power.  If they do so, this is called fitna. 



This is the new prescription that our magnanimous Imam introduced to the world.  He added this important chapter to the political literature of the world.  As we pointed out, one of the main elements in this new version is rushing to help the oppressed and confronting the oppressor.  We should help the oppressed and in the present time, the concrete manifestation of being oppressed is the people of Palestine. 



As you witnessed, from the first day until the end of his life, our magnanimous Imam stressed the issue of Palestine.  He supported the issue of Palestine and stated in his testament that the people of Iran and the officials of the country should not forget about this issue. 



Helping the oppressed, showing resistance against the oppressor, condemning his transgressions, rejecting his power and grandeur in an outspoken way and shattering this grandeur are among the parts of this system and this new version presented by our magnanimous Imam.



. . . 



I would like to refer to two challenges: one is an external challenge and another is an internal challenge. 



Our external challenge is the interferences of global arrogance.  I would like to speak without any consideration.  The external challenge is the interferences of America [The World Tyrant].  They engage in mudslinging. 



Although some of their thinkers say in their analyses that it is useless or impossible to confront this great movement [relgious democracy], they engage in mudslinging. 



We should know their plan.  This is America’s [The World Tyrant’s] plan which has been revealed through their discussions, reports, statements and *behavior*: 


America [The World Tyrant] divides all countries, orientations and people throughout the world into three groups: 


the first group is made up of the submissive including submissive countries, submissive political and social orientations and submissive individuals.  The first group is comprised of these people. 


The second group is comprised of countries which are not submissive and which [nonetheless] should be tolerated.  From the viewpoint of America [The World Tyrant], a number of countries, personalities and orientations should be tolerated.  They believe that they should define common interests with these countries and that they should get along with them somehow.  Later on, I will explain this more. 


The third group is made up of disobedient countries, those which do not give in to America [The World Tyrant] and which refuse to be blackmailed by it.  The third group is comprised of these [disobedient] countries. 



From the viewpoint of the Americans [The World Tyrant], no country, no political, social, civil and economic orientation and no individual in the world is out of these three groups.  Everyone is either submissive and docile or independent – and you should get along with them —-or disobedient, bold and courageous.  One should behave in a different way towards the third group. 



America’s [The World Tyrant’s] policy towards the first group is complete support.  Of course, they do not provide this support for free.  They support them, but they also milk them.  In fact, they use their capabilities and resources to the advantage of their own interests and for safeguarding their own interests.  The Americans [The World Tyrant] ride roughshod over these people and they make them render all kinds of services to them.  As I said, they milk them and they do not care at all. 



Of course, if these people and countries behave in a way that is considered to be indecent according to global conventions, the Americans [The World Tyrant] do not condemn it.  On the contrary, they defend and justify it.  For example, there are some dictatorial countries which are managed by biased, reactionary and completely dictatorial regimes, but they have friendly relations with the Americans [The World Tyrant].  These countries give in to the Americans [The World Tyrant] and they are prepared to serve and obey them.  They are members of the first group. 



When the Americans [The World Tyrant] want to describe them, they do not refer to them as dictatorial countries.  Rather, they say that they are patriarchal countries and thus they cover up their dictatorship.  They say, “They are not dictators.  Rather, they are patriarchal countries”.  What is the meaning of patriarchal in political systems?  What does it mean?  Is a patriarchal country a country in which there is no parliament, no elections, no power to speak freely, no freedom of speech and no freedom of expression?  Is a patriarchal country a country in which the slightest disobedience to the wishes of the rulers is suppressed in a very serious and severe way? 


In one part of his life, Saddam Hussein was one of these obedient and submissive individuals.  In that stage of his life, they gave him all kinds of support and they rendered some services to him.  They gave him chemical weapons and they provided him with *the plans of our military movement which had been discovered via satellite*.  They gave him military plans because he was at their service and because he was against the disobedient Islamic Republic which was a member of the third group.  So, these people represent the first group. 



As I said, the second group is made up of the countries which America [The World Tyrant] gets along with.  The policy and plan of America [The World Tyrant] is to get along with these countries.  What does getting along mean?  It means defining common interests and establishing friendly relations with someone.  But when America [The World Tyrant] has the opportunity, it will stab them in the back and tear their hearts open and it will not show any consideration for them. 



Which countries represent the second group?  European countries represent the second group.  Today, European countries are in such conditions.  America [The World Tyrant] gets along with them, but this does not mean that it defends their interests.  This is not the case.  It will kick them as much as it can.  For example, it spies —-Internet espionage—- on the number one in its allied country.  It also spies on him by tapping his cell phone.  The Americans [The World Tyrant] even keep watch on his personal life and they have no scruples whatsoever.  When it comes out [is exposed], they say, “Sorry, it happened because we had no choice”. 



They are not even willing to apologize in a sincere way.  My understanding of political issues tells me that the Europeans are making *a great strategic mistake* by serving America [The World Tyrant].  They promote the interests of America [The World TYrant], but America [The World Tyrant] does not and will not do so [likewise] and it will be the same until the end.  This was about the second group. 




The third group is made up of countries which do not give in to America [The World TYrant].  America’s [The World Tyrant’s] policy towards this group is to use each and every tool they find against these disobedient countries.  They use any tool they find and *they do not have any limits for that*.  If you see that there is a country which is disobedient to America [The World Tyrant] and that America [The World Tyrant] does not attack or impose sanctions on it, then you should know that there is a problem —-that is to say, there is an obstacle in their way.  To put it simply, they cannot do it.  If they can, they will definitely do it. 



The only crime that this disobedient country has committed is that it is not willing to give in to America [The World Tyrant], to be blackmailed by it and to let the interests of America [The World Tyrant] have priority over its own interests.  This is the definition of a disobedient country.  In order to bring this country to its knees, the Americans [The World Tyrant] do everything that they can.  They do whatever is possible for them.  If they do not do something, it is because they cannot. 



Well, what are the things that the Americans [The World Tyrant] do? 



Today, launching a military attack is not a priority from the viewpoint of the Americans [The World Tyrant].  They have understood that they suffered a loss on the issue of Iraq and Afghanistan where they launched military attacks.  They have understood that launching a military attack is as dangerous for the aggressor as it is for the defender and sometimes, it is even more dangerous for the aggressor.  They have understood this correctly.  Therefore, it can be *said* that they have changed their mind about launching a military attack. 



They have other ways ahead of them.  One of these ways is entrusting the task of furthering their goals in the target country —-which is the target of their attacks– to the elements inside this country.  The issue is not only about Islamic Iran and the Islamic Republic.  They are doing these things *all over the world* and we are witnessing some instances of their effort in the present time. 



Another way is launching a coup d’état.  They empower some people inside the target country so that they can launch a coup d’état and overthrow those governments and political systems which do not give in to them.  One of the ways that they use is this. 



Another way is drawing part of the people to the streets.  An example is the color revolutions which were carried out in each and every part of the region in recent years. Take the case of a government which comes to power in a country.  After all, if the government that comes to power holds 60 percent of the votes, it means that 40 percent of the people did not vote for it. The Americans [The World Tyrant] go to that 40 percent, choose certain elements and leaders among them and make them —-either by bribing or by threatening them– draw that 40 percent or part of it to the streets.  America’s [The World Tyrant’s] hands were behind the color revolutions —-for example, such and such an orange revolution and other revolutions in different countries—- that were carried out in recent years. 



We do not make any judgment about the events which are taking place in an area in Europe. But when one takes a look, one sees what a role an American [The World Tyrant] senator and official can play —-by showing his presence—- in the demonstrations of a minority against a country.  They showed their presence in such areas.  One of the measures that they adopt is that they draw part of the people to the streets and make them break the law, thereby overthrowing the government which they do not approve of and which is not blackmailed. 



Another measure that they adopt is empowering and forming terrorist groups.  They did this in Iraq, Afghanistan and some Arab countries in the region.  They did it in our country as well.  They form terrorist groups in order to kill well-known personalities.  In our country, they struck and martyred scientists and experts on atomic energy.  Before that too, they struck political, cultural, scientific and seminary personalities.  These terrorists grew with the help of the Americans [The World Tyrant].  Some of them were accepted into America [The World Tyrant]. . .for the services that they rendered. 



Today, munafeqeen [hypocrits] are in America’s [The World Tyrant’s] arms.  They take part in different meetings and commissions of the U.S. [World Tyrant] Congress.  The same munafeqeen who killed people from different social backgrounds —-including great personalities, ulama, scientists and political personalities—- and who carried out explosions are with the Americans [The World Tyrant] today.  So, this is another way they use. 



Another way is creating discord among decision-makers of countries.  One of the measures that they adopt is this: they try to create a rift in the highest levels of the government and system that is not with them.  They try to establish a dual government.  Of course, they do not succeed in many countries.  But unfortunately, they succeed in some areas. This is one of their ways. 



Another way is that they discourage —-with their propaganda—- the hearts and minds of people from following their ideological and religious principles.  They try such measures. 



The regime of the United States of America [The World Tyrant] has done all these things to our dear and Islamic Iran and. . .it has failed in all of them. 







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