May 26, 2014


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WORLD-TYRANT WORLD a/o 05 26 14 







May. 24, Juche 103 (2014) Saturday 






Command of Southwestern Front of KPA Once *Again* Warns S. Korean Puppet Forces




The Command of the Southwestern Front of the Korean People’s Army released the following report on May 23: 



Running high is the resolution of all the officers and men under the Command of the Southwestern Front of the KPA to mercilessly retaliate against the military hooligans of Park Geun Hye who opened fire at warships of the KPA on their routine guard duty and [on] peaceable Chinese fishing boats. 



It is against this backdrop that the puppet military hooligans, not yet coming to their senses, spread false stories peppered with lies and hypocrisy in a bid to mislead public opinion. 



In the afternoon of May 22, they made much fuss, floating *misinformation* that they opened fire in retaliation against the shells fired by the KPA at their warships in waters near Yonphyong Island. 



They even staged the farce of sending a warning message on behalf of the chief delegate of the south side to the north-south general-level military talks in which they


claimed the KPA side “made a provocative firing” in wanton breach of the Korean Armistice Agreement and the north-south agreements 


in a bid to label it a “provocateur” by telling sheer lies. 



The confirmed fact goes to prove that warships of the [World Tyrant’s] puppet navy intruded 


deep into the waters of the DPRK side beyond the maritime guard demarcation line of the KPA side 


for *preemptive* firing under the pretext of intercepting the peaceable Chinese fishing boats and 


tried to convince the public that the shelling was made by the KPA. 



The [World Tyrant’s] puppet military hooligans 


preempted the shelling but 


fabricated the above-said sheer lie. 



This gangster-like behavior proves what extent the Park Geun Hye group has reached in its confrontation hysteria. 



No matter what rhetoric it may let loose, the group can never conceal nor get pardoned for its provocative preemptive shelling. 



All the service personnel under the Command of the Southwestern Front are getting themselves fully combat-ready to mercilessly wipe out the puppet military hooligans keen on provocations 


in the name of all the Koreans. 



Mounting high with the passage of time are their hatred at the provokers and their firm will to punish the group.  They will certainly turn the sensitive area, a hot spot, into the first graveyard of the military hooligans of Park Geun Hye. 




[ See 1st item, World-Tyrant World 05 24 14. ] 






Meeting with heads of leading international news agencies [at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum.] [Excerpts] 


24 May 2014, 18:30, St Petersburg 





SERGEI MIKHAILOV: Mr Putin, thank you very much for the opportunity to have this meeting.  I think it would be fair to give the floor to Florence Biedermann from France Presse, the oldest French agency with an almost 200 year history, as the only woman at this table.  It just so happens.  Go ahead please. 



FLORENCE BIEDERMANN (retranslated): Mr President, you will soon go to France to attend the 70th anniversary of the allied landing in Normandy.  Will you hold separate meetings with the heads of state that will be present there?  And may I ask you one more question on a different subject.  Will you consider the elected president in Ukraine legitimate? 



VLADIMIR PUTIN: The first point.  The trip to Normandy will be restricted to the occasion on which we will all meet.  Indeed, the President of France has reaffirmed his invitation and it was, of course, accepted with gratitude.  During World War II our countries were fighting Nazism together.  As you know, Soviet and Russian peoples contributed much to the altar of this common victory and so it is quite natural that we all meet in Normandy.  We are to give credit to our allies in the coalition –-the Americans, the British and the French.  We remember French Resistance fighters and the direct participation of the French in World War II, including the legendary Normandie-Niemen. 



Will there be any meetings on this occasion?  As far as I understood, the French President would like to hold a separate meeting to discuss issues of bilateral relations and the international agenda.  Naturally, I’m open to any talks.  If the schedule of the French President permits, I’ll be pleased to meet with him and discuss subjects of mutual interest.  This is the first point. 



Your second question is about recognition or non-recognition of the election in Ukraine.  I replied in detail to this question yesterday.  One of your colleagues tired me out trying to approach this issue from different angles.  I’ve already answered this question and can repeat what I said. 


I believe it would have been more logical to fulfil the agreements –-at least in narrow format-– that were reached by President Yanukovych and the opposition on February 21 of this year.  There was no point in calling into doubt from the very start even some aspects of the legitimacy of the future Ukrainian authorities on the grounds that a presidential election cannot be held with the legally operating Ukrainian President.  This is an obvious fact –-it’s enough to open the Ukrainian Constitution to see what is written there. 



In this context it would have been more logical and, in my view, more serious to first hold a referendum, then adopt a constitution and then hold elections based on the new fundamental law.  However, the current authorities in Kiev *and those people who control the power* have decided to follow a different course.  They want to stage the election first and then deal with constitutional amendments.  It is unclear for the time being what amendments they have in mind –-this is always an issue of debate and certain agreements in society. 



You know what I think? The people who are controlling the power in Kiev and the main presidential candidates are still different people.  Maybe those who are in charge today are not interested in the new president being completely legitimate.  This may be the case.  After all, they are engaged in a serious internal political struggle.  In the end it’s up to Ukraine, its domestic business.  I can just repeat what I said yesterday: we’ll respect any choice made by the Ukrainian people. 



FLORENCE BIEDERMANN: As far as I understand, President Yanukovych will remain the legitimate President, even after the election.  I’m talking about legitimacy. 



VLADIMIR PUTIN: You know, we can all read.  Let’s open the constitution and read it.  We are grown-up people, we can read.  Take the Ukrainian constitution and read it.  It says that there are four legitimate reasons when an incumbent president has to go.  They are: death, a serious health condition, impeachment –-and there was no *constitution-based* impeachment-– and resignation, when the president hands in his resignation to the Parliament.  So we either stick to the constitution or dismiss it. 



My point is they should have dealt with this issue first.  But the current Kiev authorities had a different plan.  All right.  In any case, we are interested in stabilising the situation.  What are they saying now?  They are going to adopt a new constitution.  If so, a newly elected president might still be a temporary figure *or*, on the contrary, he or she will take over all the power.  Beyond doubt, both scenarios will only aggravate the political struggle in the country. 



As I said, we will by all means respect the choice of the Ukrainian people and will cooperate with the authorities that will come to power as a result of the election. 



SERGEI MIKHAILOV: Please, colleague from Xinhua, which means “New China”, by the way. 



VLADIMIR PUTIN: Yes. Excuse me, I would like to ask Florence: are you satisfied with my answer? 



FLORENCE BIEDERMANN: Yes, I’m satisfied. 



VLADIMIR PUTIN: Merci beaucoup. 






Sun May 25, 2014 4:53 






Supreme Leader: Solution to Economic, Political Problems Exists inside Iran [Excerpts] 





“The solution to the country’s economic and political problems cannot be found *outside* the borders, but the *real cure* for the problems is inside the country, which is reliance on internal potentials and capabilities,” Ayatollah Khamenei said in a meeting with Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani and other Iranian legislators in Tehran on Sunday. 



He underlined the necessity for the parliament and government’s serious attention to the Sixth Five-Year Economic, Social and Cultural Development Plan, and described the resistance economy, promotion of revolutionary and religious culture and morale and continuation of the current speedy trend of scientific progress as the main priorities which need to receive prime attention in the plan. 



Ayatollah Khamenei reiterated the necessity for continued resistance and fighting against the arrogant powers, and said, “The emphasis placed on continued struggling is *not* because of the Islamic Republic’s warmongering, but because 


when anyone wants to go through an area where there are too many pirates, he is required by common sense and wisdom to equip himself and find the ability and motivation to defend himself.” 



He warned that the today world is full of *looters* who have 


equipped themselves with scientific and financial resources and power and 


are very easily committing crimes under some seemingly humanitarian causes, and 


[Khamenei] said that under such conditions, 


*there is no other way but non-stop fighting*. 



Ayatollah Khamenei said struggling will end when the human community can get rid of the world arrogance, headed by the US [The World Tyrant]. 







Premier to Russian Deputy PM: Russian-Chinese veto is international justice served [Excerpts] 


May 24, 2014 






The Russian-Chinese veto at the UN Security Council, the fourth to be used by the two veto-wielding permanent council members to shield Syria from unfair resolutions, is international justice served and an affirmation of strategic determination to stand up to reckless US[World Tyrant]-French policies, said [Syrian Arab Republic] Prime Minister Dr. Wael al-Halqi. 



Meeting Dmitry Rogozin, Russian Deputy Prime Minister who is presiding over a Russian delegation currently visiting Syria, al-Halqi said that signs of a new world order are taking shape, predicting fair international relations in tune with the aspirations of the nations to prevail during the coming phase. 



Unipolar world order marked by hegemony [sway] over nations’ riches is over, said al-Halqi. “We are witnessing a multi-polar world that achieves balance and justice in international policy being born,” PM added. 



Al-Halqi hailed as deep-rooted the Syrian-Russian relations that have grown deeper under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, saying a series of victories in Syria is credited for the steadfastness of the people and government and army successes on the battlefield. 



He cited the support of friends —-namely Russia-— as among the most important factors that paved the way to victory in Syria. 



“No power on earth can deflect the Syrian people from walking a path that leads to security and stability,” added Premier al-Halqi. 



Al-Halqi said Syria is grateful to the Russian stances and [to] all the friends who stood up for the Syrian people against a global conspiracy [The World Tyrant’s proxy war]. 



Syria and Russian share exemplary political ties that the economic ones need to be developed so as to match up to, he added, urging Russian companies and businessmen to carry out vital and development projects in Syria which is at the threshold of a reconstruction process. 



Al-Halqi was informed of the outcomes of the Syrian-Russian joint committee meetings and the cooperation-enhancing means and orientations agreed on, notably cooperation in a wide range of power and service sectors. 



Rogozin, for his part, said Russia is firm in its support to the Syrian people against the cruel war waged on them, signaling a Russian desire to broaden the scope of bilateral cooperation and [to] increase trade exchange volume. 







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