May 24, 2014


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May. 23, Juche 103 (2014) Friday 






KPA Will Wipe out Park Geun Hye-led Military Hooligans to Last One: Command of Southwestern Front of KPA 




The Command of the Southwestern Front of the Korean People’s Army (KPA) issued the following open report on May 21: 



The Park Geun Hye-led military gangsters’ provocative hysteria has reached an extreme phase. 



On May 20 alone, gangsters of the south Korean puppet navy perpetrated such a grave military provocation as firing at random at the warships of the Korean People’s Army which were on regular guard duty in the southwestern waters of the DPRK side and peaceable Chinese fishing boats. 



This was a deliberate grave provocative act of firing bullets and shells perpetrated by the south Korean puppet hooligans despite the fact that they were well aware warships of the KPA navy were operating to check the illegal fishing operations of Chinese civilian fishing boats in the sensitive waters. 



The deliberate preemptive firing perpetrated by those military gangsters in the waters of the West Sea of Korea where the situation always remains so tense that a war may break out any moment can never be overlooked. 



The gravity of the provocation lies in that it was timed to coincide with the mad-cap live-shell firing drills being staged by the gangsters everyday on Paekryong, Yonphyong and Taechong Islands, etc. while escalating their military intrusion into the waters of the DPRK these days. 



Such premeditated military provocations being perpetrated by the Park Geun Hye group after amassing huge quantities of destructive weapons are not unrelated to its serious ruling crisis. 



Angry south Koreans are now staging candle-light demos demanding “impeachment of Park Geun Hye” and the puppet military is being hit hard by the public for unceasing breach of military discipline and such foolish anti-DPRK racket kicked up by it, describing even a “door of toilet” as a “drone from the north”. 



The Park group let loose such unpardonable invective as terming the DPRK a “country which should disappear”, triggering off an all-out retaliatory battle of its service personnel and people. 



It is a sinister intention of the Park Geun Hye-led military gangsters to tide over its serious crisis and escape its shameful defeat in the local elections at hand by making military provocations against the DPRK in the sensitive waters. 



The Command of the Southwestern Front of the KPA sends the following open notice: 



1. From this very moment, all warships of the south Korean puppet navy, big and small, which recklessly maneuver in the sensitive waters of the southwestern front, hot spots, will become without exception targets of the direct sighting firing by all strike means under the above-said Command. 



The warships of the puppet navy recklessly maneuvering at the direct instigation of the military hooligans are the root cause of military provocations deliberately straining the situation in the above-said hot spots and they are, therefore, targets of physical strikes which should be blown up without fail. 



2. The south Korean side will face military strikes of the KPA without any warning at the moment the latter detects any trifle provocation near the maritime guard demarcation of its army and around the five islands in the West Sea of Korea. 



It is the most urgent task for providing a sure guarantee for the peace of the country and the security of the nation to put under control the reckless preemptive firing, the height of confrontation with compatriots, in advance. 



3. We unhesitatingly clarify before the world our will to settle accounts with the villains of the south Korean puppet army right now if they are to fight us at any cost. 



We advise them not to fire bullets and shells in the back lane awkwardly and cowardly but seek a formal military solution. 



This stand is based on our resolute decision to wipe out the sworn enemy, confrontation maniacs, on this land to the last man. 



The determined and practical military actions on the Southwestern Front of the KPA will help people clearly see in reality who will disappear and who will tower high on the ground and in the sea. 





Replies to journalists’ questions following a visit to China [Excerpts] 


21 May 2014, 15:40, Shanghai 





QUESTION: Mr President, Ukraine is the thorniest issue in global politics at the moment.  You instructed the Defence Ministry to withdraw Russian forces from the Ukrainian border and have them return to their garrisons.  But the West (the Pentagon and NATO) do not yet see evidence of this withdrawal.  Could you explain the situation and say what is actually happening? 



VLADIMIR PUTIN: Our forces were not on the border anyway.  They were indeed quite close to the border, as you probably heard.  Some time ago, I gave the Defence Ministry the order to withdraw them to the training sites, the test grounds.  These sites are also in neighbouring regions, in Rostov Region, quite near to the border.  But now the Defence Ministry has received a new order to withdraw them from these test grounds too. 



Let me stress once more that we are doing this not because we do not dare to keep our forces in those regions –-after all, we are a sovereign state and can station our forces where we wish.  We are doing this as an additional step to help create a favourable environment for the upcoming presidential election in Ukraine.  We made this decision so as to put an end to speculations on this subject. 



If someone cannot see what is happening there, perhaps they should take a closer look.  The fact of the matter is that there is quite a large number of forces there, quite a lot of hardware.  Just withdrawing them all requires some serious preparation in itself, including organising their transportation.  But I think that with the good weather, they will soon be able to see all of this from space. 



QUESTION: Mr President, let me come back to the presidential election in Ukraine.  Do you think the election will go ahead and who do you think might win? 



Let me ask another second question, if I may.  Two of my colleagues, a cameraman and a reporter for LifeNews were detained in Ukraine.  They are accused of terrorism.  They are journalists but are being accused of terrorism, interrogated, handcuffed, have sacks put over their heads.  Can anything be done here? 



VLADIMIR PUTIN: On the first issue, you have no doubt heard my position already. My view is that what is important is not the election itself but to organise relations with all of Ukraine’s regions so that people, whether in the west, south, east or north of the country all feel that they are full-fledged citizens, and so that ethnic minorities have full rights as citizens, including the right to use their native language. 



In this context, in my view, given that the Ukrainian constitution still legally in force at this moment does not make it possible to hold an election when the country has a president, President Yanukovych, still legally in office –-and I stress that in legal terms he is still the president in office-– it would seem easier in this situation to first hold a referendum on all the basic issues, hold a referendum on the constitution and adopt it, and then on the basis of the new constitution elect a president and a parliament and form a government. 



I think this would be a lot more logical and would bring greater stability.  But, with the support of European [NATO] countries and the United States [The World TYrant], the Ukrainian authorities have made a different decision.  In any case the political processes underway, including on legitimising the current authorities, are a positive step of course. 



At the same time, it will be very difficult for us to build relations with those who come to power with punitive operations still underway in southeast Ukraine, and who obstruct the media’s work.  What’s more, they are not just obstructing the press but are behaving more and more aggressively. 



In terms of legitimacy and objectivity of the results, this will raise big questions for us of course.  I hope very much that our partners in Europe [NATO] and the United States [The World Tyrant] will finally hear and understand what is going on. 



What is happening now with journalists is unacceptable. The journalists from LifeNews are being accused of all manner of heinous crimes, including that they were carrying weapons, but this is utter nonsense and complete rubbish.  Foreign citizens working for Russian media outlets are also being detained. T his is completely unacceptable.  Of course, there will be big questions right from the start on the legitimacy of all of these political procedures. 



I hope the Ukrainian authorities will take the necessary steps to at least humanise the political process unfolding in Ukraine now.  But let me say once again that any political process is nonetheless better than armed confrontation. 



Our position at the moment is to establish direct contacts with the current authorities in Kiev and in southeast Ukraine.  You know that we have done everything we can to establish these direct contacts. 



Incidentally, my order to the Defence Ministry to withdraw the troops from the areas where they had been carrying out training exercises was also partly related to the fact that these first contacts had begun.  I hope that they will continue positively. 



QUESTION: I have a question on security.  One of the security threats for the whole region, including Russia, is terrorism.  Ukrainian radicals have declared on repeated occasions their readiness to carry out terrorist attacks on Russian soil.  Is there any information on preparation of such attacks?  Could the recent train crash in the Moscow Region perhaps be the result of a terrorist attack? 



VLADIMIR PUTIN: At present we have no reason to believe that the rail accident in the Moscow Region was the result of a terrorist attack.  The causes of this accident must first be thoroughly investigated and only then can we draw some conclusions.  At the moment we have no such information. 



We are following very closely the movements of some of the radical groups in Ukraine.  Some individuals have already been detained in Russia.  The FSB [Federal Security Service] is following quite closely their movements in Ukraine itself and across the Russian-Ukrainian border.  As I said, some people have already been detained, and this was reported in the media too. 



But we must of course give an objective assessment of what is happening in this area.  I think that the nightmare and horror that we saw on our TV screens, the events we know well that took place in Odessa, have not yet received an adequate assessment from the international [World Tyrant / NATO] community. 



But if we do not make an adequate assessment of events, it is possible that similar crimes could happen again.  I want to draw this to the attention of the media, the Russian public and our human rights organisations too.  There should without question be a thorough investigation and the criminals should be caught and punished. 



We should all work towards this result, because if this is not done, as I said, we could see a repeat of the horror and nightmare we saw in Odessa, and this would create fertile soil for terrorism to emerge.  But we will do everything possible to make sure that nothing of this kind happens on Russian soil. 






May. 23, Juche 103 (2014) Friday 






Self-destructive Moves of Japanese Government





Some days ago, the Japanese government officially announced it would allow the exercise of the “right to collective self-defense” by revising interpretation of its constitution.  It  is nothing surprising. 



The Japanese ruling quarters have long maneuvered openly and secretly to have the right to collective self-defense. 



The announcement indicates that its moves have reached the final stage. 



The right to collective self-defense is available to any normal state. 



But *Japan is not a normal state* but a country which directly invaded other countries in the past. 



It is defined as an enemy state in the 53rd Paragraph of the 8th Article of the UN Charter. 



It is not qualified for a normal state legally and morally; it is openly distorting and embellishing its past history woven with crimes, refusing to make any apology and compensation for them.  Worse still, it yearns for and praises the past era of imperialism. 



Thus, its attempt at allowing the exercise of the right to collective self-defense cannot be construed otherwise than trying to turn Japan into a country thirsty for aggression and war as in the past. 



The Japanese Mainichi Shimbun in an article titled “‘Right to Collective Self-Defense’: Revision of Constitution without Any Reason” said: 



It is not obvious why the government should allow the exercise of the right and whether it is necessary in reality. 



This tells that not a few media of Japan do have no understanding of the intention of the government to allow the exercise of the right to the collective self-defense. 



It is becoming clearer why the Japanese government tries to allow the exercise of the right. 



What it seeks in this is to hurl the “Self-Defense Forces” into the second Korean war as an advance contingent and shock brigade in case the United States [The World Tyrant] kindles it and make a breakthrough in realizing its old dream of the “Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere”. 



But its attempt will end in its self-destruction. 




The Japanese government should clearly bear in mind that 


its second defeat is 


fundamentally different from that of the past.  



[Japan shall cease to be.] 









NATO Europe Commander: Fighters from all member states operating in Syria 


May 23, 2014 








Beirut, (SANA).  NATO Commander in Europe Gen. Philip Breedlove admitted that there are fighters within the terrorist groups in Syria from all NATO member states. 



Breedlove told the Lebanese as-Safir newspaper in an interview published Friday that those fighters are a source of concern for all member states given the threats posed by their possible return. 



He said those “foreign elements” in Syria are getting radicalized, and they eventually would return to their countries or any of the NATO states, raising “a concern for our countries”. 



Asked about the NATO’s silence on the threat of those radicalized fighter, Breedlove said the NATO members are cooperating with each other on a large-scale with regard to this issue, stopping short of explaining the nature or direction of this cooperation to focus not only on tackling the threat of their return but on preventing them from going to Syria in the first place. 



Breedlove’s expression of concern was seconded by that of Chairman of the NATO Military Committee Gen. Knud Bartels who said in a statement that what is happening in Syria largely impacts the entire region and poses a very serious concern for everybody. 



It is in no one’s interest to have stability in the Middle East disrupted, Bartels added. 







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