May 17, 2014


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WORLD-TYRANT WORLD a/o 05 17 14 







May 16, 10:51 AM EDT 










The latest dispute over federal control of land and water in the West has erupted along the banks of the Agua Chiquita, a small spring-fed stream in the mountains of southern New Mexico where the federal government [The World Tyrant] has installed metal fences and locked gates to keep cattle out. 


The move has enraged one rural county, where the sheriff has been ordered by the county commission to cut the locks. 


The Otero County Commission passed a resolution earlier this week declaring that the Forest Service doesn’t have a right to control the water. 


Ranchers say they believe the move is an effort by the federal government [The World Tyrant] to push them from the land.






Ukraine’s Donetsk announces adoption of constitution 



2014-05-16 21:02:18 








The self-proclaimed “Donetsk People’s Republic” in eastern Ukraine on Friday unveiled its constitution proclaiming the region a legal and democratic parliamentary state. 


Armed activists in Donetsk and Lugansk regions in eastern Ukraine established the “people’s republic” in early April and held referendums on their future status on May 11. 


. . .the overwhelming majority of voters favored their regions’ independence. 





Soma[, Turkey mine] disaster blatantly came, old report reveals 










The “Work Accidents in Mines” report prepared by the Chamber of Architects and Engineers’ (TMMOB) in 2010 gave notice of the dangers in the mine, warned against the potential disasters and set out solution suggestions. 



However, none of the issues pointed to were heeded, heading for an inevitable fall. 



The 152-page report says the coal at the Soma basin has a high level of methane, which makes the mine intolerant to any mistakes. 







Palestinian President [Mahmoud Abbas] stresses to [Syrian Arab Republic]  President al-Assad support for Syria against foreign interference 


May 15, 2014 







President Bashar al-Assad received Thursday a letter from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in which he stressed the position of the Palestinian people and leadership against any foreign interference in Syria. 


Abbas noted in his letter. . .that Syria’s destiny, be it in the present or in the future, will affect the Palestinian people “as the two brotherly peoples are partners in the present and the future”. 


The letter. . .touched upon the current situation in the Palestinian arena, highlighting [Puppet] Israel’s insistence not to abide by the international law and legitimacy and to continue denying the Palestinian people their legitimate rights and incessantly attempting to abort these rights, particularly through its settlement building policy. 







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