May 14, 2014


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Commentary:Vietnamese harassment disrupts,

complicates South China Sea situation 



[Sunday] 2014-05-11 18:45:54 







[Capitalist] China’s drilling operation in the vicinity of Xisha Islands –an inalienable part of China– is perfectly lawful and falls within China’s sovereignty.  Yet, such a regular operation meeting international law has been wilfully cited as a “cause for collision”. 


From May 3 to 7, Vietnam dispatched 36 vessels, including warships, into waters near the Chinese oil rig to harass the drilling operation, deliberately and rampantly ramming Chinese boats for as many as 171 times. 


To the surprise of Chinese crew members, Vietnamese frogmen were found just 5 meters away from Chinese ships in intimidation, in addition to illegal placement of numerous broken fishing nets and large obstacles in obstruction in the waters. 


The Vietnamese side, of course, has created a quite different story and framed up charges, blaming China for the row, hyping an outdated “China threat” claim and stirring up waves in the already unpeaceful South China Sea. 


Contrary to Vietnamese claims, China is placing the oil rig in an undisputed area in its own territorial waters, which is only 17 nautical miles (27 km) away from Xisha Islands, and which is as far as 150 nautical miles (241 km) from Vietnam. 


As China’s Foreign Ministry has said, the Vietnamese harassment is a serious violation of international law and a severe infringement upon Chinese sovereignty and territorial integrity, and, as it jeopardizes normal navigation security, also puts regional navigation freedom in danger. 


Besides trying to sabotaging China’s oil exploration, Vietnam is using the incident as an excuse to tarnish the image of China in the Southeast Asian community and the world at large. 


Stoking fear and *soliciting outside interference* in [the] regional situation, however, just runs counter to bilateral and regional interests. 


China and Vietnam have in recent years witnessed good momentum in the development of bilateral relations, with both sides agreeing to deepen strategic cooperation and properly handle maritime issues. 


The two sides have also set up working groups on maritime cooperation and jointly developed resources in the waters outside the mouth of the Beibu Bay, a key achievement of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang’s visit last year. 


Such laudable progress should not be overshadowed by periodic maritime rows, which could stand in the way of the mutual benefits of the two peoples. 


China, as the world’s second largest economy, is a responsible stakeholder in regional and world affairs.  It is, as witnessed by neighboring countries, striving for a peaceful and prosperous Asia to share with others the benefits of its fast growth. 


As experts have said, China’s peaceful rise is pivotal to regional prospects.  It would be helpful for regional players to stop provoking and escalating tensions simply because China is a big neighbor. 


Just as this oil rig incident has shown, China is maintaining utmost restraint, not wishing to see any unnecessary conflict arising from unfounded mistrust. 


The vast South China Sea offers abundant opportunities for cooperation and the joint growth of China and surrounding countries. 


For that to happen, all sides must hold on to this belief and let reason and vision prevail in their decision on immediate actions. 






China urges U.S. to “reflect on” its acts on South China Sea 



[Tuesday] 2014-05-13 16:46:26 








[Capitalist] China on Tuesday urged the United States [The World Tyrant] to reflect on its acts on the South China Sea. 


“There is indeed a country taking provocative actions in the South China Sea, but this country is not China,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said at a daily press briefing. 


“The U.S. [World Tyrant] mistaken comments have encouraged dangerous and provocative actions.” 


“We expect the United States [The World Tyrant] to reflect on its acts. 


If it indeed expects the Pacific Ocean to be pacific, it should think what role it can play in maintaining regional peace and stability,” Hua said. 


Hua’s comments came hours after the telephone conversation between Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and U.S. [World Tyrant] Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday morning. 






Syria regrets France’s objection to allowing Syrians to vote at embassy 


May 11, 2014 







Foreign and Expatriates Ministry expressed regret that Syrians living in France will be denied their right to participate in the upcoming presidential vote due to French government’s objection. 


The Ministry noted in a statement that the French government has officially informed Syrian Embassy in Paris its objection over such a vote on the entire French land and not just at the embassy. 


It highlighted that France, among *a group of other countries involved in supporting terrorists and bloodshed in Syria*, has got engaged in a hostile propaganda against the presidential elections. 


While dismissing this objection as “unjust”, the Ministry affirmed that holding presidential elections at the Syrian Embassies abroad, which is scheduled for May 28, is an issue related to the constitution and the laws in Syria. 


“The Syrian people alone will determine with full freedom and will who is going to lead them in the next stage heedless of all the hurdles which some are trying to put in their way” the Ministry stressed. 


Having taken this position, the statement said, France “has unmasked its real face 


being against the Syrian people’s aspirations for democracy and 


in conflict with the French people’s values of freedom and democracy”. 



The Ministry concluded its statement by calling upon the world public opinion to condemn this “irresponsible” conduct by the French government. 


Earlier, Syrian Embassies around the world called on Syrian expatriates with valid residence permits to bring their passports and register their names on electors’ lists at the embassies’ headquarters. 


Presidential Elections Committee at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry noted in a statement that the registration of names on voters’ lists can be done by sending fax, mail or e-mail with the necessary ID information to the embassies. 




Study center: France’s decision on Syrian presidential vote contradicts its profess[ed] democracy 


May 13, 2014 






The Syrian Consult Center for Studies and Human Rights said that the decision of Paris to prevent Syrians from participating in the upcoming Syrian presidential elections at the Syrian embassy unmasks the *fakeness* of France’s allegations of being democratic and freedom-support state. 


The Center considered the measure as a decision to deny the Syrian community in France one of its rights, a right that is guaranteed by international constitutions and included clearly and explicitly in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 






Foreign Ministry : Germany joined countries trying to disrupt presidential elections in Syria 


May 12, 2014 







Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said Monday that Germany joined the choir of countries that are trying to disrupt the presidential elections in Syria for [by] being a party in what Syria is witnessing through supporting, funding and arming the armed terrorist groups in order to destroy Syria and its people and to undermine its national decision. 



“Members of this choir should know that Syria is an independent and a sovereign state as its decision stems from the will of its people and in accordance with the provisions of its Constitution and laws” the ministry said in a statement. 



 It is not strange that the rage and conspiracy of these countries [The World Tyrant / NATO] are increased due to the victories achieved by the Syrian people and the achievements of the army, the ministry said. 



“This choir, including Germany, must know that legitimacy does not come from them; legitimacy is decided by Syrian people and their allegations about [their] democracy are sheer lies” the ministry added. 



The ministry went on saying “It is enough to point out that while the UN Secretary-General’s report on implementing the strategy of the UN to counter terrorism earlier this month, the report highlighted that foreign fighters in Syria came from 70 countries and a large number of them came from the EU.” 



Foreign and Expatriates Ministry stressed that conducting presidential elections is related to Syrian constitution only, and they are subject to the will of the Syrian  people



























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