May 9, 2014


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WORLD-TYRANT WORLD a/o 05 09 14 






Statement of Leadership Council of Islamic Emirate [of Afghanistan] regarding the commencement of the annual spring operation named ‘Khaibar’ [Excerpts] 



Thursday, 08 May 2014 08:27 








Like previous years, the *main target* of the current year’s blessed Jihadi operation shall be the foreign invaders and their backers under various names like spies, military and civilian contractors and everyone working for them like translators, administrators and logistics personnel. 




Similarly the blessed ‘Khaibar’ Jihadi spring operations shall target all high ranking [puppet] government officials, cabinet ministers, members of Parliament, security officials, occupation backing officers in the Interior and Foreign Ministries, attorneys and judges that prosecute Mujahideen as well as agents in the National Directorate that pursue and torture Mujahideen. 




Various modern military techniques shall again be utilized in the current annual ‘Khaibar’ operations.  Back-breaking martyrdom strikes, infiltrator operations (insider attacks), targeting large and well fortified enemy bases with heavy weapons and missiles as well as carrying out head-on offensive operations against enemy gatherings shall be *some* of the main techniques used in these spring operations. 




The *main targets* of the annual spring ‘Khaibar’ operations shall be the military gatherings of foreign invading forces, their diplomatic centers and convoys as well as the military bases of their internal [puppet] mercenary stooges, their convoys and the facilities of foreign, interior, intelligence and Arbaki militia. 




As this year holds critical importance in the 13 year Jihad of the Mujahideen because of the significance of this juncture in this current era therefore the Mujahideen will exert *extra* efforts and utilize *complex* military techniques in planning their current year spring operations as compared to the past. 




Such war techniques. . .shall inflict *maximum losses on the invaders* while preventing corporeal and financial losses on the ordinary civilians. 




The plans for upcoming spring operations entitled ‘Khaibar’ have been drawn up by the specialists and courageous military commanders of the Islamic Emirate while also paying heed to the environmental and seasonal conditions of each region of the country and so will be launched in each area according to the laid out plans. 




The Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate that are only sacrificing their lives to attain the gratification of Allah, in defense of the sanctum of their homeland and for the protection of their people respectfully calls on all its Muslim countrymen 


to aid them in crushing the enemy, 


to avoid working with the enemy, 


to keep away from their military and intelligence gatherings and bases and 


to fulfill their religious responsibility towards their Mujahideen brothers, in defense of their country and for attaining the pleasure of Allah 




We also once again declare to all the workers of the crumbling Kabul [puppet] regime to stand next to their Mujahideen by desisting from backing the foreign infidel invaders and to come out of the enemy ranks.  The Islamic Emirate assures them of a honorable, safe and a peaceful life if they forgo the enemy ranks and considers your protection our moral duty. 



The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan firmly believes in the *complete* defeat of the foreign invading forces due to the divine help of Allah. . .and full backing of its Mujahid nation, 



insists on the unconditional withdrawal of *all* invading forces from our Islamic country and 



sees the continuation of its armed Jihad imperative to achieving these goals. 




We must again make it absolutely clear that in presence of infidel invaders inside our country our religious and Fiqhi (Jurisprudence) sources order us to wage armed Jihad against the invaders and labels this as an individual obligation. 




Hence if the invaders or their internal [puppet] stooges believe that reducing the number of foreign forces will dampen our Jihadi fervor then they are sadly mistaken and should understand that due to our Islamic principles, 



just like how *thousands* of invaders are forbidden to live in Dar ul Islam (Home of Islam), 



*limited and small* number of invaders has the *exact same ruling* and it is obligatory upon every Muslim to expel them. 




The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has ambitions of continuing the sacred obligation of Jihad with the backing of its Muslim nation until 



the expulsion of every last infidel invader and 



establishment of an Islamic government. 





Leadership Council of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan










Meeting with Presidents of Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan [Excerpts] 


8 May 2014, 14:45, Moscow 









First I would like to congratulate you all on the coming holiday and to express gratitude to Mr Putin for inviting us to Moscow on the eve of another anniversary of our shared holiday – the Day of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. 



We see this informal exchange on pressing issues in our multifaceted cooperation as a continuation of our regular dialogue established within the framework of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation. 



Given the current international situation, it is ever more obvious that the strategic choice made by our states in favour of collective security was right and reasonable. 



We cannot but be concerned by the fact that today international relations are becoming ever more uncertain.  Cooperation between the CSTO member-states in overcoming *new threats* has become a new item on our agenda.  Thus, we now have a new issue – counteracting cyber threats. 



The Ukrainian crisis, just as the situation in the Middle East and North Africa and in *the regions adjacent to the CSTO* clearly has a negative impact on both regional and global security. 



We are deeply concerned about the developments in this post-Soviet state.  This course of events is familiar. 



At an early stage of its independent statehood in the early 1990s Tajikistan went through internal political confrontation and an armed conflict, which led to the most devastating social, economic and humanitarian consequences for the country. 



These events in our nation’s tragic recent history –-the severe civil war in Tajikistan that took the lives of over 157,000 people and caused almost $10 billion worth of damage–- remind us how fragile our world is, and that we need strong political will and a great effort to consolidate society and achieve mutual accord and peace in the country. 



In our view today we should jointly analyse and give a fair assessment of the developments in Ukraine.  We should not allow armed confrontation and armed resistance.  We support a peaceful solution to the crisis in Ukraine by means of dialogue and negotiations. 



Alongside new threats and challenges and the *persistent instability in countries that neighbour on the CSTO region*, the situation in Afghanistan remains *the biggest threat to countries in the region*, and the forecast is not optimistic. 



The withdrawal of International Security Assistance Force [The World Tyrant / NATO] from Afghanistan in the course of 2014 may have a negative impact on the situation in that country, increase the threat of destabilisation, as well as that of drug trafficking and terrorism spreading from the Afghan territory.  We need to be prepared. 



As you may remember, we had a very thorough discussion of the Afghan issue in September of last year at the CSTO summit in Sochi.  There we decided to *fortify the border between Tajikistan and Afghanistan*. 


In line with that resolution, the first batch of military technology was to be provided by the CSTO within 3 months of the Sochi summit.  Unfortunately, this has not been done. 



Presidential elections already took place in [puppet] Afghanistan.  I believe the second round will be held on May 24-25.  I would like to say to my colleagues here that back then, we made a very serious decision and we should act on it. 



The situation in Central Asia *within the CSTO* remains stable, but we are interested in maintaining this stability through joint efforts. 



To achieve this we need to take effective and coordinated action to counteract these threats to our security. 



Thank you for your attention. 





May 8, 8:59 AM EDT 










Two officers investigating a fight at a youth club came to the girl’s home, handcuffed her as she stood in a bathing suit and led her away to be processed [have her fingerprints and mugshot taken] on a fourth-degree assault charge. 


The girl’s mother wasn’t allowed to accompany her in the police car, and the girl was held for an hour.  Prosecutors didn’t take the case to trial.


“When they put handcuffs on, I thought, `Wait a minute, this has got to be a joke,'” the girl’s mother told the newspaper [The Oregonian]  


“The look on my daughter’s face went from humiliation and fear, to a look of sheer panic.” 







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