April 11, 2014


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WORLD-TYRANT WORLD a/o 04 11 14 






Apr 10, 8:23 AM EDT 









Sudan’s state news agency [SUNA] says authorities have asked a United Nations official to leave the country, saying that she [Pamela DeLargy, head of the U.N. Population Fund office] interfered in Sudan’s internal affairs.






Apr 10, 9:37 AM EDT 










Spokesman Sam Taylor said Thursday the organization [Doctors Without Borders] was back at work in Macenta [Guinea], where a mob accused aid workers of starting the outbreak. 


Guinea has never before had a case of Ebola. 


. . .the World Health Organization said Thursday that it is stepping up efforts to track people who may have been in contact with the sick to contain the spread. 





9 April 2014 Last updated at 14:14 ET




Darfur violence: UN troops ‘failed to stop attacks’ [Excerpts] 



UN peacekeepers failed to protect civilians in Sudan’s Darfur region, even when they were shot in front of them, a former UN spokeswoman has said. 



Aicha el Basri told the BBC [that] UN chief Ban Ki-moon was part of a “conspiracy of silence” about the conflict. 



She said she resigned last year because she “felt ashamed to be a spokesperson for a mission that lies”.


Mr Ban had failed to mention in reports released about the conflict in Darfur that government forces had bombed villages 106 times in 2012, she added. 



The UN Security Council was involved in a “cynical farce” and “pretending” that it was concerned about the conflict, Ms Basri said. 





[ The above three newsstories illustrate yet again, why REPETITION IS A NECESSITY IN THE LAND OF THE LOST.  






Mikdad: [FAKE] UN turned int’l terrorism into its spoiled son, just like [Puppet] Israel 


Apr 05, 2014 






[Syrian Arab Republic] Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Faisal Mikdad said the world needs a reshaping of the [FAKE] United Nations so as for the organization to be *actually, and not just in words*, trustworthy of the international law. 


In an interview with the Lebanese al-Binaa newspaper published Saturday Mikdad inveighed against the [FAKE] UN for its ignoring of the existence of terrorism and *turning that [terrorism] into an established official policy of its own*. 


He noted Syria, throughout the ongoing crisis in it, has come to get acquainted with many of positions and manners close to the [FAKE] UN lobbies that are of unspeakable disgrace with regard to the standards of the international law and the conventions governing the international organization itself. 


A most shameful of those stances, which one cannot overlook, is that the [FAKE] UN General Secretariat and the [FAKE] UN envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi, among other {FAKE] UN bodies, have agreed since the first years of the crisis in Syria on “a deliberate overlooking of the existence of terrorism” in the country, Mikdad said. 


He added this *intentional disregard* continues despite the presence of thousands of pages recounting document-backed stories of the terrorist crimes committed in Syria, with the supporting documents. . .[coming] often from neutral sources that directly or indirectly work for or in cooperation with the [FAKE] UN. 


While persisting in this inattention, Mikdad said, the concerned [FAKE] UN parties cannot help by get zealous when they run into any newspaper or website, however nameless or unknown, for the mere fact that these sources level unproved, and sometimes even faked, accusations against Syria and feel unembarrassed to call for investigation. 


The massacres of Erdogan government-backed terrorist groups against the residents of Kassab town are still a living example that appeals to *every [FAKE] UN official* to feel ashamed of having turned into a tool for supporting terrorism, said Mikdad. 


He lashed out at the [FAKE] UN and its officials for not even taking the pains to read the reports on the crimes of killing, plunder, looting, rape and destruction of religious symbols committed in Kassab as well as in any other Syrian towns and cities. 


Deputy Foreign Minister slammed the [FAKE] UN’s contradicting experience with each of Syria and [Puppet] Israel, as while it tends to “berate” Syria despite the fact that Syria has always called for implementing international resolutions, the [FAKE] UN’s pampering is being enjoyed by [Puppet] Israel which has always trampled on those resolutions. 


He underscored that *the reason* which makes [Puppet] Israel, the top terrorist entity in the world, “the spoiled son” of the [FAKE} UN who is above the law is the same one which has made international terrorism the spoiled son of the [FAKE] UN that is also above the law. 











Supreme Leader Meets with Director, Managers and Experts of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran [Excerpts] 











Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, met Wednesday morning with the director, managers and experts of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran. 


The meeting was held on the occasion of the National Day of Nuclear Technology. 


Speaking at the meeting, His Eminence described the most important achievement of nuclear technology in the country as *raising national self-confidence* and preparing the ground for other scientific achievements. 


Referring to the negotiations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and P5+1, he said: “The purpose of agreeing with [to] these negotiations was to change the atmosphere of hostility that the camp of arrogance has created against Iran. 


These negotiations should continue, but everyone should know that despite this, the activities of the Islamic Republic in the area of nuclear research and development will *not stop in any way*. 


None of the nuclear achievements of the country can be given up. 


Besides, the relations of the International Atomic Energy Agency with Iran should be normal and ordinary relations.” 


The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution pointed to the most important methods used by arrogance —-including old [British, French] and modern [The World Tyrant / NATO] arrogance—- for promoting the idea that being trampled upon and humiliated is an unchangeable fate for colonized peoples, further adding: 


“Any element that can foil this plot of the enemy will be *the main element* for the national growth and great movements of a people.” 









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