April 30, 2014


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WORLD-TYRANT WORLD a/o 04 30 14 






Dr Bashar Hafez al-Assad submits presidential candidacy application to Supreme Constitutional Court [Excerpts] 


Apr 28, 2014 






Speaker of the People’s Assembly, Mohammad Jihad al-Laham, announced that the Assembly received a notification from the Supreme Constitutional Court stating that Mr Bashar Hafez al-Assad. . .submitted an application on April 28th, 2014 for presidential candidacy and he also submitted the required documents according to article 21 of the Supreme Constitutional Court’s law. 



Speaker al-Laham pointed out the People’s Assembly received a letter from Dr al-Assad announcing submitting a presidential candidacy application along with the required documents. 



Al-Laham added that Dr al-Assad asked   [that members of the Peoples Assembly be informed] of his candidacy application, wishing to win their written support. 






• Born on 11 September 1965 in Damascus to Hafez al-Assad and Aniseh Makhlouf. 


• Attended Laique School in Damascus before moving to the Frere School where he completed his high school education in 1982. 


• He joined the Baath Party in 1979. 


• He studied medicine in Damascus University and graduated in 1988. 


• During his third year at university he joined the Armed Forces. 


• After qualifying as a doctor, he specialized in Ophthalmology and trained in Tishreen Military Hospital. 


• From 1992-1994 he continued his specialist training in the renowned Western Eye Hospital in London. 


• When he returned from the UK he joined the Military Academy to continue his military training. 


• In addition to his military and medical commitments, he presided over the Syrian Computer Society from 1996-2000 and played an instrumental role in advancing the use of technology throughout the country, most notably the introduction of the Internet and free access to ICT training. 


• He was elected President of the Syrian Arab Republic in July 2000 and was re-elected to a second term in May 2007. 


• He married Asma Akhras in December 2001. They have three children: Hafez, Zein and Karim. 






Meeting with Council of Legislators [Excerpt] 


28 April 2014, 15:40, Petrozavodsk 






Our defence industry cooperation with our Ukrainian partners is very important for Russia’s defence sector, but it is of absolutely crucial importance for Ukraine’s defence industry. 



The difference between the two countries is that Russia and its defence industry have the financial resources and technological level to find replacements for what we currently import.  This would require some time and additional money. 



How much time would it take? Depending on the types of goods, it would take from 1.5 to 2.5 years. We already have a rough idea of the costs involved and strange though it may seem, they are not so big and the budget would be able to support them.  In these circumstances we would probably have to adjust the state defence procurement orders to the right a little, as the financial specialists say, but this would not be by much. 



We will not revise the state defence procurement orders, such revision would not be needed, but some money could be freed up, including money from the Government reserves, which are sufficient for covering Crimea’s current problems and for these purposes too. 



Breaking ties with Russian partners would have a devastating effect on Ukraine’s defence industry though.  The reason for this is that they have no other sales market.  The Russian armed forces are their only customer.  This situation is inevitable because the aircraft engines that we buy and install in planes and helicopters we operate are not used in other countries and are simply unneeded elsewhere except as scrap metal. 



It would take us some time to develop replacements for engines for naval vessels, especially some types of power equipment for diesel-fuelled submarines and for ships, but the Nikolayevsk Plant would end up in a very tough situation, with no buyer for their goods. 



We hope that things won’t reach the point where these cooperation ties get broken, although we see today that deliveries are not being made in full, and the relevant government agencies there want to halt supplies.  In any event, we are already working on this matter.  I have instructed the Government and they are actively looking into this whole question of replacing imports now. 



I am sure that the decision to delay supplies and deliveries was not taken by our partners at the factories.  They are well aware of what situation the government is putting them in.  I am sure that they wish to continue their cooperation with us, but I do not know how events will actually develop.  I think —-and want to draw to your attention—- that this is linked to the idea we have been hearing more and more often from our Western partners about imposing sanctions on some Russian economic sectors, the defence sector above all. 



I think this is an attempt to stop us from finding replacements for these imports and leaving us dependent on other companies, including the plants in Ukraine.  This is an attack using low means.  But we will achieve our goals regardless.  You cannot stop this process in the modern world.  Yes, we do need to buy some types of equipment and machine tools from our partners, but they all need to realise that we will find suitable replacements. 



There are unique goods produced by only one or two plants, but even there we will find replacements.  It is just a matter of time and money.  It will be a bit more expensive and take a little longer, but we will survive and will continue, whereas our partners will not have this chance.  Such is the logic of today’s life and reality.  But of course we would like to continue our cooperation. 



On the question of Ukrainian specialists possibly moving to Russia, if they want to, we would help them settle in here and they would receive decent wages and housing, flats.  You will get the needed money from the federal budget for this. 



I must say that this is already happening, and more than one family, more than one specialist, has already made the move.  Of course we are talking here of people who can work at our defence industry companies and whose skills are in demand there.  Ukraine has excellent potential in this respect, excellent specialists.  We welcome them and would be happy to see them working in Russia in our companies. 






Apr 29, 10:39 AM EDT 









. . .under the new measure, currently under consideration by the Cabinet, civic groups risk losing their licenses if they engage in activities other than those officially declared to local authorities. 







Apr 29, 10:12 AM EDT 











. . .[A Puppet] Afghan commission says British [Poodle UK] and U.S. [World Tyrant] forces continue to operate “illegal” detention facilities on their bases. 


The panel. . .said Tuesday that it had found 23 detainees at two British[Poodle UK]-run facilities in the southern provinces of Kandahar and Helmand. 












April 29, 2014


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WORLD-TYRANT WORLD a/o 04 29 14 






Apr. 29, Juche 103 (2014) Tuesday 






Spokesman for NDC of DPRK Clarifies Its Principled Stand on Obama’s South Korean Junket





A spokesman for the National Defence Commission of the DPRK [Democratic People’s Republic of Korea] issued a statement Monday as regards U.S. [World Tyrant] President Obama’s south Korean junket from April 25 to 26. 



Obama’s trip was nothing but an abnormal burlesque staged at the repeated coquetry and request made by his female stooge driven into a tight corner for her “yusin” fascist rule of modern type and unpopular rule, the statement says, and goes on: 



We do not want to take issue with every disgusting behavior which took place between him and his servant but cannot but take a serious note of his wicked demeanor. 



We gave meaningful advices to Obama to think twice as he is the man responsible for detente and peace on the Korean peninsula *before* his start of the recent tour. 



*During* his trip he held summit talks and a joint press conference and inspected the U.S.[World Tyrant]-south Korea Combined Forces Command, etc. to persistently take issue with the DPRK and hurl the puppet forces into escalating the confrontation with it. 



He called for slapping tougher “international [World Tyrant / NATO] sanctions” and boosting “cooperation in the campaign against the north” and agreed with his south Korean counterpart on building a missile shield and deferring the transfer of the right to control wartime operations under the pretext [using the excuse] of the DPRK’s nuclear activities and rocket launches for self-defence.  This brought to daylight what purpose he sought in his recent tour. 



The NDC of the DPRK clarifies the following principled stand in connection with the fact that the U.S. [World Tyrant] chief executive responsible for working out and implementing the policy towards the DPRK dared pull up the DPRK and recklessly behaved after flying into south Korea: 



First, the U.S. [The World Tyrant] should deeply repent of its crime-woven past when it inflicted a nuclear disaster on humankind [August 6, 1945] before taking issue with the DPRK’s nukes which are for just purposes. 



Obama loudly claimed that the DPRK’s nukes are “direct threats” to the U.S. [The World Tyrant] and its allies and vociferously talked about the “theory of not allowing the north’s nukes “. 



The nuclear issue, a source of worldwide disaster and trouble, was spawned by the U.S. [The World Tyrant] 



The DPRK had access to the nukes due to the U.S. constant nuclear threat and blackmailing. 



This not withstanding, the U.S. [The World Tyrant] is shamelessly behaving, hiding its past and practices in which it spawned our nuclear issue. 



We would like to declare once again that the DPRK’s nukes are not to get recognition or permission from someone.  It is not a bargaining chip for economic dealings either. 



The U.S. [The World Tyrant] would be well advised to learn the habit of repenting of itself before pulling up others. 



It had better behave itself, remembering the saying a curse comes home to roost. 



Second, Obama should have thought about the ailing American [World Tyrant]  society. . .before talking rubbish about “provocation”, “threat” and “human rights” in the DPRK. 



Throughout his trip to south Korea Obama, siding with [puppet] Park, vociferated about “provocation”, “threat” and “human rights” issue in the DPRK. 



We cannot but question him whether he made such tongue lashing, aware of what do the words provocation and threat mean. 



It is the contention of the U.S. [The World Tyrant] that just self-defense to protect one’s inviolable country from foreign invasion means “provocation” and “threat” while its  [The World Tyrant’s] brigandish act of staging saber-rattling in far-off land of other country is a justifiable action.  This brought to daylight its practice reminiscent of a guilty party filing the suit first and its behavior making *profound confusion of right and wrong*. 



The same is the case with the “human rights” issue of the DPRK. 



Human rights precisely mean sovereignty. 



A man is like dead if he is deprived of independence. 



Neither material affluence nor luxury can replace independence. 



This is the truth proven by the long human history and grim reality today. 



The U.S. and its allies [The World Tyrant / NATO] should clearly understand that their “human rights” ballad can never bring down the DPRK. . . .


Third, the U.S. [The World Tyrant] should remember that its attempt [in 1950] to put the Korean peninsula under its control is an anachronistic act of bringing it shame and destruction. 



This time [World Tyrant] Obama disclosed his disposition as a wolf which does not let its prey go. 



He forced the south Korean puppet forces to reexamine the period and conditions for the transfer of the right to control wartime operations slated for 2015. 



The U.S. has tried hard to seize the right to control wartime operations at any cost in order to keep hold on south Korea, a strategic stronghold which it occupies for the past nearly seven decades. 



That’s why it has trumpeted about the DPRK’s “constant threats” and “war deterrence”. 



The U.S. [The World Tyrant’s] attempt to keep its forces in south Korea for an indefinite period is a pipe dream. 



Clear is our stand clarified to the U.S. [The World Tyrant] which does not know at all who its rival is. 



The evermore undisguised hostile moves of the U.S. [The World Tyrant] against the DPRK would only reinforce its retaliatory measures. 



Obama would be well advised to properly face up to the situation, though belatedly, and coolly look back on what he has earned and what he has lost through his vicious hostile policy toward the DPRK. 



We would like to advise once again that he should never miss his opportunity while he remains the boss of the White [politically black] House. 







Egypt’s justice ministry says condemnation of death sentences is ‘inadmissible’ [Excerpt] 



Tuesday 29 Apr 2014 






An Egyptian court on Monday sentenced the chief of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Badie, and 682 of the group’s supporters to death. . . . 


Their charges included inciting violence in the period after Morsi’s ouster last summer. 


The same court. . .on Monday also overturned 492 of 529 death sentences it had handed down in March.  The remaining defendants were jailed for life, according to judicial sources. 


The ministry’s press head Abdel-Azim El-Ashry further clarified the rulings in a statement on Tuesday. 

The judge in the case gave a “decision and not a ruling” to pass the case on to the country’s Grand Mufti, the highest Islamic authority, for consultation, El-Ashry said. 

Defendants handed a death sentence can appeal the verdict, he said. 




April 28, 2014


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WORLD-TYRANT WORLD a/o 04 28 14 






Apr 26, 9:43 PM EDT 











. . .renouncers —-whose ranks have swelled more than five-fold from a decade ago—- often contradict the stereotype of the financial scoundrel. 




Many are from very ordinary economic circumstances. 




“I thought we had some rights to go wherever we wanted to go and some choices we could make in our lives. 


I thought that was democracy. 


Apparently, I’ve got it all wrong.”






US [World Tyrant]-NATO helicopter shot down in Kandahar 



Saturday, 26 April 2014 22:46 








Reports arriving from southern Kandahar province say that a US [World Tyrant]-NATO helicopter conducting military maneuvers in Takhtapul district has been shot by Mujahideen [troops of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan]. 



The helicopter was shot near Chaghri mountain at around midday, plunging the chopper onto the ground as well as killing all invaders onboard which prompted the enemy to cordon off the area using tanks before evacuating the burnt corpses from the burning wreckage. 






PKK kidnaps two officers, wounds nine others in east Turkey [Excerpts] 



April 27, 2014, Sunday/ 19:35:49








. . .a group of. . .PKK [Kurdistan Workers’ Party] supporters blocked a road heading to the southeastern province of Diyarbakır on *Saturday* in protest of the construction of a gendarmerie outpost. 



With the blockade, the armed group, which took part in the protest along with civilians, caused a traffic backup as a long line of 90-100 vehicles formed. 



Tensions ensued on *Sunday* in Diyarbakır’s Lice district when PKK-affiliated protesters again rallied against the construction of the gendarmerie outpost. 



Clashes broke out between protesters and security forces, leaving nine soldiers wounded when a stun grenade thrown by a protester exploded.







Mikdad brushes aside skepticism about Syria’s upcoming presidential elections [Excerpts] 


Apr 26, 2014









In an article published Saturday by the Lebanese al-Binaa’ daily, [Syrian Arab Republic Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal] Mikdad said that Western [World Tyrant / NATO] double standards won’t make Syria balk at the mission ahead. 


“The Syrians are brushing aside all the talk arising from an inferiority complex of some and the guilt complex of others.  The Syrians are writing down victory once again.”



As he categorically dismissed reports blaming the Syrian government for the use of chlorine gas, Mikdad said that the fresh accusations are part of campaign intended to be “a smokescreen to cover up reports that have pinned responsibility for previous chemical attacks in Syria on [the Turkish Prime Minister] Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government.” 








27 April 2014 Last updated at 10:59 ET 






Iraq hits ‘jihadist convoy’ in Syria [Excerpts] 





Iraqi military helicopters have destroyed a convoy of fuel tankers inside Syrian territory 



The convoy was heading towards the border and was due to supply jihadi militants in Iraq’s Anbar province, according to the Interior Ministry.



The Interior Ministry’s Brigadier General Saad Maan said eight lorries were hit in the raid near al-Bukamal, and eight people had been killed. 







Apr 26, 10:47 AM EDT 











Civil rights leaders, for example, raised in discussions with the White House the issue of employers who use data to map where job applicants live and then rate them based on that, particularly in low-paying service jobs. 


Some employers might worry that if an applicant lives far enough away from a job, he or she may not stay in the position for long. 


As more jobs move out of the city and into the suburbs, this could create a hiring system based on class. 


“You’re essentially being dinged for a job for really arbitrary characteristics,” said Chris Calabrese, a lawyer with the American Civil Liberties Union. 


“Use of this data has a real impact on peoples’ lives.” 


The civil rights advocates could not offer specific examples of such injustices, but instead talked about how the data could be used in a discriminatory way. 


Federal employment laws don’t address this nuanced tactic, Calabrese said. 


Similarly, anti-discrimination laws for housing make it illegal to target customers based on credit reports.  But the laws don’t address the use of other data points that could group people into clusters based on information gleaned from social media. 






April 26, 2014


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WORLD-TYRANT WORLD a/o 04 25 14 







Apr 25, 8:50 AM EDT 













Euphoria gripped Portugal during the 1974 Carnation [FAKE] Revolution, when junior army officers swept away a four-decade dictatorship. 



The almost bloodless coup brought what for the Portuguese were novelties —-the right to vote, universal health care, public education, old-age pensions and labor rights. 



On the coup’s 40th anniversary Friday, the prevailing mood among the Portuguese is anger at how their [?] government is now stripping away those cherished entitlements amid a financial crisis. 



Miguel Januario, a 33-year-old street artist painting a commemorative mural on a wall of Lisbon’s New University, said he held dear the changes brought by an event he didn’t live through, “but since then we’ve allowed new forms of dictatorship —-in this case financial —- to take over.” 








Apr 25, 12:06 PM EDT 













For three decades, the U.S. [World Tyrant] middle class enjoyed a rare financial advantage over the wealthy: lower mortgage rates. 



Now, even that perk is fading away. 



Most ordinary homebuyers are paying the same or higher rates than the fortunate few who can afford much more. 



Rates for a conventional 30-year fixed mortgage are averaging 4.48 percent, according to Bankrate. 



For “jumbo” mortgages —-those above $417,000 in much of the country—- the average is 4.47 percent. 




This trend reflects the widening wealth gap between the richest Americans and everyone else. 



Bankers now view jumbo borrowers as safer and shrewder bets even though conventional borrowers put less capital at risk. 








World War II complicates Obama’s trip to Asia [[Excerpts] 



April 25, 2014 








[World Tyrant] President Barack Obama *last month* orchestrated the first ever meeting between [Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo] Abe and South Korean President Park Geun-hye, ostensibly to talk about their common antagonist: North Korea [the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea]. 



Yet two days before Obama arrived in Japan on *this week’s* trip to Asia, Abe stirred emotions anew when he had a small gift delivered to the Yasukuni shrine, which honors Japan’s war dead, including 14 war criminals. 



“The notion is that America [The World Tyrant] is going to re-balance in favor of Asia, but the parties have to do more, as well, and Abe’s jingoistic gestures threaten to make cooperation on anything a non-starter,” said Jeffrey Kingston, the director of Asian studies at Temple University’s *Tokyo* campus. 



“Washington has been trying to knock heads together with the thinking that we can’t hold security issues hostage to history.” 



“A lot of these issues, instead of going away after 70 years, seem to be getting worse,” [Charles] Morrison [president of the Hawaii-based East-West Center] said. 



“It’s very frustrating for American leaders who want allies to build constructive relationships with each other.” 









Media Forum of Independent Local and Regional Media [Excerpts] 


24 April 2014, 14:20, St Petersburg 







VIKTOR LEVANOV: My name is Viktor Levanov, and I’m a blogger. 



Here is my question: during the developments in Crimea, there were many attacks on Russian websites: sites of TV channels, other media and government organisations. 



According to experts and to certain data, US [World Tyrant] special services and the National Security Agency were behind those attacks; they were launched from the territories of the United States, Europe and Ukraine. 



It is an open secret that the United States [The World Tyrant] control[s] the Internet.  The Patriot Act [Levanov means to say the Communications Act of 1934] gives them all the power they need.  Now the former agent Edward Snowden has opened our eyes.  This Act, adopted 80 years ago, in 1934, still allows the President of the United States to shut down communications on the entire planet with a single resolution.  How is this possible? 



Take Google. I use Google, for instance, all of its services. I am certain that many government officials and major politicians use Google. 






VIKTOR LEVANOV: I will get to Yandex shortly too, I will get to all of them. 



We use Google, which collects users’ personal data.  And where does it all go?  It all goes to servers in the USA [The World Tyrant].  Hence the question: why can’t they build servers here?  I do not want my personal data and information about politicians that run my country to go to the United States [The World Tyrant]. 



Now over to Yandex, since you mentioned it. 



VLADIMIR PUTIN: Let me respond to this part first. 



Of course, we can and should do this.  The only thing is that it all takes time and capital investment.  Meanwhile, everything you said is true, pure and simple, as they say –-everything goes through servers located in the United States, everything is monitored there. 



You should simply always bear in mind that such is the reality created by the Americans [World Tyrant ubermenschen].  They are the ones who did it.  You know that it all began initially, when the Internet first appeared, as a special CIA project.  And this is the way it is developing. 



The rest is what has made it to the market and took on huge proportions.  Nevertheless, it is initially a military programme, a special programme, and special services are still at the centre of things. 



However, I know Yandex, VKontakte and other search engines are trying to develop hardware here, and most importantly, they are also working on software.  This is happening, but it takes time and money. 



Our companies did not have sufficient resources to invest –-now these resources are appearing and the process has begun.  I hope it will develop quickly enough and will serve our interests. 



VIKTOR LEVANOV: May I ask about Yandex now? 



VLADIMIR PUTIN: Yes, go ahead. 



VIKTOR LEVANOV: About Yandex: it is good to know that they are developing in Russia and are doing all these things.  However, if we speak of the information side of the matter, it is not quite clear what Yandex is: on the one hand we know it as a search engine, where you enter some words and find the information you need; but on the other hand it is a kind of media, because all the time, every day the top five news items Yandex collects from *other* sources are viewed by millions of people.  Meanwhile, Yandex does not have a media license and cannot be held liable under the law as a media outlet because it is a search engine. 



I am not suggesting shutting it down or anything.  I simply want to know when our Government will begin making decisions to free us of *digital aggression*.  Thank you. 



VLADIMIR PUTIN: As for protection of information, our special services are also working on it and are introducing special security systems.  Primarily this has to do with classified information of the Defence Ministry, the defence industry, and government agencies, primarily federal ones.  Some things are moving forward, while others are not going so well. 



From what we have learned from Mr Snowden, the US [World Tyrant] NSA is very efficient.   This is a kind of informational confrontation.  It always existed, and *now it is acquiring new forms* on a new technical basis.  We have our own special services who are also working on this. 



As for the civil sector in general, we already agreed that servers need to be moved and information has to be closed. 



Regarding Yandex, things are not that simple either.  I will not say now what they can do and how.  However, both the Government and the Presidential Executive Office are now working on this issue –-I am sure you know it; it is discussed publicly-– defining the term ‘media’. 



You are a blogger.  I will not express any opinion now so as not to take sides, however if a certain person influences the views of thousands, tens of thousands of people, essentially this blog can also be termed ‘media’.  It affects thousands of people, maybe even hundreds of thousands, I don’t know.  A talented person can do this.  Why not? 



In this case, it is definitely a media outlet.  The public has to understand this, assess it and make a balanced decision in the democratic way, via State Duma Deputies.  For instance, they can first have a public discussion, say organised by the Russian Popular Front, in the Civic Chamber and so forth.  Only we have to make sure we do not have *any* excesses here; we should not impose any bans.  We must proceed from reality and act accordingly, the way it is done all over the world. 



As for Yandex – I repeat, it is not so simple either.  We have to ask them what they can and cannot do.  However, when they were starting out, they were forced to have a certain number of Americans and Europeans [World Tyrant / NATO ubermenschen] on their management team, remember?  And they had to agree to this.  This is why it is a national [?] system. 



Part of their registration is also abroad.  This is done not only for tax purposes, but for many other reasons as well.  This is a complicated area.  As I have said, this was all created by the Americans and they want to retain their monopoly.  However, *they say monopoly is bad*; it is only good if it is their own monopoly. 



It is impossible in the modern world, but we need to consistently protect our interests.  The process is underway and the state [The New Russian Empire] will support it. 











25 April 2014 Last updated at 02:52 ET 






India election: Maoist attack kills police, poll officials 





Authorities in the Indian state of Jharkhand are hunting those behind [how about: those who carried out] a. . .rebel attack which killed three election officials and five policemen. 




The attack came half-an-hour after voting in the state closed in the sixth phase of India’s general election. 




The rebels set off a landmine as a bus carrying officials crossed a bridge near Asna village in the Dumka area. 










April 25, 2014


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WORLD-TYRANT WORLD a/o 04 24 14 






Apr 24, 12:44 PM EDT 









The attacker served in the Afghan Public Protection Force and was assigned to guard the hospital [Cure International Hospital in western Kabul] 


The APPF is an armed security force under [Puppet] Afghanistan’s Ministry of Interior that was created to protect foreign organizations that hire them. 


According to its website, the Cure International Hospital was founded in 2005 by invitation of the [Puppet] Afghan Health Ministry. 


It is affiliated with the Christian charity Cure International, which operates in 29 countries with the motto “curing the sick and proclaiming the kingdom of God.” 


The hospital shooting is. . .the second “insider attack” by a member of Afghan security forces targeting foreign civilians this month. 





Courageous mother takes son out of enemy ranks, gives in to Mujahideen 



Thursday, 24 April 2014 22:34 






There are reports coming in from Shahjoi district of Zabul province stating that due to the efforts of Dawat wal Irshad (Preaching and Guidance) Commission of Islamic Emirate [of Afghanistan], a courageous mother forced her son out of enemy ranks. 



Muhammad Nu’man. . .who was a worker in National Uprising [!] office of the stooge regime quit his job and gave himself up to Mujahideen while giving up a rifle, ammunition vest, motorbike and other equipment. 



Mujahideen in return greeted him warmly and transferred him to a secure location. 





Martyrdom seeker in Qalat city kills and wounds 53 hirelings in tactical attack 



Thursday, 24 April 2014 22:35 






53 hireling ANA gunmen and NDS agents have been killed and wounded in a powerful tactical blast carried out a martyrdom seeker of Islamic Emirate [of Afghanistan] who himself came out alive after the operation, officials say. 



The martyrdom seeker parked his heavy duty explosives packed Zaranj (trolley attached to a motorbike) between Madad Chawk area and transport area for Mizana district inside Qalat city at around 04:00 pm local time today, detonating the Zaranj using a remote as an ANA troop carrier truck followed closely by an NDS pickup truck were passing by. 



Witnesses say that the powerful blast destroyed both of the vehicles and killed 23 combined puppets as well as leaving 30 others severely wounded. 



Officials say that the martyrdom seeker then safely left the area and joined up with [h]is unit nearby. 



It is worth mentioning that this operation was in revenge to the operation launched by the hireling forces around the city in which they are targeting locals with very heavy handed brutal tactics. 





Medicare’s $5 Billion Ambulance Tab Signals Area of Abuse [Excerpts] 


Apr 24, 2014 







The patient smoked cigarettes in the passenger seat of the ambulance every week, chatting with the driver while taxpayers foot the $1,000 bill to drive him four blocks for his dialysis treatment. 


The routine was part of a $1.5 million scheme to defraud Medicare by Penn Choice Ambulance Inc., according to an indictment against the Philadelphia company. 


The case helps explain part of why Medicare paid $5 billion to ambulance companies in 2012, more than went to cancer doctors or orthopedic surgeons, according to newly released federal data. 


The U.S. [World Tyrant] Department of Health and Human Services has identified ambulance service as one of the biggest areas of overuse and abuse in Medicare –companies billing millions for trips by patients who can walk, sit, stand or even drive their own cars. 


“It’s a cash cow,” said Assistant U.S. [World Tyrant] Attorney. . ., who prosecuted Penn Choice and five other ambulance fraud cases. 


“It’s basically like a taxi service except an extremely expensive one that the taxpayers are financing.” 


Authorities have taken action against at least a dozen ambulance operators for alleged Medicare fraud over the past 12 months, according to reports by the federal [World Tyrant] Office of the Inspector General for HHS. 





Apr 24, 11:44 AM EDT 











Aetna completed a $6.9 billion acquisition of fellow insurer Coventry Health Care last May, and it said Thursday that deal was the main factor behind its growth in this year’s first quarter. 


The Hartford, Conn., insurer’s medical enrollment swelled about 24 percent in the quarter to 22.7 million people versus last year. 


Coventry serves customers in two markets primed for growth. 


It administers Medicaid, the state and federally funded program that covers the needy and disabled people, and 


it offers Medicare Advantage plans.  Those are subsidized versions of the federal government’s Medicare program for the elderly and also disabled people. 








April 24, 2014


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WORLD-TYRANT WORLD a/o 04 23 14 






Apr 23, 11:01 AM EDT 











In a new book, Thomas Piketty, the French economist who helped popularize the notion of a privileged 1 percent, sounds a grim warning: The U.S. [World Tyrant] economy has begun to decay into the aristocratic Europe of the 19th century. 


Hard work will matter less, inherited wealth more. The fortunes of the few will unsettle the foundations of democracy. 


The research Piketty showcases in his book, “Capital in the 21st Century,” has set the economics field ablaze. 


Digging through 300 years of economic data, tax records, 19th century novels and modern TV shows, Piketty challenges the assumption that free markets automatically deliver widespread prosperity. 


Instead, he writes, the rich will get richer, and everyone else will find it nearly impossible to catch up. 






Apr 23, 11:53 AM EDT 










French economist Thomas Piketty and his research partners have transformed the wealth gap debate by popularizing the concept of a financially elite 1 percent. 


They framed the issue of income inequality in terms that ordinary people could grasp.  


Using tax records, they drilled into how much money it took to belong to the 1 percent and what share of personal income this group controlled. 


That idea became a rallying cry of the 2011 “Occupy Wall Street” movement. 


At the time, politics in the United States [The World Tyrant] overshadowed the data that Piketty had unearthed.  That is, until last month, with the publication of Piketty’s new book “Capital in the 21st Century.” 









Experts: U.S.[The World Tyrant] must have OKd transfer of missiles seen in Syria rebel videos [Excerpts] 


April 22, 2014 Updated 8 hours ago 







Charles Lister, a researcher at the Brookings Doha Center in Qatar, agreed the weapons system almost certainly originated in the United States and that it was likely the transfer was done with U.S. [World Tyrant] approval. 


“In terms of the TOWs, all the source material & evidence I have suggests these were provided [to The World Tyrant proxies] by Saudi [Arabia] with U.S. [World Tyrant] knowledge and approval,” he said by email. 


“After all, according to the U.S. [World Tyrant] Arms Export Control Act, any U.S.[World Tyrant]-manufactured & sold weaponry transferred to a third party must receive the approval of the president before going forward.” 


The model shown in the Syrian videos, Lister said, was a BGM-71E 3B. 


He said the markings visible in the video indicated that they were manufactured by Hughes Aircraft Co. in the early 1990s. “Hughes became Raytheon in 1997 and the missile still says manufactured by Hughes, so the missiles in question were surely manufactured between 1990-1997,” Lister wrote. 






[Syrian Arab Republic] Foreign Ministry: Holding presidential elections on schedule is a Syrian sovereign decision that no country is allowed to interfere in 


Apr 23, 2014 







A spokesman for the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said the Syrian Arab Republic stresses that its decision to hold presidential elections on schedule is a purely sovereign Syrian decison that no country is allowed to interfere in. 


Syria has hardly announced the door open for candidacy to presidential elections before the countries involved [primarily The World Tyrant] in the ongoing bloodshed in Syria chimed in, clamoring, as usual, about their rejection of the “illegitimate” step, the spokesman said Wednesday. 


The spokesman said in a statement to SANA that these countries, which have long claimed to be defending Syrian people, are now trying to stand in the way of their will. 


“If these countries, particularly Western states [The World Tyrant / NATO], claim to be championing democracy, freedom and transparency, then they have to listen to what the Syrians have to say and whom they will choose through the ballot boxes’’ added the spokesman. 


The spokesman pointed out that opening [the] door for nomination in Syria depends on the Syrian constitution only and hinges on the will of Syrian people who voted for the constitution. 


Commenting on claims that holding elections on schedule will wreck efforts to make Geneva [2] conference a success, the ministry pinned responsibility for disrupting Geneva 2 conference  


on the UN and its envoy, Lakhdar Brahimi —-who tends to take sides when he is supposed to be an objective mediator—- and, likewise, 


on the countries [primarily The World Tyrant] sending arms to terrorists [World Tyrant proxies] in Syria and spurning the demands of the Syrian people. 


The spokesman said that “Syria reaffirms that real legitimacy will be determined by the ballot boxes and it is the Syrian people who will choose the one to lead them in the coming stage through pluralistic elections for the first time in its modern history, heedless of all obstacles laid in the way of Syrian people.” 


People’s Assembly on Monday announced the door open for candidacy to presidential elections in Syria. 


The Assembly set the [election] date for the citizens living in the country on Tuesday, June 3rd, and for citizens abroad on Wednesday, May 28.






MP Maher Abdul-Hafiz Hajjar announces candidacy for president 


Apr 23, 2014 







MP [Member of Parliament] Maher Abdul-Hafiz Hajjar has submitted to the Supreme Constitutional Court an application announcing his candidacy for President of the Republic, to be the first one to run for the presidency of Syria in the upcoming election, scheduled for June 3. 


Speaker of the People’s Assembly Mohammad Jihad al-Laham announced in a session on Wednesday that the Assembly received from the Supreme Constitutional Court a notification that MP Hajjar submitted a candidacy application to the Court on April 22, 2014 along with the enclosed documents required by Article 21 of the Court’s Law. 


The application of Hajjar was registered as the first in the Court’s own register. 


Speaker al-Laham noted that the Assembly also received a note from MP Hajjar announcing his candidacy for president along with the required documents.  Hajjar was provided with an official written note to this effect by Chief of the Supreme Constitutional Court Adnan Zreiq, al-Laham added. 


Hajjar’s candidacy announcement allowed the MPs to be informed so as to give approval to the candidate if they so choose. 


A candidate needs to get a written approval for running from at least 35 members of the People’s Assembly, otherwise his candidacy application would be dismissed.  MPs are allowed to give approval to only one candidate. 


Maher Abdul-Hafiz Hajjar was born in Aleppo in 1968.  He comes from a family well-known in religious teaching.


Hajjar obtained a diploma in Linguistic Studies from Aleppo University before he joined the Syrian Communist Party in 1984.  He seceded from the party in 2000 and formed a temporary leadership for Aleppo’s communists. 


[ People gradually became aware that REAL communists and FAKE “communists” are not the same. ] 


In 2003, he formed, along with many communist leaders, the “National Committee for the Unity of Syrian Communists” and was one of its leaders until it changed its name to the “Popular Will Party” when he became the Secretary of the Party’s Council. 


He ran and failed in the 2007 People’s Assembly’ elections and officially opposed the results. 


During the crisis [The World Tyrant’s proxy war against Syria] he ran again for the parliamentary elections in 2012 for Aleppo city within the list of the Popular Front for Change and Liberation and won and came second in the number of votes for independent candidates. 


Hajjar is married and has one daughter. 


Hajjar’s candidacy announcement came a day after the Supreme Constitutional Court said it was ready to receive candidacy applications for the presidential election. 


Registration for presidential candidates was declared open Monday by Speaker al-Laham, during a session that was attended by Prime Minister, ministers and representatives of local, Arab and foreign media. 


Candidates can continue to submit applications through Thursday, 1 May, 2014. 



New Russian humanitarian aid shipment arrives in Lattakia 


Apr 23, 2014 






A plane carrying a shipment of humanitarian aid sent by the Russian government and people and the Armenian community in Russia arrived in al-Bassel Airport in the coastal city of Lattakia on Wednesday. 


Emergency Situations Ministry international affairs department deputy director Alexander Tomashov said that upon the instructions of Russian President Vladimir Putin, an *airbridge* between Russia and Syria was established to provide aid to the Syrian people. 


Tomashov said the aid consists of 34 tons of food, medical supplies, clothes, tents, and children[’s] requirements, and that they will provided to the people of Kaasab and its surroundings who were affected by terrorism. 


He noted that the 20 tons of citrus sent by the farmers of Lattakia to the Russian people as a symbolic gift will be distributed among orphans in Moscow and its suburbs. 





April 23, 2014


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WORLD-TYRANT WORLD a/o 04 22 14 






Apr 21, 5:40 PM EDT 











Nine days later [Jan. 13], on the very day he died, an advanced practice registered nurse named Bob Wilkinson refused a request from other medical staffers to move him to the infirmary at 11:51 a.m. and said the inmate should be taken off a hunger strike watch, according to the internal investigative report. 


Guards found [James Kenneth] Embry unresponsive in his cell hours later, his head slumped to the side. He was pronounced dead at 5:29 p.m. 


Lyon County Coroner Ronnie Patton classified Embry’s death as a suicide 






Apr 21, 7:59 PM EDT 










President Barack Obama announced last week that 8 million people have signed up for coverage through new insurance exchanges, but barriers persist blocking *tens of millions* of people around the nation from accessing health care.  


There are myriad ways people fall into coverage gaps. 


Some are eligible for discounted policies but say they still can’t afford their share of exchange plans. 


Others earn too much for subsidies. 


Immigrants living in the country illegally can’t obtain care under the law. 


Dozens of states haven’t expanded Medicaid. 


And some employers have reduced staff hours to avoid being mandated to provide care.






Apr 22, 1:25 AM EDT 










It has been a year since a fire caused a huge explosion at a Texas fertilizer plant that killed 15 people, yet companies in the state can still store hazardous chemicals in flammable wooden containers in buildings without sprinklers and 


volunteer firefighters like those who rushed into that plant still aren’t required to train how to fight such fires. 




investigations that have yielded new information about safety deficiencies at the plant in West[, Texas] and 


voluntary safety steps taken by the fertilizer industry, 


there hasn’t been a single state or federal law passed since the explosion requiring change.






Intelligence chief forbids unauthorized talks with reporters [Excerpts] 


April 21, 2014 








Employees of U.S. [World Tyrant] intelligence agencies have been barred from discussing any intelligence-related matter —-even if it isn’t classified—- with journalists without authorization, according to a new directive by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. 


Intelligence agency employees who violate the policy could suffer career-ending losses of their security clearances or outright termination, and those who disclose classified information might face criminal prosecution, according to the directive, which Clapper signed March 20 but was made public only Monday by Steven Aftergood, who runs the Federation of American Scientists’ Project on Government Secrecy. 


The U.S. [World Tyrant] intelligence community already has a substantial record of issuing inaccurate or abbreviated information to the public, from bogus and exaggerated information on whether Iraq had weapons of mass destruction to Clapper’s misleading testimony to Congress on the collection of Americans’ private communications data. 





Apr 22, 8:27 AM EDT 









Leaders with the largest nonprofit organization for young Cuban-Americans quietly provided strategic support for the federal government’s [The World Tyrant’s] secret “Cuban Twitter” program, connecting contractors with potential investors and even serving as paid consultants, The Associated Press has learned. 


Interviews and documents obtained by the AP show leaders of the organization, Roots of Hope, were approached by the “Cuban Twitter” program’s [The World Tyrant’s] organizers in early 2011 about taking over the text-messaging service, known as ZunZuneo, and discussed how to shift it into private hands. 


Few if any investors were willing to privately finance ZunZuneo, and Roots of Hope members dropped the idea. 


But at least two people on its board of directors went on to work as consultants, even as they served in an organization that explicitly refused to accept any U.S. [World Tyrant] government funds and distanced itself from groups that did. 








April 22, 2014


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WORLD-TYRANT WORLD a/o 04 21 14 






The cost of America’s [The World Tyrant’s] war in Afghanistan 



Saturday, 19 April 2014 21:41 








In a paper published in March-2013, it has been estimated that for every [World Tyrant] soldier injured in Afghanistan *and* Iraq, the US government [The World Tyrant] is expected to spend on average $2 million in the long term. 



Moreover this paper stated that the US [The World Tyrant] had 866,181 officially counted injured casualties in Afghanistan and Iraq as at March 2013.




This paper has been published by Linda Bilmes at Harvard’s Kennedy School (available on: https://research.hks.harvard.edu/publications/workingpapers/citation.aspx?PubId=8956). 




[ The above URL will take you to a summary of the report.  To get the whole report, scroll down a bit till you see: pdf underlined in red.  Click on that. ] 




The estimated costs include the ‘immediate requirements to provide medical care for the wounded, as well as the accrued liabilities for providing lifetime medical costs and disability compensation for those who have survived injuries’. 





The paper concluded that years of conflict have left America [The World Tyrant] still burdened with heavy costs, despite the withdrawal of ground troops from these theaters of conflict.  This enormous cost to care for the injured means that the US [World Tyrant] military will have to make difficult trade-offs in other areas of defense [aggression] despite the already shrinking defense [war] budget. 




What are the real casualties? 




A number of interesting observations can be posited from the findings of the above paper.  Firstly the estimate of the official injured soldiers is staggering.  At almost a million injuries it makes a mockery of the US [World Tyrant] claims regarding their casualties in both Afghanistan and Iraq. 




In a world rife with war propaganda, the US [The World Tyrant] has been careful to conceal the true cost of their wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  The Americans [The World Tyrant] and NATO regularly deny casualties in their encounters with the Mujahideen.  If we rely on the claims of the Pentagon and NATO then we would be led to believe that the US had no more than 25,000 – 50,000 injured casualties in both military theaters. 




It should also be borne in mind that the 866,181 injured do not include the ‘private’ contractors or the injured casualties of other ISAF countries.  If we factor in the casualties of the private contractors and ISAF members, the numbers could rise quite significantly. 




In a Congressional Research Service report published in mid 2013, it was stated that there were approximately 108,000 private contractors in Afghanistan versus a US [World Tyrant] army presence of 65,700.  This is a ratio of 1.6 private contractors for every US [World Tyrant] soldier in Afghanistan.  While the ratio of contractors versus soldiers tend[s]to fluctuate, one can only imagine the casualties of this disproportionate presence of private contractors and its implications for the US defense [World Tyrant war] spending. 




Granted that not all contractors are involved in the security sector but the point still stands that US [Worlld Tyrant] casualties from the wars far exceed the official ‘military’ casualties generally admitted. 




Secondly we may assume that the economic cost of this war is correlative to the number of military and non-military casualties of this war.  Not only does the US [The World Tyrant] have to pay the medical cost of the military casualties, they also pay compensation to the families of dead soldiers. 




In addition they will need to cater to the needs of the private contractors, such as 



indirectly (perhaps through private insurance companies) to the dead private security contractors, 



the injured private contractors 



as well as the cost of transporting these contractors out of the war theater to other countries around the world. 




America [The World Tyrant] and her allies [NATO] usually also bear the financial burden when transferring Afghan spies and collaborators to third countries. 




Some ISAF countries have already taken Afghan collaborators with them to other western countries.  This includes the cost of travel for these persons and their families in addition to the costs of resettlement. These costs will need to be borne by the governments of these governments whether it be from the defense [war] budget or the overall government budget. 




A heavy price paid 




From the above observations one can conclude that the US [The World Tyrant] has paid a heavy financial and human price for her military adventures in both Afghanistan and Iraq. 




Reminiscing on US [World Tyrant] mood in 2001 and 2003 the world was dumbfounded by US [World Tyrant] arrogance at the time.  Her [The World Tyrant’s] sense of superiority, overestimation of its own capabilities and underestimation of the rivals’ strength was evident.




Her [The World Tyrant’s] justifications for her aggressions were as untenable and abstruse as could be.  The US [World Tyrant] politicians portrayed the Muslim world as a world of barbarism and wilderness that needed to be taught respect for world powers. 




The US [The World Tyrant] invaded two countries, destroying the lives of millions, presumably to capture a few ‘jealous and backward terrorists’ and to neutralize some ‘weapons of mass destruction’. 




America [The World Tyrant] conveniently forgot that she along with a few select group of states [NATO] control more than 90% of the world’s mass weaponry. 



If the invasion of these ‘other’ possessors of mass weaponry were justified because they were ‘irresponsible’ states then surely no nation had acted more irresponsibly and with more callous disregard for international norms as the US [The World Tyrant] at the start of the new millennium. 




Despite the weakness of these justifications, or perhaps because of it, it was abundantly clear that America [The World Tyrant] did not act due to these reasons.  The real reasons for America’s [The World Tyrant’s] actions were driven by strategic calculations.




America [The World Tyrant] entered the Muslim world in order to radically alter the geo-strategic landscape.  According to the self-indulgent political scholars of Washington, America [The World Tyrant] had to respond to the September 2001 attacks by bringing ‘civilization’ to the Muslim world. 




America [The World Tyrant] would strike such a blow to the Muslims that it would rival the Mongol invasions of Islamic land.  Moreover unlike the Mongols, the Americans [World Tyrant ubermenschen] would not integrate into Muslim society but rather assimilate Muslims to western ‘civilization’. 




Besides these grandeur schemes the invasions were also to strengthen US [World Tyrant] strategic presence in Middle East and Central  Asia particularly vis-a-vis China.  America [The World Tyrant] would also gain more valuable bases in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere. In addition US [World Tyrant] military interventions would strengthen her erstwhile ally, [Puppet] Israel’s position in the Middle East.  And then there was of course, access to the natural resources of Middle East and Central Asia. 




These were the calculations behind America’s [The World Tyrant’s] moves.  The results however were far. . .[from] the intentions.  America [The World Tyrant] suffered enormous human losses in both conflicts. 




The financial burden of these wars was such that American [World Tyrant] economy grinded to a halt and eventually precipitated the Global Financial Crisis. 




Politically America [The World Tyrant] lost all credibility as a responsible state actor.    Militarily it is overstretched and in urgent need of radical concentration.  It has been so exhausted by these lengthy conflicts that it no longer has any appetite for any form of confrontation.  It’s passivity in the Korean peninsula, its lukewarm reaction to chemical attacks in Syria, its degradation by Israeli politicians during the Palestine-Israel peace talks, and more recently its inability to respond coherently or forcefully to the Ukrainian crisis are all examples of America’s [The World Tyrant’s] passivity and the new limits of its powers. 




While to many of us on the outside[,] America’s [The World Tyrant’s] new found pacifism and its aggressions of the past decade might appear unrelated, in truth the latter has had a tremendous impact on the former. 




The military and financial costs of these conflicts have convinced America [The World Tyrant] that she needs to be more particular in choosing her fights.  She has also learned that she needs to focus on her vital strategic interests such as the Pacific and Europe rather than rushing off to distant theatres and fight for another’s [Puppet Israel’s] cause. 




One can only hope that these lessons will be applied in the long term rather than as a temporary measure.  America [The World Tyrant] would fare far better if it relinquishes its role as a global ‘hegemon’, focuses on its vital interests, respects global diversity and the legitimate interests of divergent societies, and interacts with farther afield countries on basis of reciprocal respect and mutual benefits. 




The dreams of America [The World Tyrant] acting as the world’s policeman are now nothing more than a forlorn hope.  It is time for America [The World Tyrant] to abandon her plans of imposing her values on others and instead embrace diversity and partnership on global affairs. 







Apr 21, 7:58 AM EDT 










Israeli and Palestinian minors accused of crimes in the West Bank are subject to two different sets of laws. Israeli settlers are prosecuted under [Puppet] Israeli civilian law, while Palestinians are thrust into the [Puppet Israeli] military justice system. 


Critics complain that the conviction rate in the military system is higher and the penalties stiffer. 







Apr 21, 7:55 AM EDT 
















April 21, 2014


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WORLD-TYRANT WORLD a/o 04 19 14 






EXCERPTS from: Direct Line with Vladimir Putin 



17 April 2014, 15:55, Moscow 







MARIA SITTEL: Mr President, there are millions of ethnic Russians living in Ukraine.  After the events in Crimea, the new authorities regard them as outcasts.  Ms Tymoshenko even urged her supporters to take up arms and deal with them. 



KIRILL KLEYMYONOV:  The “damned Russians.” 



MARIA SITTEL: Yes, exactly.  There are many utterances of this sort and a huge number –- actually the majority-– of questions [are] about the fate of ethnic Russians in Ukraine.  Let us give the floor to Mr Lukyanenko, a writer, who has a question on this topic. 



DMITRY SHCHUGOREV: Sergei Lukyanenko is a well-known writer, who denounced Ukraine as a damned land after the bloodletting on the Maidan in February, which no one wants to investigate, and responded to his Ukrainian colleagues’ reproaches by banning his books from being translated and published in Ukraine. 



What is your question, Mr Lukyanenko? 


SERGEI LUKYANENKO: Mr President, Ukraine has developed as a state hostile to Russia for 23 years. . . 



VLADIMIR PUTIN: I beg your pardon? 



SERGEI LUKYANENKO: I say that Ukraine has developed as a state hostile to Russia for the last 23 years.  There was even a saying to this effect: “Ukraine is not Russia.”  The most horrible thing is that these seeds have borne fruit.  We see what is happening: the country is being plunged into nationalist, if not fascist, hysteria.  The authorities are sending army units and punitive squads to southeastern Ukraine.  And the most glaring thing, as I see it, is that Russia’s position is being ignored by the West [The World Tyrant / NATO] and hushed up in Ukraine. 



How, in your opinion, can we bring our point of view across?  And is this even possible?  Can we convince the West [The World Tyrant / NATO] to listen to us and understand us?  Sometimes I have the impression that we are unable to get through to them. 



VLADIMIR PUTIN: You know, Sergei (may I call you Sergei?), I don’t agree with you.  I know you as one of the best modern writers –-a widely read and widely published one.  But I can’t agree that Ukraine is a damned land; please don’t use this expression with regard to Ukraine. 



Ukraine is a *long-suffering* land; it’s a very complicated community and a long-suffering one in the direct sense of the word. Nationalism and even neo-Nazism are experiencing a resurgence in western Ukraine. 



But you know well the history of this territory and its people.  Some of these territories were part of Czechoslovakia, some of Hungary, some of Austro-Hungary and some of Poland, where they [Ukrainians] were *never full-fledged citizens*.  You know, something has always been growing in their heart of hearts. 



Some people seem to believe that it is this circumstance –-because these territories were former possessions of several present-day EU countries-– that imbues them [Ukrainians] with some special European substance.  That they were *second-rate* citizens in those states seems to have been forgotten, but this still lurks in their historical memory, under the crust, deep down in their hearts, see?  It’s where their nationalism comes from, I think. 



Central, eastern and southeastern Ukraine is another matter.  I’ve just mentioned this area, New Russia, which has intertwined its roots with those of the Russian state. The local people have a somewhat different mentality.  They found themselves part of present-day Ukraine, which had been pieced together in the Soviet period.  Of course, it is difficult for them [the local people here and the other people over to the west] to establish proper relations and to understand each other.  But we should help them to do so as much as we can. 



What, under the circumstances, is our role, the role of a good neighbour and the closest relative?  Will our overseas partners [The World Tyrant] and partners in Europe [NATO] hear us?  I hope they will.  But at the same time –-I have just said as much-– there are certain apprehensions with regard to Russia itself, its huge territory, its potential growth and power.  This is why they prefer to cut us to size and take [tear] us to pieces.  


Will our partners hear us in this case?  I’ve just said what they are largely being guided by, but I think they should hear us, because 


in the burgeoning modern world, keeping in mind its development trends in the short historical term and in the longer historical term, 


this world, the *whole* of Europe, as I said, from Lisbon to Vladivostok, should unite to be competitive and viable in the rapidly developing world.  This is an extremely important circumstance.  I hope that our partners will hear and understand us. 



KIRILL KLEYMENOV: Mr Putin, the questions about Ukraine are quite prevalent on the Direct Line website. I browsed through the most frequent ones over the past minutes and found some repeated ones. 



VLADIMIR PUTIN: Just a moment. 



Sergei, please, there is no need to ban your books from being published anywhere, including Ukraine. It’s not about money but the fact that you are one of Russia’s most outstanding authors, part of Russian culture.  And we must promote Russian culture there instead of removing it, all right? 



SERGEI LUKYANENKO: Right, then I agree. 






. . . 




KIRILL KLEYMENOV: There are people on the [World Tyrant] sanctions list in this studio. Probably some of them don’t even know they’ve been blacklisted.  But Dmitry Kiselev knows for sure that his name is on the list.  Valeria, go ahead, please. 



VALERIA KORABLEVA: Dmitry Kiselev, Director General of the Rossiya Segodnya Information Agency. 



DMITRY KISELEV: Good afternoon, Mr Putin. They’ve promised us the video question format, and I was eager to support it in some way. But since we’re having some technical problems, I’ll create an image with my fingers. 



Here’s a ring, and it seems to me our country is inside it.  I have a feeling that someone is stifling me.  I think this is NATO because it is spreading like a cancerous tumour.  In the past 25 years, this bloc has literally swallowed our Warsaw Treaty allies, then some parts of the Soviet Union, and the Baltic states.  It has opened its jaws to swallow Georgia and now Ukraine as well. 



Officials at the NATO headquarters say that it would make sense to admit Ukraine into NATO as well, whereas you’re saying that the bloc system is dying out. I cannot agree with that because I feel this bloc is stifling me. 



Of course, you can call me paranoid, to attribute this to paranoia.  But even if someone has paranoia, it doesn’t mean he isn’t harassed.  So it’s not about me, but about NATO’s expansion.  Where is the red line?  Does it exist at all?  And what do you feel as the national leader?  Nothing personal, Mr Putin.  Thank you. 



VLADIMIR PUTIN: *We’ll strangle all of them ourselves!*  Why are you so afraid? (Applause.



DMITRY KISELEV: No, I’m not afraid, of course.  I just want to know where the red line is and where to stop.  Are there limits, and who will define them?  Thank you. 



VLADIMIR PUTIN: We aren’t afraid –-neither me nor anyone else.  Nobody should be afraid, but we must proceed from reality.  As for reality, you’ve just described it rather vividly in your brilliant manner and given us the creeps in some way.  Let me repeat that I wouldn’t fear anything, but we must assess the situation realistically.  So what is it like?  You’ve conjured up the image [encirclement]. 



At one time, we were promised (I mentioned this at the Munich security conference) that after Germany’s unification, NATO wouldn’t spread eastward.  The then NATO Secretary-General told us that the alliance wouldn’t expand beyond its eastern borders.  However, it started expanding by incorporating former Warsaw Treaty member-countries and later on, the Baltic states, former Soviet republics. 



I used to say at one time: “Why are you doing this?  Do you want to ensure the security of these countries?  Do you think someone may attack them?  Well, it’s enough to sign a bilateral treaty on friendship and mutual assistance, including military aid, and their security will be ensured.”  I heard in response: “This doesn’t concern you.  Nations and countries have the right to choose a way of ensuring their security themselves.” 



All right, this is true.  But it is also true that when the infrastructure of a military bloc approaches our borders, we have grounds for certain apprehensions and questions.  We must take certain steps, and this is also true; nobody can deny us *this* right. And this compels us to counteract. 



I’ll use this opportunity to say a few words about our talks on missile defence.  This issue is no less, and *probably even more important*, than NATO’s eastward expansion.  Incidentally, our decision on Crimea was partially prompted by this. 



Needless to say, first and foremost we wanted to support the residents of Crimea, but we also followed [a] certain logic: If we don’t do anything, Ukraine will be drawn into NATO sometime in the future.  We’ll be told: “This doesn’t concern you,” and NATO ships will dock in Sevastopol, the city of Russia’s naval glory. 



But it isn’t even the emotional side of the issue.  *The point is* that Crimea protrudes into the Black Sea, being in its centre, as it were.  However, in military terms, it doesn’t have the importance it used to have in the 18th and 19th centuries –-I’m referring to modern strike forces, including coastal ones. 



But if NATO troops walk in, they will immediately deploy these [modern strike] forces there.  Such a move would be geopolitically sensitive for us because, in this case, Russia would be practically ousted from the Black Sea area.  We’d be left with just a small coastline of 450 or 600km, and that’s it! 



In this way, Russia may be really ousted from this region that is extremely important for us, a region for which so many Russians gave up their lives during all the previous centuries.  This is a serious thing. 



*So we shouldn’t fear anything but we must consider these circumstances and react accordingly*. 



As I’ve just said, the same is happening with our talks on the deployment of US [World Tyrant] missile defence elements. 



*This is not a defensive system, but part of the offensive potential deployed far away from home*. 



Again we’re being told: “This is not against you.” 



However, at the expert level, everyone understands very well that if these systems are deployed closer to our borders, our *ground-based* strategic missiles will be within their striking range.  Everyone is well aware of this, but we’re being told: “Please believe us, this is not against you.”  [The World Tyrant claims it’s against Iran.] 



Our American [World Tyrant] partners have turned down our proposal to sign even some trifling legal paper that would say that these systems are not directed against us.  Surprising as it is, but this is a fact.  Naturally, we are bound to ask: “And why do you refuse to sign anything if you believe this is not directed against us?” 



It would seem a trifle – a piece of paper that could be signed today and thrown away tomorrow – but they are reluctant to do even that.  If they deploy these elements in Europe, we’ll have to do something in response, as we’ve said so many times.  But this means an escalation of the arms race!  Why do this? 



It would be much better to look at this issue and determine *if* there are missile threats from some directions and decide how this system should be controlled or accessed.  It would be sensible to do it together, but no, they don’t want that. 



Naturally, we’ll continue these talks with patience and persistence, but 



in any event, we’ll do everything to guarantee the security of the Russian people, and I’m sure we’ll succeed. 







Apr. 19, Juche 103 (2014) Saturday 






Each Round Getting Worse




Successive White House [World Tyrant] bosses were all well-versed in feigning their concern about peace in the Korean Peninsula.  But in fact they were all trigger-happy fellows, hell bent on war provocations.  Their excuses for war challenge were the same –war provocation and threat from North Korea—-, and they without exception tried to use international organization in achieving their purpose. 



Some time ago when we had a rocket firing drill, the U.S. [The World Tyrant] accused us at the UNSC. 



What a fun it was! 



A lie cannot hide a criminal.  The U.S. [The World Tyrant] is *always* a criminal, disturbing peace and provoking a new war. 



After Japan’s defeat in WW2, the U.S. [World Tyrant] troops landed in south Korea allegedly to disarm the Japanese army. 



Harboring a dream of continental advance [China] with Korea as stepping stone, the U.S. [The World Tyrant] caused frequent armed conflicts along the 38th parallel and finally unleashed a war against our Republic [the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea]. 



The war ended in their [The World Tyrant’s] failure.  But their attempt for another try in Korea continued.  Provocative incidents happened one after another –the U.S. [World Tyrant spy] ship “Pueblo” incident, Panmunjom incident, “EC-121” spy plane incident and so on. 



Things are none the better in the new century. 



No sooner had Bush come into office than he renounced the DPRK-U.S. Agreed Framework unilaterally, and he put our country in the U.S. [World Tyrant] list of preemptive nuclear strike targets. 



The pinprick policy still remains unchanged with the present Obama administration. 



The U.S. [World Tyrant] troops stage incessant joint military execises with involvement of huge forces, openly declaring their aim is to make “someone” go down. 



The U.S. [The World Tyrant] has abused our satellite launching for space development too as a pretext to justify its provocative maneuvers. 



This year, the U.S. [World Tyrant] threat and provocation against our Republic have gone *beyond* the stage of danger. 



When a tendency towards detente was going to be created on the Korean Peninsula by the DPRK’s peaceful efforts, the U.S. [The World Tyrant] kicked off joint military exercises Key Resolve and Foal Eagle by dint of huge aggressive troops and lethal weapons. 



The exercises involved the greatest number of troops ever since 1993 and even committed a landing drill aimed at occupying Pyongyang. 



It was an extremely dangerous provocation of *announcing the start of war in advance* beyond the limit of threat. 



Recently the U.S. [The World Tyrant] has revealed its intent again to intensify military provocations to wreck peace and stability on *and around* the Korean Peninsula. 



The U.S. chief executive at a confab in Europe with his Japanese and south Korean counterparts tried to openly justify the joint military exercises, prattling that the war games would be intensified further. 



*The DPRK is in the state of war with the U.S. [The World Tyrant]*. 



Ignoring the circumstances, the U.S. [The World Tyrant] is playing DPRK-targeted war games to incite a war fever and deliberately render the situation strained while finding fault with our self-defensive measures *to prevent war* as provocation. 



How shameless it is! 



The U.S. [World Tyrant] war games designed to occupy Pyongyang is evidently *a grave military provocation* and challenge to our efforts for peace. 



The U.S. [The World Tyrant] call for peace and security on the Korean Peninsula is a deception. 



If the U.S. [The Wrld Tyrant] wants to intimidate the DPRK with its military strength, it is really foolish. 



The DPRK has *the* war deterrent, a powerful physical strength capable of smashing the U.S. [World Tyrant] provocation and safeguarding peace. 



The U.S. [The World Tyrant] reckless military provocations would result in *our* continuous boosting of its [the DPRK’s] war deterrent. 



The U.S. [The World Tyrant] should know it and make a right option. 







April 19, 2014


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WORLD-TYRANT WORLD a/o 04 18 14 






EXCERPTS from: Direct Line with Vladimir Putin 



17 April 2014, 15:55, Moscow 






TATYANA STOLYAROVA: Yes, it’s true. Let me remind you about a letter from Russian cultural figures who supported Vladimir Putin and Russia’s stance on Crimea.  As of now, the letter has been signed by over 500 people. The letter received a strong public response. 



Karen Shakhnazarov is here today in this studio.  You signed the letter.  How would you explain your view? 



KAREN SHAKHNAZAROV: It was obvious to me, and I said so repeatedly.  I have two reasons.  The first reason is personal.  Maybe it is not important to someone else, but it is to me.  My late father was one of the soldiers who liberated Crimea.  He was 20 at the time. He was a reconnaissance commander in an artillery brigade.  He participated in the storm of Sevastopol.  By the way, he was an ethnic Armenian. Neither he nor his comrades had any doubt that it was a Russian city.  So he would not have understood me at all if I had taken any other stance. 



The second reason is probably more important.  In the circumstances when, as I see it, the Ukrainian statehood ceased to exist, there was no reason to deprive the people of Crimea of the right to determine their fate.  Speaking of which, Mr Putin said that the Ukrainian parliament is partially legitimate.  I don’t really agree with that because how can a parliament be legitimate if it abrogated its own constitution?  I personally think there is no legitimate power in Ukraine now. 



Therefore, the people of Crimea had every right to determine their destiny.  Of course, I understand that it was a difficult decision which has *many* international and political implications. 



So I have a question for you, Mr Putin. 



In the past 10 years, we have been forging ties with the People’s Republic of China, and I can see that the convergence is mutual.  In this situation, is it possible to formalise this partnership as a military and political union? 



VLADIMIR PUTIN: First of all, thank you for you stance on Crimea and your support. 



Speaking of our relations with China, they are progressing very successfully in terms of trust and collaboration, which are unprecedented.  This includes political cooperation and *our shared views on international affairs and global security, which is the basis for these inter-governmental relations*.  We are neighbours and allies as well, in a sense.  We have not raised the question of a military and political union. 



Generally, I think that the bloc mentality is a thing of the past.  NATO was established as a counterbalance to the [REAL] Soviet Union and to the Soviet Union’s policy in Eastern Europe.  The Warsaw Pact was signed in response.  The [later FAKE] Soviet Union ceased to exist, but NATO remains.  We are told it is changing and becoming more of a political organisation.  But Article 5 is still in effect, which is an article on mutual military support.  Who does NATO act against?  Why is it expanding towards our borders? 



Are there plans to establish new blocs?  I don’t know; we haven’t thought about this.  But it is absolutely clear that we will be expanding collaboration with China. 


Our trade with the United States is 27.5 [billion], but trade with China is 87 billion, and it is growing.  And experts will agree that China is gradually becoming the number one economic power. The question is when it will happen: in 15, 20 or 25 years.  But everybody understands that it is inevitable. 



With China’s population of almost 1.5 billion and its modernised economy, this is basically an accomplished fact.  Therefore, we will certainly continue to develop relations with China.  We have never had such trust-based relations [as now] in the military industry.  We began holding joint drills at sea and on land, in both China and the Russian Federation.  This gives us reason to assume that Russian-Chinese relations will be a significant factor in global policy and will substantially influence modern international relations. 



. . . 



ROMAN KUZNETSOV: Good afternoon, Mr Putin.  My name is Roman. 



VLADIMIR PUTIN: Hello, Roman. 



ROMAN KUZNETSOV: Are you planning to send a limited contingent of troops to southeastern Ukraine to protect its Russian-speaking population?  Thank you. 



VLADIMIR PUTIN: You know, despite the events in Crimea, we should not lose our heads, but should proceed from realities. 


What are these realities today? First, we must admit that the ethnic composition of Crimea differs from that of southeastern Ukraine. These territories, as I just said, were transferred to Ukraine in the mid-1920s, and in 1954, Crimea was annexed to Ukraine for some reason [by the traitor Khrushchov] as well. 



The ethnic composition of the population there is approximately 50-50. I have already mentioned that the final decision to return Crimea to the Russian Federation was only based on the results of the referendum.  When I saw these results, and saw for myself that almost all residents voted for joining Russia, I repeat, we had no other choice and there could have been no other decision. 



As for what is happening in southeastern Ukraine, we don’t know for sure.  But we believe that we ought to do everything we can to help these people defend their rights and determine their fate on their own.  *This is what we will fight for*.  Let me remind you that the Federation Council of Russia gave the President the right to use the Armed Forces in Ukraine. 


I very much hope that I will not have to exercise this right and that, through political and diplomatic means, we will be able to resolve all the pressing, if not to say burning, issues in Ukraine. 






MARIA SITTEL: Mr President, there is a difficult situation right now not only in the southeastern regions of Ukraine, but also in Transnistria.  It is blocked by Moldova on one side and by the newly self-proclaimed Kiev authorities on the other.  Here’s a text message: “What are ways to resolve the current situation in Transnistria and what is Russia’s stance on it?”  I would like to recall that just yesterday its parliament asked Russia to recognise *the republic’s* independence. 



VLADIMIR PUTIN: This is one of the most complex problems that we inherited after the collapse of the [FAKE] Soviet Union.  First of all, the population of the republic is over 500,000 people, if I’m not mistaken.  People there express pro-Russian sentiments and a large number of Russian citizens live in Transnistria. 


They have their own views on how to build their future and their fate.  It would be nothing more than a display of democracy if we were to allow those people do as they wish.  Of course, we need to maintain dialogue with both Moldova and Ukraine, to boost talks within the 5+2 format, which includes Moldova, Transnistria and five other states that are taking part in the settlement process.  I think that the blockade should be lifted without delay; the residents of the republic are feeling its negative consequences both on the part of Moldova and Ukraine. 


Nationalist armed groups have already gathered on the border between Transnistria and Ukraine; such developments must be stopped without delay.  In the long run, people should be allowed to decide their own destiny. This is what we and our partners are going to work on, taking into account the interests of the residents of Transnistria, of course.



. . . 



TATYANA REMEZOVA: Mr President, there was a caller with another very interesting question.  I will read the message: “Russia has annexed Crimea by force.  Does that mean that power is the only guarantee of a state’s sovereignty these days?” 



VLADIMIR PUTIN: Russia did *not* annex Crimea by force.  Russia created conditions-– with the help of special armed groups and the Armed Forces, I will say it straight-– but *only for the free expression of the will of the people living in Crimea and Sevastopol*. 



It was the people themselves who made this decision.  Russia answered their call and welcomed the decision of Crimea and Sevastopol.  This was natural, and it could not have been any other way. 



As for the power factor in international relations, it has always existed and will always exist.  That’s a different issue, and 



the thing is that countries, taking into account that power plays a significant role in international affairs, should develop and strengthen, *based on their common sense*, such rules of conduct which would be stable and would allow for negotiating, compromising and balancing the interests of a state and its people on the international arena without using this power. 



The events in Crimea themselves have nothing to do with this. 



Let’s recall what happened in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and other regions.  In my opinion, when the world becomes unipolar, or when someone [The World Tyrant] tries to make it so, then this one pole has *the illusion that all issues can be settled through power*. 


And only when there is a balance of power does the desire to negotiate appear.  I hope that we will be moving along the path to strengthen international law. 



. . . 




SERGEI LUKAS: Mr Putin, who stands to profit from the overblown myth that Russia’s Armed Forces are preparing for an invasion in Ukraine?  What goals are pursued by those who want to set us against our brothers, neighbours and European partners?  And can we openly invite all those willing to visit our cross-border regions?  Thank you. 



VLADIMIR PUTIN: The intention to split Russia and Ukraine, to separate what is essentially a single nation in many ways, has been an issue of international politics for centuries.  If you recall the statements uttered [in the 1920’s] by the White movement leaders, you’ll see that regardless [of] their political disagreements with the Bolsheviks, they never had even the slightest thought about a possible division between Ukraine and Russia, as they always perceived them as part of a common, united space and a single nation.  And they were absolutely right. 



But today we’re are living in separate countries. And, unfortunately, this policy of division, of pulling apart and weakening both parts of a single nation continues. There are enough forces in the world that are afraid of our strength, “our hugeness,” as one of our sovereigns [a Czar] said.  So, they seek to divide us into parts, this is a well-known fact. 



Look at what they did with Yugoslavia: they cut it into small pieces and are now manipulating everything that can be manipulated there, which is almost anything. 



Apparently, someone would like to do the same with us, and if you look at what’s happening, you’ll be able to answer your own question about who [The World Tyrant] is doing what. 








Speaking about rights, but aiming for chaos 




Hassan Abou Taleb 




Wednesday 16 Apr 2014 









We all know Egypt is being targetted and it is no longer a mere suspicion or hypothetical conspiracy theory but a reality we live day and night. 


This [reality] includes 


statements and threats by the [Muslim Brotherhood] terrorist alliance, 


sabotage and murder, and 


the ultimate goal —-that will never materialise, God willing-— of pushing Egypt into chaos and ruin. 

Some of the plotting against Egypt takes place in 


major world capitals [The World Tyrant / NATO] and 


global or regional organisations that were created to primarily protect people and their lives. 


Unfortunately, they [for example: the Euro-Mediterranean Network for Human Rights (EMNHR)] have become a platform for directed criticism that serves higher global interests [The World Tyrant / NATO]. 


The slogans of human rights have become *a tool for distortion and moral harm* in society, not a vehicle for protecting the people’s simple right to a decent life. 


Unfortunately, some of these institutions are hostage to only one point of view [that of The World Tyrant] and do not do their job of finding out the truth, so as to uphold the right to life of a people who are in the line of fire of vile terrorism -—a job that is [better: was supposedly] the foundation of the global human rights movement since its inception.






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