March 17, 2014


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95.7% of Crimeans Give The Finger To The White House Tyrant 


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March 16, 2014 @ 5:18 pm 






Democracy is not acceptable to Washington, or to the two-bit punk American puppets who rule for Washington in Germany, UK, and France, when democracy does not serve *Washington’s agenda of hegemony over the entire world*. 


The neo-Nazi White House spokesperson lied through his teeth when he claimed that the referendum, which has been declared by international observers to have been completely free, was “administered under threats of violence and intimidation.” 


This statement, which the entire world now knows to be false, marks the government in Washington, and its subservient media, as the worst and most dangerous liar the world has ever experienced. 


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Britain’s five richest families worth more than poorest 20% [Excerpt] 


  • Monday 17 March 2014 








In a report, a Tale of Two Britains, Oxfam said the poorest 20% in the UK had wealth totalling £28.1bn – an average of £2,230 each. 



The latest rich list from Forbes magazine showed that the five top UK entries – the family of the Duke of Westminster, David and Simon Reuben, the Hinduja brothers, the Cadogan family, and Sports Direct retail boss Mike Ashley – between them had property, savings and other assets worth £28.2bn. 



The most affluent family in Britain, headed by Major General Gerald Grosvenor, owns 77 hectares (190 acres) of prime real estate in Belgravia, London, and has been a beneficiary of the foreign money flooding in to the capital’s soaring property market in recent years.  Oxfam said Grosvenor and his family had more wealth (£7.9bn) than the poorest 10% of the UK population (£7.8bn). 


Oxfam’s director of campaigns and policy, Ben Phillips, said: “Britain is becoming a deeply divided nation, with a wealthy elite who are seeing their incomes spiral up, while millions of families are struggling to make ends meet. 













Mar 16, 2:08 PM EDT 











Rapper ScHoolboy Q had a great time at his first South By Southwest a few years ago, but found himself getting angry this year as he played a series of shows at the annual music conference and festival. 


Everywhere he turned, his fans were standing outside venues festooned with corporate branding, unable to enter because they didn’t have a formal invite. 


“It’s stupid.  They changed [fucked?] it all up.  It’s corporate,” he said as he prepared for a show Saturday.  


“I don’t ever want to come back unless they change it to where the fans are in.  I’m tired of performing and seeing my fans outside the gate. 


That’s not fair. It’s not about the fans no more, it’s all about money 





Mar 17, 3:53 AM EDT 










In the days after committee chairwoman Sen. Dianne Feinstein accused the CIA of intimidation and breaching its constitutional authority by filing a criminal complaint against congressional aides, observers say the U.S. [World Tyrant] intelligence community and its congressional minders both made serious missteps over the 13 years following the 9/11 terror attacks. 


To intelligence veterans, legislators and historians, key lapses stand out: 


[1] [Coward] Congress’ hesitance in the immediate aftermath of the attacks to hold the intelligence community and Bush administration accountable. 


[2] The CIA’s over-reaction and failure to navigate rising doubts in Congress. 


[3] Hidden clashes between Senate investigators and CIA briefers. 


[4] President Barack Obama’s distance from the growing controversy as relations deteriorated. 


[5] And the government’s [The World Tyrant’s] sluggishness in adapting to the American public’s easing national security fears. 


“Sad to say, this is bad for all concerned,” said former CIA Director Michael Hayden, who himself contended with fallout from waterboarding suspected terror leaders and the later destruction of CIA videotapes documenting it.







Mar 17, 5:36 AM EDT 










More often than ever, the administration 

[1] censored government files or outright denied access to them last year under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act, 

[2] cited more legal exceptions it said justified withholding materials and 

[3] refused a record number of times to turn over files quickly that might be especially newsworthy, according to a new analysis of federal data by The Associated Press. 


Most agencies also took longer to answer records requests. 


The government’s own figures from 99 federal agencies covering six years show that halfway through its second term, the administration has made few meaningful improvements in the way it releases records. 


In category after category —-except for reducing numbers of old requests and a slight increase in how often it waived copying fees—- the government’s efforts to be more open about its activities last year were their *worst since President Barack Obama took office*. 










16 March 2014 Last updated at 12:30 ET 






Venice votes in referendum on splitting from Rome[, Italy] 



. . .the vote reflects a growing separatist mood in parts of Europe, such as Spain’s Catalonia region and Scotland, which votes on whether to become independent in September. 


Luca Zaia, governor of Veneto, the Venice region, rejected suggestions that the Italian constitution would prevent secession. 



International law, he told Il Quotidiano, allowed “the right to self-determination”. 








Vladimir Putin will address the Federal Assembly on March 18 

17 March 2014, 14:30 




Vladimir Putin will address State Duma deputies, members of the Federation Council, regional governors and civil society representatives at the Kremlin on March 18 at 3 p.m. on the Republic of Crimea’s and city of Sevastopol’s request to join the Russian Federation. 






Telephone conversation with US President Barack Obama

17 March 2014, 00:30 



At the US initiative, Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with US [World Tyrant] President Barack Obama. 


The two presidents continued discussions on the various aspects of the crisis in Ukraine.  Mr Putin noted that the current authorities in Kiev have so far failed to demonstrate the ability and desire to rein in the ultranationalist and radical groups that are destabilising the situation in the country and terrorising ordinary people, including the Russian-speaking population and Russia’s compatriots. 


In this context, the two presidents discussed the possibility of sending an OSCE mission to monitor the situation in Ukraine.  Mr Putin said that this mission, if it goes ahead, should cover all parts of Ukraine. 


Regarding the March 16 referendum in Crimea, Mr Putin said that the decision to hold the referendum was in line with international law and the UN Charter, and was also in line with the precedent set by Kosovo.  The referendum was organised in such a way as to guarantee Crimea’s population the possibility to freely express their will and exercise their right to self-determination. 


The two presidents said that despite their differences of opinion, they must continue working together to seek solutions that will help to stabilise the situation in Ukraine. 


Mr Obama congratulated Mr Putin on the success of the Paralympic Games and asked Mr Putin to pass on his greetings to the athletes.





Telephone conversation with President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev 

16 March 2014, 18:30 



Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev on the Kazakhstani side’s initiative. 


Mr Putin and Mr Nazarbayev continued the exchange of opinions on the Ukrainian crisis, paying special attention to the referendum being held today in Crimea.  The two sides noted the high level of referendum’s organisation, expressing satisfaction with the fact that the Crimean people were allowed to freely express their will on the issue that is the most important for the entire peninsula.







Tunisian terrorist returning from Syria: What is happening in Syria is not a revolution 


Mar 16, 2014 







A Tunisian terrorist nicknamed Abu Qussai who was recruited to fight alongside terrorists in Syria said that what is happening in Syria is not a revolution nor a fight for a cause; rather it’s a ruination of Arab countries and part of an international game. 


Abu Qussai, who was interviewed on a show on al-Tunisiya TV channel  on Saturday night, said that most of the armed groups in Syria consisted of non-Syrians who committed murder and destruction, including the deliberate destruction of mosques and leaving graffiti supporting the Syrian government and insulting Islam [so as] to accuse the Syrian Army of attacking places of worship and defaming it. 


The terrorist said that many Syrians who refused to join the “free army” or opposed it were tortured, including one who was tortured using a power drill, noting that this was recorded and distributed with the claims that the Syrian army or elements from Iran were responsible for it. 


Abu Qussai said he started fighting alongside extremist movements in 2011 when he was recruited and sent to Libya with hundreds of Tunisians where he was trained in using weapons near Benghazi. 


He said that he was sent to Turkey in 2011 and crossed the borders into Syria along with dozens of Libyan and Tunisian gunmen via smugglers, and they received training in Idleb in a camp supervised by a Libyan called Medhi al-Harati. 


Afterwards, the terrorists headed to Bannesh area which was declared an Islamic emirate ruled by a man called Abu Mujahed al-Shami, and he took part in several battles in Idleb countryside, then moved to Homs and fought in Bab Amr and then went to al-Zawiye mountain and Aleppo. 


He pointed out that dozens of Tunisians and Libyans took part in the attack on the military security detachment in Jisr al-Shughour in Idleb, resulting in the death of everyone inside it, noting that Libyans were the one who planned the attack. 


Abu Qussai said that weapons and funds were sent to armed groups from states, associations and individuals in the Arab Gulf, including four Bahraini MPs including Adel al-Ma’awdeh and Abdelmajid Murad, both of whom are leaders of the Salafi movement in Bahrain, in addition to Kuwaiti MP Walid al-Tabatiba’ei. 


He said that many US [World Tyrant]-made weapons were sent to them from Turkey, and that Turkish security forces and police allowed anyone to enter Syria without searching them, and that Turkish banks transferred funds to and from Syria with ease. 


The terrorist said that Tunisians were at the forefront of foreigners fighting in Syria, controlling armed groups and “sharia” groups established to rule people according to their interpretation of Islam. 


Abu Qussai said that there were many women among the fighters, including Tunisians, Libyans, Chechens and others who operated as snipers by day after receiving training, and by night they took part in “jihad al-nikah” (an impromptu form of semi-marriage invented and sanctioned by terrorists) with several fighters according to a daily schedule. 


He pointed out that as Jabhat al-Nusra began to emerge, funded and armed by Islamist associations from Qatar and Saudi Arabia, most Tunisians and foreigners began to join it and the “free army” began to fade away after most of its leaders were killed or fled, adding that at that time, the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham hadn’t surfaced yet, as it was limited to working in Iraq under the name of Islamic State of Iraq. 


Abu Qussai said that the picture became more clear after the assassination of sheikh Mohammad Saeed Ramadan al-Bouti, and after terrorists he was with in Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood slit the throat of another sheikh in front of a mosque, mutilated the body, and hung his decapitated head there, and at that point Abu Qussai decided to return to Tunisia. 


He said that he asked them not to kill the sheikh in Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood, but they didn’t listen, so he became determined to leave Syria, but that wasn’t easy because those who think about escaping are killed, and so he began planning his escape. 


The terrorist said that while he and his group were out on a mission, he was at the rear of the group of 15 gunmen and he had a machinegun, so he opened fire on them, killing them all, and then he ran from Aleppo and made his way to Homs then Talkalakh and finally Lebanon, crossing into it using the paths used for smuggling weapons which he new well, and from there he traveled to Libya and returned to Tunisia in 2013. 


Abu Qussai concluded the interview by advising Arab and Tunisian youths to not risk their lives and go to fight in Syria, because that brings about the ruination of Arab countries and will leave a psychological and social toll on these youths. 






TBB [Turkish Medical Association] worried about PM [Prime Minister] Erdogan’s emotional well-being [Excerpts] 



16 March 2014 /ANKARA 







“Under normal circumstances, no one would make two families who lost their children confront each other. 


Under normal circumstances, no one would call a 15-year-old boy who was shot in the head by a police officer and who died after struggling for his life for 269 days a terrorist. 


Under normal circumstances, no one would define marbles placed on the grave of a boy who loved games as ‘iron balls.’ 


Under normal circumstances, no one would make participants at an election rally jeer at a mother who buried her son only two days ago. 


We are doctors.  We can accurately assess the emotional well-being of a person, and we are worried about the emotional well-being of Prime Minister Erdoğan. 


We are terribly worried.  We are worried for him, his family and the entire country. 


And we would like to share our worry with the public.”












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