March 15, 2014


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Mar 14, 7:40 AM EDT



“We are Ukrainian nationalists. A nationalist is a person who is ready to sacrifice their time, their freedom and even their life for the sake of Ukraine and Ukrainians,” Andriy Tarasenko, a top member of the group [Right Sector] told the AP in an interview. “If Ukraine is not for Ukrainians, then who is it for?”

Tarasenko hastened to add that all other ethnic groups living in Ukraine, such as ethnic Russians or Jews, should enjoy the same rights as Ukrainians. He and other members also deny that some of the group’s symbols harken back to the swastika.

At the same time, he described ethnic Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars as *the* only indigenous people of Ukraine.

“They don’t have a land of their own anywhere else. All other states have their mother countries, states that must care about their people. The French have France to care about them; the Irish, Ireland,” Tarasenko said.

“It is normal and in the same way Ukraine must take care of Ukrainians. No one else in the world will do that.”

[ Recommended background reading re Ukraine:


John S Reshetar. The Ukrainian Revolution, 1917-1920: A Study In Nationalism. Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 1952.


Peter J Potichnyi and Yevhen Shtendera, Editors. Political Thought of the Ukrainian Underground 1943-1951. Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies. University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 1986.

Especially the Introduction, pages xi – xxix. ]

Mar 14, 9:28 AM EDT



The death of Raed Zueter, a Jordanian magistrate of Palestinian descent, has caused an uproar in Jordan, triggering street protests and calls in parliament to annul the 1994 peace agreement with Israel.

Telephone conversation with President of Iran Hassan Rouhani

14 March 2014, 00:05


Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Hassan Rouhani on the Iranian side’s initiative.

The leaders discussed a number of current issues on the bilateral and international agenda. They confirmed their wish to increase mutual cooperation, consistently implementing coordinated projects and agreements.

During an exchange of views on the Iranian nuclear programme, the President of Russia spoke highly of Tehran’s constructive approach at Sextet negotiations.

On Hassan Rouhani’s request, Vladimir Putin gave an assessment of the critical situation unfolding in Ukraine. In particular, the President of Russia stressed that the crisis can only be settled on the basis of unconditional respect for the interests and expressed desires of the multi-ethnic population of *all* regions in Ukraine.

The two sides agreed to continue an active bilateral dialogue on international and regional issues, including preparations for the next Caspian Summit.

Russian [New Russian Empire] prosecutors initiate criminal proceedings against several members of UNA-UNSO [Excerpt]

March 14, 17:24 UTC+4


Russia [The New Russian Empire] has initiated criminal proceedings against Ukrainians Oleh Tyahnybok, Dmytro Yarosh and other members of UNA-UNSO (Ukrainian National Assembly- Ukrainian National Self-Defense Organisation), Vladimir Markin, spokesperson for the Russian Investigative Committee, told Itar-Tass on Friday.

[ SEE:



Information Minister: It’s not Brahimi’s mission to talk about election in Syria[n Arab Republic]

Mar 14, 2014


Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi said the UN Envoy Lakhdar Brahimi is not authorized to talk about presidential election in Syria as this is not part of his tasks.

Speaking to the Syrian Satellite TV channel on Friday, al-Zoubi said Brahimi’s talk on linking presidential election in Syria with Geneva talks and negotiating with some parties of the “opposition” abroad is not part of his mission as an international mediator.

“It’s not Brahimi’s mission to discuss sovereign issues related to the Syrian domestic affair,” al-Zoubi told the Syrian TV by phone, stressing that the UN Charter and the nature of Brahimi’s mission in the first place do not allow discussing issues that are at the core of internal affairs of countries.

“I believe Brahimi, by his talk, has overstepped his missions and powers, and he is not authorized to such talk *unless that authorization falls under expressing the U.S. [World Tyrant] policy towards Syria and the way he previously played his role in many stages,” the Minister added.

He reiterated that it’s not Brahimi’s mission to carry out the U.S. [World Tyrant] policy in Syria, stressing that the decision to hold an election is up to the Syrian authorities according to the constitution.

Al-Zoubi affirmed that no one, even in the Syrian government, can disrupt a constitutional event within the time limits and constitutional texts, “and how for Brahimi, who is not Syrian and neither commissioned with that nor even concerned”.

The Minister added that Brahimi’s attempt to connect the issue of elections with the negotiations and his talk that the “opposition” would no longer be interested in talking with the government in case an election was held, “is not our business or concern” but that of the “opposition”.

Al-Zoubi lashed out at the international envoy for he seemed to have “forgotten Geneva Communique and where talk about the constitutional issue came”, adding that Brahimi has forgotten that his mission “is to sponsor negotiations between two sides, one of which is the Syrian government whose existence and legitimacy was based on the first place on the Syrian constitution”.

The Minister said he believes that Brahimi’s update to the Security Council was exploited in favor of expressing a U.S. [World Tyrant] agenda with regard to this issue.

“Brahimi should, *if* he really wants to remain a mediator and Geneva conference missions to succeed and stay committed to his role as an international mediator, reread Geneva Communique and respect his role so as to be able to go on with it,” said al-Zoubi.

He reiterated that Brahimi is demanded to be a “fair and neutral” mediator.

Al-Zoubi pointed out that Brahimi’s statements are concordant with the language which the “Coalition” delegation proposed in Geneva 2 talks and with the U.S. [World Tyrant] policy stated by more than one U.S. [World Tyrant] official over the past years.

He reaffirmed that Brahimi’s mission is specific as he, as a mediator, should work to bring closer viewpoints and try to find common points and not impose his own opinion or language.

Brahimi also should not seem to be representing another state like the US [The World Tyrant] or standing for one of the two parties and recalling what the “opposition” said in Geneva, al-Zoubi noted.

“Neither Brahimi nor *any* government, state or party have the right to interfere in the Syrian internal affair,” he added.


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