August 10, 2013


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08 10 13 Superpower Death Watch
















Eight British [occupation] police officers hurt in Northern Ireland sectarian [Irish nationalism] violence




BELFAST | Fri Aug 9, 2013 5:44am EDT












The violence [the resistance] began on Thursday night and centered around a bonfire in the Divis Street area…of Belfast




The bonfire was held to mark the anniversary of the 1971 introduction of *internment without trial* by British [occupation] authorities during Northern Ireland’s so-called “Troubles” [= Resistance to Brit occupation].




At that time, [Brit occupation] soldiers swept into Catholic districts and arrested *more than 340 people* as the British [occupation] government sought to halt growing Irish Republican Army (IRA) violence [resistance] aimed at extinguishing rule from London [= establishing all-Ireland independence].










In North Asia, a growing crisis of confidence in nuclear power




TAIPEI/TOKYO | Fri Aug 9, 2013 4:20am EDT










North Asia ?


A World Tyrant invention, as though Taiwan were not a province of the People’s Republic of China.














Taiwan’s government watchdog, the Control Yuan, has said The First Nuclear Power Plant, located at Shihmen in a remote northern coastal location but not far from densely populated Taipei, has been leaking toxic water from storage pools of two reactors.




The Control Yuan said there had been a catalogue of errors, including a lack of a proper plan for how to handle spent nuclear materials, and did not believe the explanations from Taipower [Taiwan Power Co…., which operates the island’s nuclear power plants].




“The company has yet to clearly establish the reason for the water leak,” it said.




Taiwanese activists have seized on the 2011 meltdown of Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant to push for a stop to nuclear power on the island.




Highly radioactive water from the Fukushima plant is pouring out at a rate of 300 tons a day, officials said this week




The revelation amounted to an acknowledgement that plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co (Tepco) has yet to come to grips with the scale of the catastrophe, 2 1/2 years after the earthquake and tsunami.  Tepco only recently admitted water had leaked at all.








Earthquake and tsunami ?








Unexpected results: earthquake and tsunami




Expected cover story: Earthquake! Tsunami! Not Us!!










Anti-[Imperial] India protests erupt in Kashmir




Aug 9, 7:28 AM EDT












Anti-[Imperial] India feelings run deep in Kashmir, where about a dozen [Kashmiri] rebel groups have been fighting against [Imperial] Indian rule *since 1989*.  More than 65,000 people, mostly {Kashmiri] civilians, have been killed [by Imperial Indian occupation troops].




The [Kashmiri] rebel groups have largely been suppressed by [Imperial] Indian [occupation] troops in recent years, and *resistance* is now principally expressed through street protests.




[Imperial] Indian [occupation] forces…used tear gas and pellet guns to quell thousands of stone-throwing [Kashmiri] protesters who took to the streets after the special Eid prayers in Srinagar.




Dozens of protesters, [Imperial Indian] police and paramilitary officers were injured in the clashes




The protesters chanted “We Want Freedom,” and “Down with [Imperial] India” as they marched through the streets of Srinagar.




The injured included 19 [Imperial Indian occupation] police and paramilitary soldiers, said Kishore Prasad, a spokesman for the [Imperial Indian] Central Reserve Police force.








[Ali Hosseini Khamenei’s] Sermons during Eid ul-Fitr Prayers














However in countries which are located around us –countries in West Asia and North Africa– the events that are taking place are not happy events.  Rather, they are worrying events.








One event is the event of the oppressed Palestine. After the passage of 65 years since the official occupation of Palestine, this oppressed nation continues to suffer from oppression and cruelty on a daily basis.  Houses are destroyed, innocent people are arrested, children are separated from their parents and prisons are filled with people who are innocent or who have served their prison terms.  What is distressing is that western powers [The World Tyrant/NATO] support these criminals with all their power.




One of *the disasters of today’s world* is that an act of clear oppression, which is a combination of tens and hundreds of oppressive acts, is supported by *those who claim they support human rights and democracy and who chant beautiful and colorful slogans, but who support criminals in practice*.




Now, a number of negotiations have begun again between the self-governing government of Palestine and the [Puppet Israel] Zionists.  These negotiations will definitely not produce any results other than what happened during previous negotiations in which




Palestinians gave up their rights and




encouraged the transgressors to transgress more and




stop the lawful political activities of the people of Palestine.




They destroy houses, build unlawful buildings for the people who have occupied Palestine and then they say that they are negotiating.  Now, they have announced that negotiations will be conducted in secret.  The way global arrogance [The World Tyrant] cooks these negotiations will definitely be to the disadvantage of the Palestinians.




We believe that the world of Islam should not back down on the issue of Palestine and it should condemn the usurping act of the predatory and wolf-like [Puppet Israel] Zionists and their international supporters [The World Tyrant/NATO].




It should not let these negotiations which are conducted with the so-called mediation of America [The World Tyrant] lead to




more oppression against the people of Palestine and




to the isolation of Muslim Palestinian fighters.






In fact, America [The World Tyrant] is not a mediator.  Rather, the Americans themselves [the World Tyrant ubermenschen] are one side of these negotiations and they are on the side of the usurpers of Palestine, the [Puppet Israel] Zionists.






Another issue is the issue of Egypt.  We are concerned about what is happening in Egypt.  Considering the things that are being done in this country, the idea that a civil war may break out in Egypt is gaining strength on a daily basis and this is a disaster.




It is necessary for the great people of Egypt and political, scientific and religious personalities in this country to take a look at the current situation and see what catastrophic consequences this situation may have.  They should see the current situation in Syria.  They should see the consequences of the presence of western and Zionist [World Tyrant/NATO and Puppet Israel] mercenaries and terrorists wherever they are active.  They should see these dangers.  Democracy should receive attention.  The killing of people is vigorously condemned by Muslims.  Using the language of violence and bullying by different groups of people [primarily, the Muslim Brotherhood] is absolutely useless and it will cause great harm.


The intervention of foreign powers –the way it is witnessed in the present time [since the demise of the REAL Soviet Union (1917 – 1956)]– will produce nothing except for loss and harm.




The problems of Egypt should be solved by the people of Egypt and the outstanding personalities of Egypt.  They should think about the catastrophic and dangerous consequences of this situation.  If, God forbid, there is mayhem and if, God forbid, a civil war breaks out, what can then preclude this?  In such conditions, there will be excuse for the intervention of superpowers [The World Tyrant and The New Russian Empire] which are the greatest disaster for any country and nation.  We are concerned. We would like to offer a brotherly piece of advice to outstanding Egyptian personalities, the people of Egypt, political and religious groups and religious scholars.  *They should think of a solution on their own and adopt this solution on their own*.  They should not allow foreigners and powers –whose intelligence services have, most likely, played a role in creating this situation– to make more interventions.






Another issue is the issue of Iraq.  In Iraq, a democratic administration and government has come to power with the votes of the people.




Because superpowers and the reactionary forces of the region are unhappy about this situation, they do not want to let the people of Iraq feel comfort.  These explosions, these killings and these criminal and terrorist activities result from the assistance and financial, political and arms support of a number of regional and ultra-regional [The World Tyrant and The New Russian Empire] powers which do not want to let the Iraqi nation live its life the way it wants.




It is necessary for Iraqi politicians and officials, Iraqi groups, Shia and Sunni Muslims, Arabs and Kurds to take a look at the situation which exists in a number of other countries.  They should notice that the consequences of civil wars and domestic conflicts, which destroy the infrastructures of any country, ruin the future of any nation.  In all these events, the [World Tyrant’s Puppet Israel] Zionist regime and usurpers sit and watch this situation with satisfaction and they feel comfort.




Should this be allowed to continue?


























America died




AUGUST 6, 1945




while giving birth to








which immediately began writing –in blood– its








Asterisks indicate my emphasis.






Eight British [occupation] police officers hurt in Northern Ireland sectarian [Irish nationalism] violence






In North Asia, a growing crisis of confidence in nuclear power  +  North Asia ? / A World Tyrant invention, as though Taiwan were not a province of the People’s Republic of China.




3 Anti-[Imperial] India protests erupt in Kashmir




4 [Ali Hosseini Khamenei’s] Sermons during Eid ul-Fitr Prayers / re: Palestine, Egypt, Iraq



















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