July 10, 2013


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07 10 13 Superpower Death Watch












19 US [World Tyrant] terrorists killed; 4 tanks eliminated in Ghazni




Tuesday, 09 July 2013 14:28








A series of Mujahideen  bombing and direct shooting attacks killed as many as 19 American [World Tyrant] invading troops and wounded dozens more in Ghazni city, the capital of the province with the same name on Monday.




According to the details, the US [World Tyrant] convoy of military tanks and vehicles supported by aerial aid were attempting to plot a ground offensive against Mujahideen but their convoy met Mujahideen bombings, surprise attacks and ambushes through much of the day, sparking a four-hour long firefight in which four huge armored personnel carriers were destroyed in addition to the mentioned number of the terrorist troops killed and wounded.  Three Mujahideen were, too, martyred during the clashes.




The enemy, however, bombed the area heavily but it caused the civilians no losses of life and injury except for damaging their orchards and fields.








Mujahideen = troops of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan










Egypt’s constitutional declaration issued, defines transitional period




Ahram Online, Monday 8 Jul 2013








Egypt’s interim president Adly Mansour has issued the anticipated constitutional declaration that will remain effective until the end of the ongoing transitional period, which will last for least six months according to the declaration.




The transitional period has started upon issuing of the constitutional declaration and ends after the presidential elections, due next year. Parliamentary elections should take place during the transitional period before the presidential polls.




The declaration, which was announced late Monday, consists of 33 articles. It will be automatically canceled when an amended version of the suspended constitution is approved in a referendum.




President’s authorities




According to the temporary charter, the president holds legislative authorities along with the cabinet that shall have a mandatory consultative role.




Legislative authority will be transferred to the parliament


s lower chamber, the House of Representatives, which has yet to be elected.




The president is also entitled to approve state policy and budget, and also declare a state of emergency after the approval of Cabinet, which is yet to be formed, and in accordance to the law.




A state of emergency, according to the constitutional declaration, can only be implemented for three months and extended for a similar period upon public approval through a national referendum.




2012 constitution




Moreover, the constitutional declaration stipulates that the president is to form within 15 days a committee to amend the frozen 2012 constitution. The committee is given a month-long period to wrap up the amendments.




The committee is to consist of two members of the High Constitutional Court, two judges, two members of State Council, and four constitutional law professors from Egyptian universities.




Members of the committee will be chosen by the respective judicial bodies, the constitutional declaration stipulates, while Egypt’s Supreme Council of Universities is to assign the constitutional law professors.




The committee tasked with amending the 2012 constitution shall refer the amendments to another committee formed of 50 members, who shall represent all layers of society.




Members of the second committees will represent political parties, intellectuals, workers, farmers, syndicates, national councils, Al-Azhar, Egyptian Church, armed forces, and police, in addition to other public figures.  Ten youth and women should be among the members.




Most members will also be chosen by their respective bodies while the Cabinet will choose the public figures of the committee, which is to come up with the final draft of the constitution within 60 days.  The final draft should be up for public debate within the same period.




The president is to later put the amended version of the constitution to a national referendum within 30 days from receiving the final draft.  It will be effective upon public approval.




The 2012 constitution was suspended as part of the Egyptian armed forces’ roadmap for Egypt


s future, which saw former president Mohamed Morsi ousted on 3 July following mass protests across the nation against him.




Egypt’s non-Islamist political forces have repeatedly argued the suspended constitution was not representative of all layers of society and limiting many freedoms, blaming the majority Islamist members of the outgoing constituent assembly for ignoring their recommendations.




Further articles




The declaration states that the Arab Republic of Egypt is a democratic system based on citizenship, Islam is the religion of the state, Arabic is its official language and the principles of Sharia law derived from established Sunni canons is its main source of legislation.




The people are the source of all authority.  Its economic system is based on social justice.  People are equal in front of the law, have equal rights and duties and are treated without discrimination based on gender, language, religion or faith, and the state guarantees equal opportunities.




A citizen’s privacy is protected by law. *Communications cannot be confiscated or monitored except by a court order and for a limited period of time*.




Personal freedoms are guaranteed.  No one can be arrested, searched or detained except by a court or prosecution order and according to the law.




Freedom of expression is guaranteed. A person can say, write, film or use any other method of self-expression within the limits of the law.  The state guarantees the right to religious practice of the three Abrahamic religions.




Freedom of the press is guaranteed and censorship is prohibited except in cases of emergency or war when limited censorship may be applied to issues of national security and only in accordance with the law.




Citizens have the right to assemble and demonstrate peacefully and unarmed in accordance with the law.




Citizens can establish organisations, syndicates, unions and parties in accordance with the law.  It is prohibited to form organisations which engage in activities that are against society


s system or are secret or of a military nature.




Political parties cannot be based on gender, race or religion.  Parties cannot be dissolved except by a court order.




Public property has a sanctity which citizens have a duty to protect in accordance with the law.  Private property is guaranteed and cannot be confiscated except for public benefit and with compensation in accordance with the law.




Any violation of personal freedoms is *a crime that does not expire* and the state has a responsibility to compensate victims.  No citizen can be exiled or banned from entering the country.




Defending the state is a sacred responsibility.  Military service is compulsory in accordance with the law.  Protection of the homeland and maintaining its secrets is a duty.




No punishment can be applied except in accordance with the law and by a court order.




Law is the main basis for governing.  The constitutional declaration guarantees the independence of the judiciary.




The military’s judiciary is independent and is the only body that can rule in cases related to the armed forces and its personnel, and the law dictates its other authorities.




The National Defence Council is headed by the president and is responsible for security, discussing the budget of the armed forces and any laws related to the armed forces.










Liberal economist Hazem El-Beblawi appointed new Egyptian PM




Ahram Online, Tuesday 9 Jul 2013










Egypt’s interim president Adly Mansour has assigned prominent liberal economist Hazem El-Beblawi to top the administration that will be in charge of Egypt’s upcoming transitional period.




El-Beblawi, a former finance minister, was not the first choice of the parties involved in the political process sponsored by the Egyptian Armed Forces following the ouster last week of former president Mohamed Morsi.




Most of the parties involved in the talks had preferred Mohamed ElBaradei for the premiership, who would have been appointed PM last Saturday were it not for the objections of the Salafist Nour Party.




Elbaradei had been backed by the anti-Morsi Rebel campaign and other “revolutionary” youth groups and parties.




Ziad Bahaa El-Din, liberal lawyer and co-founder of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, was also floated for the position, but the ultra-conservative Nour Party also rejected his candidacy.




Soon afterward, economist Samir Radwan, a former finance minister, was announced as a potential prime minister.




It was El-Beblawi, however, who was soon after formally declared premier.




The appointment came soon after interim president Mansour issued a new constitutional declaration granting him [Mansour] legislative authority.




The constitutional declaration lays out the political roadmap that both Mansour and El-Beblawi will be expected to follow in the upcoming period.




El-Beblawi, also a co-founder of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, served as undersecretary-general at the UN between 1995 and 2000.  He was minister of finance in Essam Sharaf’s cabinet from July to October 2011 during Egypt’s post-revolution army-administered transitional phase.




He resigned in October 2011 to object to clashes in Cairo’s Maspero district between military police and Coptic protesters in which 28 of the latter were killed.










Edward Snowden Interview: The NSA and Its Willing Helpers




July 08, 2013


03:34 PM









Part 2: ‘US [World Tyrant] Multinationals Should Not Be Trusted’




July 08, 2013


03:34 PM







Interviewer: What is the mission of America’s [The World Tyrant’s] National Security Agency (NSA) –and how is the job it does compatible with the rule of law?




Snowden: They’re tasked to know everything of importance that happens outside of the United States [The World Tyrant].  That’s a significant challenge.  *When it is made to appear as though not knowing everything about everyone is an existential crisis, then you feel that bending the rules is okay*.  Once people hate you for bending those rules, breaking them becomes a matter of survival.




Interviewer: Are German authorities or German politicians involved in the NSA surveillance system?




Snowden: Yes, of course.  We’re in bed together with the Germans the same as with most other Western countries. For example, we tip them off when someone we want is flying through their airports (that we for example, have learned from the cell phone of a suspected hacker’s girlfriend in a totally unrelated third country –and they hand them over to us. They don’t ask to justify how we know something, and vice versa, to insulate their political leaders from the backlash of knowing how grievously they’re violating global privacy.




Interviewer: But if details about this system are now exposed, who will be charged?




Snowden: In front of US [World Tyrant] courts?  I’m not sure if you’re serious.  An investigation found the specific people who authorized the warrantless wiretapping of millions and millions of communications, which per count would have resulted in the longest sentences in world history, and our *highest official* simply demanded the investigation be halted.  Who “can” be brought up on charges is immaterial when the rule of law is not respected.  *Laws are meant for you, not for them*.




Interviewer: Does the NSA partner with other nations, like [Puppet] Israel?




Snowden: Yes.  All the time.  The NSA has a massive body responsible for this: FAD, the Foreign Affairs Directorate.




Interviewer: Did the NSA help to create Stuxnet? (Stuxnet is the computer worm that was deployed against the Iranian nuclear program.)




Snowden: NSA and [Puppet] Israel co-wrote it.






[ There’s lots more. ]






























America died




AUGUST 6, 1945




while giving birth to








which immediately began writing –in blood– its








Asterisks indicate my emphasis.






19 US [World Tyrant] terrorists killed; 4 tanks eliminated in Ghazni






Egypt’s constitutional declaration issued, defines transitional period




3 Liberal economist Hazem El-Beblawi appointed new Egyptian PM




4 Edward Snowden Interview: The NSA and Its Willing Helpers  &  Part 2: ‘US Multinationals Should Not Be Trusted’



















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