July 3, 2013


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07 03 13 Superpower Death Watch












News conference following the working meeting of the *Gas* Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) summit




July 1, 2013, 19:00 The Kremlin, Moscow










QUESTION: And if you will allow me, Mr President, one more question, a topical, political one.  We hear a lot about the scandal: the fact that US [World Tyrant] agencies were bugging European embassies and offices in the United States.




VLADIMIR PUTIN: What does gas have to do with it?




QUESTION: This is the second question.  In this regard, it is curious that nothing has come to light about American [World Tyrant] special services bugging Russia


s diplomatic missions.  By the way, it would be interesting to know how is this work being organized in Russia, whats the situation with tapping and bugging foreign diplomatic missions?




VLADIMIR PUTIN: The second question was about spying and tapping.  The fact that allies listen in on each other is none of our business.  Let them do what they want.  From what I understand, this information comes from Mr [Edward] Snowden and it contains nothing about trying to listen in on Russia


s official representative offices, though I would not rule out such possibility.  And we have had a wide variety of evidence pointing in this direction, but I do not want to delve into it now.  This is something for experts to assess.  But in general we have no reliable information about who has been spying on whom, and on what grounds.




The US [World Tyrant] special services are global in nature and operate globally.  They have their own departmental interests. Lawyers have the concept of the excessive act: you ask someone to spy and they start eavesdropping; you send them to eavesdrop and they start spying.  So let our colleagues work it out amongst themselves who is right, who is wrong, and how to deal with it.




QUESTION: Do you think that Mr Snowden will fly away with one of the delegates from this meeting?




VLADIMIR PUTIN: You have to ask the delegates, I don


t know.  I want to emphasise (we can never get away from this topic, it seems) that Mr Snowden is not our agent, never was, and isnt today.  Our special services have never worked with him and are not doing so now.  And he no longer sees himself as a former intelligence officer, but rather as a human rights activist, and to some extent a new dissident similar to [Soviet-era dissident Andrei] Sakharov.  On a different scale, of course, but *he is essentially a fighter for human rights, and for democracy*.




You know, our human rights organisations have spoken to this issue, and they believe it is impossible to extradite him to a country that uses the death penalty.  But this is a separate issue; I think that first and foremost we have to leave it to professionals.  I don


t know anything about Mr Snowdens possible departure with a delegation.




QUESTION: I would like to continue on the Snowden topic.


You mentioned that Snowden is a free man, but along with this he has no documents…




VLADIMIR PUTIN: I did not check.




QUESTION: … that allow him to move freely.  What are the conditions that must occur before Russia would extradite Snowden to the United States?




VLADIMIR PUTIN: Russia never gives anyone up and doesn


t plan to give anyone up.  And no one has ever given us anyone. You probably know this very well. At best, we exchanged our foreign intelligence agents with those who were arrested, detained and convicted by a Russian Federation court.




With regard to Mr Snowden, let me repeat that he is not our agent, nor is he cooperating with us.  I am telling you responsibly that he is not cooperating with us today; we are not working with him.  *He considers himself a human rights activist and in this regard, he is a free man*.




If he wants to go somewhere and someone will take him, go ahead.  If he wants to stay here, there is one condition: he must stop his work aimed at harming our American [World Tyrant] partners, as strange as that sounds coming from my lips.  But precisely because of the fact that *he considers himself a human rights activist and campaigner for human rights*, he is unlikely to stop that work.  So he has to choose a destination country and go there.  When that will happen, unfortunately, I do not know.  If I knew, I would have absolutely told you now.






[ Why is it that Pantocles Putin praises Edward Snowden as *essentially a fighter for human rights, and for democracy* ?  Read on. ]








The Superpower And Its Murder Of The Rosenbergs
















Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with armed forces commanders during his visit to the Tamanskaya Brigade

22 february 2012 15:52


http://premier.gov.ru/eng/events/news/18228  [ U now get 404 Not Found.  In lieu of that:






I have already said this and will repeat it for this audience.  At one time when the United States already had nuclear weapons and the Soviet Union was only intensively developing them, we received much information from our foreign intelligence service.

This information was not in microfilm [<] but in suitcases.  There were literally whole suitcases of this information.

Moreover, there was a moment…  Niels Bohr, a theorist, a scientist from Denmark, was the founding father, of course.  When our scientists led by our famous academicians failed to complete the calculations, they sent a young, an unknown specialist to an international conference.  He told Bohr bluntly: “Well, we are trying to calculate but don


t get the correct result.” He helped the young guy to complete the calculation.  Our specialist asked him another question: “And how is this transformed into a charge?” Bohr replied: You are taking it too far.  This question is not for me.”  And, indeed, this question was not within his competence –other scientists were working on it.

Americans gathered an international group that included the designers of the first German missiles seized in Germany.  What was his name?  I think Werner von Braun. We also took with us several German specialists.  [Igor] Kurchatov was in charge of all these developments.

Why am I telling you all this?  Because I have the impression that the worlds best scientists that were gathered in America deliberately transferred to us the information on the atomic bomb.  Our scientists led by Kurchatov would have developed it anyway but the work would have taken longer and been more expensive.

They deliberately leaked this information to us because atomic bombs had already been dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and scientists -the intellectual elite of that time-realised what unilateral possession of such weapons could lead to.  They wanted the world to have some balance.






Page 447 of Margaret Gowing’s *Britain And Atomic Energy 1939-1945.*  NY: St Martins’ Press.  Reprint 1965.  See pp 346-366.


The [Bohr] suggestion that the world should be informed regarding tube alloys [the atomic bomb program], with a view to an international agreement regarding its control and use, is not accepted.  The matter should continue to be regarded as of the utmost secrecy; but when a ‘bomb’ is finally availabe, it might perhaps, after mature consideration, be used against the Japanese, who should be warned that this bombardment will be repeated until they surrender.

2. Full collaboration between the United States and the British Government in developing tube alloys for military and commercial purposes should continue after the defeat of Japan unless and until terminated by joint agreement.

3. Enquiries should be made regardng the activities of Professor Bohr and steps taken to ensure that he is responsible for no leakage of information particularly to the Russians.




Pages 323, 324 of Manjit Kumar’s *Quantum: Einstein, Bohr And The Great Debate About The Nature Of Reality*  NY: W W Norton.  Paperback 2011.


“He [Albert Einstein] was never asked to work on the atomic bomb, Bohr was.  On 22 December 1943 [<] he stopped off at Princeton on his way to Los Alamos in New Mexico, where the bomb was being built.”  “…after his fleeting visit to Princeton he worked on the atomic bomb under the alias ‘Nicholas Baker.'”




Pages 1644, 1645 of Stenographer’s Minutes, United States District Court, Southern District of New York, United States of America vs. Julius Rosenberg, Ethel Rosenberg [and others], 1951.







Now, there has been testimony here that you told Dave Greenglass at some time –and I don’t know just when but at any rate there has been testimony that you disclosed to him [Greenglass] the method by which you communicated with the Russians and that you said you used to communicate with him [the Russians] through a moving piture theater where there was an alcove and certain microfilms [<] was left in the alcove and they [the Russians] would pick it up or you would pick it up –in substance, something about a motion picture alcove where information was transmitted.

Did you ever have any such conversation?


I didn’t have any such conversation.






Has Washington


s Arrogance Undone Its Empire?



  Paul Craig Roberts




07 01 13








No one likes a bully, and Washington


s NATO puppets have been bullied for six decades.  British prime ministers, German chancellors, and French presidents have to salute and say “yes sir.”




They all hate it, but they love Washington


s money; so they prostitute themselves and their countries for Washingtons money.




The British seem content in their role as Washington


s favorite lackey, but France and Germany have not enjoyed that role.  France’s last real leader, General DeGaul, would have nothing to do with it and refused to join NATO.  Germany, dismembered with East Germany occupied by the Soviets, had no choice.  Germans’gratitude to President Reagan for their unification resulted in re-unified Germany falling under Washington’s hegemony.




However, if news reports from Berlin are true, Germany has had enough.  The catalyst was Edward Snowden’s revelations that Washington spies on everyone including its allies, both Germany and the EU in particular.  Moreover, Washington uses Britain as the Trojan Horse within the EU as a backup spy in case NSA misses something.




Why would the French president and the German justice minister think any reassurance from Washington meant anything?  When in human memory has Washington told the truth about anything? 




If thermo-nuclear war is to be avoided and life is to continue on earth, Europe must disband NATO.  The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was formed in the aftermath of World War II.  Its purpose was to prevent the powerful Red Army, which defeated Nazi Germany, from overrunning all of Western Europe.




The Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, 22 years ago.  Yet, NATO still exists.  Moreover, against President Reagan


s intentions, NATO has grown.
























America died




AUGUST 6, 1945




while giving birth to








which immediately began writing –in blood– its








Asterisks indicate my emphasis.






News conference following the working meeting of the *Gas* Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) summit






The Superpower And Its Murder Of The Rosenbergs / 2/26/12






Has Washington


s Arrogance Undone Its Empire? /

©  Paul Craig Roberts



















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