June 24, 2013


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06 24 13 Superpower Death Watch
















AP CEO [Gary Pruitt] addresses phone records seizure and safeguards [in his Address to the National Press Club]
June 19, 2013












The following five measures are imperative to give meaning to the powers spelled out in the First Amendment.  This would have given AP the chance to point out the many failings of the subpoena.  We believe notice was required under existing regulations; if the DOJ sees it differently, then the regulations must be strengthened to remove any doubt.




First: We want the Department of Justice to recognize the right of the press to *advance notice* and a chance to be heard before its records are taken by the government.




Second: We want *judicial oversight*.  We need to ensure that proper checks and balances are maintained.  In the AP phone records case, the Justice Department determined, on its own, that advance notice could be skipped, with no checks from any other branch of government.  Denying constitutional rights by executive fiat is not how this government should work.


Third: We want the *DOJ guidelines updated* to bring them into the 21st century.  The guidelines were created before the Internet era.  They didn’t foresee emails or text messages.  The guidelines need to ensure that the protections afforded journalists from the forced disclosure of information encompass *all* forms of communication.


Fourth: We want a *federal shield law* enacted with teeth in it that will protect reporters from such unilateral and secret government action.




Fifth: We want the Department to institutionalize formally what Attorney General Holder has said publicly: that *the Justice Department will not prosecute any reporter for doing his or her job*. The Department should not criminalize –or threaten to criminalize– journalists for doing their jobs, such as by calling them co-conspirators under the Espionage Act, as they did Fox reporter James Rosen. This needs to be part of *an established directive*, not only limited to the current administration.






[ Please read the whole speech.  It throws needed light on the fix we’re in. ]








Basij Commander: Syrian Crisis to End with [Puppet] Israel’s Collapse


Sun Jun 23, 2013 1:42










Commander of Iran’s Basij (volunteer) Force Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqdi underlined that the current crisis in Syria will terminate with the collapse of the Zionist [Puppet Israel] regime.




“The end of (crisis in) Syria will lead to the collapse of the Zionist [Puppet Israel] regime,” Naqdi said in the Northern province of Golestan on Saturday night.








From 05 31 13 Superpower Death Watch






Note: Considering that (1) there are “hundreds of thousands of Syrian troops”; (2) these troops are ideologically aroused; (3) these troops are trained and retrained daily by fresh experiences; (4) “there is clear popular pressure to open the Golan front to resistance” and (5) “[t]his enthusiasm is also on the [pan] Arab level” –considering these and other factors, The World Tyrant may awake soon to find –poof!– its Puppet Israel has ceased to be.










Remarks of Spokesman of Islamic Emirate [of Afghanistan] concerning report by ‘Asharq Al-Awsat’ newspaper


Details Created on Sunday, 23 June 2013 11:55








Yesterday on the 21/06/2013, Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper published a report regarding the use of the name and flag of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan on its political office in Qatar.




The said report quotes the U.S Secretary of State John Kerry as saying that they [The World Tyrant] had signed an agreement with the leaders of Islamic Emirate regarding the use of flag and name ‘Political office of The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’ on their political office




while in reality, *no such agreement has been signed nor does such an agreement exist*




although documents have been exchanged between the Islamic Emirate and the Qatari government regarding conditions of the office.




The raising of the flag and the use of the name of Islamic Emirate were done with the agreement of the Qatari government.




The statement [of the World Tyrant] which states that by using the name and raising the flag, the Islamic Emirate somehow violated an agreement,




then *this allegation is completely false*




while the discord which arose due to panic by the [puppet] Kabul administration is not related to the Islamic Emirate.




The spokesman of political office of Islamic Emirate in Qatar




Dr. Muhammad Naeem








Ron Paul: Obama’s Syria Policy Looks a Lot Like Bush’s Iraq Policy


June 17, 2013












The Washington Post reported this week that the decision to overtly arm the Syrian rebels was made “weeks ago” –in other words, it was made at a time when the intelligence community did not believe “with high confidence” that the Syrian government had used chemical weapons.




Further, this plan to transfer weapons to the Syrian rebels had become policy much earlier than that, as the Washington Post reported that the CIA had expanded over the past year its secret bases in Jordan to prepare for the transfer of weapons to the rebels in Syria.




The process was identical to the massive deception campaign that led us into the Iraq war.  Remember the famous quote from the leaked “Downing Street Memo,” where representatives of British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s administration discussed Washington’s push for war on Iraq?




Here the head of British intelligence was reporting back to his government after a trip to Washington in the summer of 2002: “Military action was now seen as inevitable.  Bush wanted to remove Saddam, through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD.  But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy.”




That is exactly what the Obama Administration is doing with Syria: fixing the intelligence and facts around the *already determined* policy.




And Congress just goes along, just as they did the last time.








[Pantocles Putin’s] News conference with Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel


June 21, 2013, 19:00 St Petersburg








[ continued from 06 23 13 Superpower Death Watch














ANGELA MERKEL (translated from Russian): On the matter of visiting the exhibition, the President and I agreed during our talks together that we’d happily visit this exhibition together with the press.  The matter is thus resolved.




Regarding the question on Syria and the conference on Syria, I think we should take the results of the G8’s work and make a real effort now to build the framework conditions for reaching the needed decisions.




We agreed at the G8 that many obstacles could come up that would make it hard to organise this conference, but if we all sign up to the idea and actually hold the conference, it might give us a small opportunity to get the political process started.




VLADIMIR PUTIN: Look at the situation today: there are problems in Iraq, even bigger problems in Libya, and problems in other countries in the region too.  Isn’t this already enough to prevent us from taking more hasty action?  Isn’t this enough to hold us back and teach us to be more cautious, give more thought to what we do, and base our action above all on what the people themselves want?




Let’s make a more thorough examination of the experience of these recent years and the consequences of our actions, and realise that these regions could turn into zones like the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan, which no one at all controls.  What will we do then?


We estimate that roughly 600 people from Russia and European countries are fighting on the side of the Syrian armed opposition.  Once these people get weapons in their hands, where will they go with them?  What will they do?  This is not games and jokes.  We need to be practical people here and take a pragmatic look at the problem.
























America died




AUGUST 6, 1945




while giving birth to








which immediately began writing –in blood– its








Asterisks indicate my emphasis.








AP CEO [Gary Pruitt] addresses phone records seizure and safeguards [in his Address to the National Press Club June 19, 2013]


2 Basij Commander: Syrian Crisis to End with [Puppet] Israel’s Collapse




3 Remarks of Spokesman of Islamic Emirate [of Afghanistan] concerning report by ‘Asharq Al-Awsat’ newspaper




4 Ron Paul: Obama’s Syria Policy Looks a Lot Like Bush’s Iraq Policy




5 [Pantocles Putin’s] News conference with Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel [continuation]















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