June 11, 2013


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06 11 13 Superpower Death Watch
















ITEM 1 ============================================












Following U.S. [World Tyrant] Power Politics Is Crime














To follow the U.S. [World Tyrant] high-handed politics is leading the world to crime and death. But not a small number of countries and even the nations [Capitalist China, The New Russian Empire] calling for international impartiality and justice are chiming in with it, for the mere imminent [immediate] interests.




We should not overlook the high-handed politics and tyranny of the U.S. [The World Tyrant] any longer.




The U.S. [World Tyrant] wild ambition to dominate the world remains unchanged.  It is proved well by its nuclear policy.




When the U.S. [The World Tyrant] succeeded in nuclear test in July 1945, the then President Truman raved that from now on the world will be under the jackboots of the United States [soon to become The World Tyrant August 6, 1945].




The U.S. [The World Tyrant] has made its appearance as “sole superpower” following the end of the Cold War [the collapse of the FAKE Soviet Union (1956-1991)].  Since then, its high-handedness has reached to the extreme pitch.




Bush I, ex-U.S.[World Tyrant] president, raved to the following effect: We must rule the world.  It is why ours is the only super-power with necessary means.




It is the silly talk of the fool obssessed by megalomania that no country could match the United States [The World Tyrant] with mighty military power.




In fact the balance of power was destroyed and the object for military race disappeared [the collapse of the FAKE Soviet Union (1956-1991)].  Taking advantage of this opportunity, the United States is behaving imprudently, putting forward the goal of making the world [a] unipolar one and americanizing it [= leading the world to crime and death].




What is more dangerous is that the U.S. [The World Tyrant] is usurping the United Nations and other international organizations as tools to realize its policies of aggression and war, interference in internal affairs of sovereign countries, sanctions and pressure.




It has been well known in the world [as] a fact that today the strong-arm politics and tyranny of the United States [The World Tyrant] are unprecedentedly aggravating confrontation and tension and creating confusion on the international arena.




Following the U.S. [World Tyrant] power politics is a dangerous act fanning the effort to turn the international relations into one of domination and subordination.




To blindly follow the brigandish high-handedness of the United States [The World Tyrant] is precisely [a] self-destruction act.




Even though the United States [The World Tyrant]  and some specific nations [Capitalist China, The New Russian Empire] adopt what they call resolutions with the power politics, it will by no means become righteous.  When the resolutions of the UNSC are devoid of impartiality, they will become unjust ones, which will be accused in the world as ones going against the trend of the times.




The only way to be taken by the progressives of the world who love justice and peace is to decisively frustrate the strong-arm politics of the United States [The World Tyrant].












May. 3, Juche 102 (2013) Friday














ITEM 2 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++












Edward Snowden: more conscientious objector than common thief














Edward Snowden is a very modern spy –neither gun-blazingly dashing nor cat-strokingly sinister. He is young, tech-savvy, quietly articulate and intensely interested in human rights.  His work did not involve high-speed car chases or elaborate gadgets –just a desk and a computer.  Using these simple tools he could spy on anyone, anywhere.




There are many people like him, and they are, on his account, potentially frightening figures.  “We hack everyone everywhere,” he told the Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald in the foreign hotel where he has taken refuge.  “I had the authorities to wiretap anyone –you, a federal judge, to even the president if I had a personal email.”  He describes a “horrifying” infrastructure where he and other analysts could intercept the vast majority of human communications around the world.




And now Edward Snowden has gone and blown it open –literally.  He has stepped out of the shadows and revealed himself to be the source of the Guardian’s string of recent disclosures of what the National Security Agency has been up to in recent years –some of it ostensibly legal.  He asserts that the NSA has routinely misled the people who are supposed to oversee its actions.  He is only too aware that he has himself broken the law by going public with his concerns and that the consequences could well be personally extremely uncomfortable.  His actions make him a different kind of frightening figure –to those whose methods he is now directly challenging.




The script for what happens next is, in a sense, routine.  It is certain that the US [World Tyrant] government and security agencies will pursue Snowden to the ends of the earth –appropriately, in his case, since he has taken himself off to Hong Kong.  But in other ways the usual processes are already wrong.  There is no need for a leaks inquiry: the source has outed himself.  And Snowden’s current location complicates [the] matter immensely for the US [World Tyrant] administration. He cannot easily be arrested, rendered and kept in solitary confinement –the fate of another young whistleblower, Bradley Manning, currently on trial and facing an eternity in prison.  Edward Snowden promises to be a much more complex problem.




It is doubtless futile to suggest that the US [World Tyrant] government holds off from its pursuit of Snowden.  The legal and diplomatic machinery is probably unstoppable.  The appropriate authorities will doubtless bear in mind the parallels with the last comparable attempt to prosecute such a high-profile whistleblower –Daniel Ellsberg, leaker of the Pentagon Papers, who also revealed his own actions.  His case, 40 years ago this year, was dismissed on grounds of government misconduct.




But it is not, we hope, ridiculous to suggest that both White House and Congress (and governments abroad, including in Westminster [Puppet UK]) take intense interest in what Snowden has to say.




President [Pantocles] Obama made much this week of the constitutional oversights of the intelligence infrastructure from both Congress and the courts —


even if the secret proceedings of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Courts offer limited comfort to the general public.  If this oversight is to be at all meaningful members of Congress ought to be seeking the earliest opportunity to learn what Snowden has to say –by video link, if necessary.  Snowden is self-evidently not a common thief.  He is more like a conscientious objector. It is not enough for Congress to outsource his interrogation to the FBI.  It is vital, above all, that elected representatives test the truth of what he is saying –and not simply the ones who, it seems all too possible, have been asleep while minding the shop.




































Sunday 9 June 2013 19.03 EDT
















ITEM 3 ____________________________________________








Martyr attack Kabul Airport; several dozen [foreign [World Tyrant/NATO] terrorist troops and puppets] killed














A martyr operation, latest in the series of attacks amid Operation Khalid bin Walid, struck Kabul International Airport today in Kabul city, the country


s capital, killing scores of foreign [World Tyrant/NATO] and internal [puppet] officials and troops and wounding many others.




A unit of 6 martyrdom-seeking Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate consisting of




Muhammad Murad and Syed Muhammad residents of *Badakhshan* province,




Mutiullah and Fawad coming from Kabul,




Abdul Baqi from Kunduz and




Hajji Dadullah from *Badakhshan* provinces




stormed the Airport equipped with every possible weapons and arms at about 4:00 a.m. local time.




The first martyr attacker drove his car filled with a large amount of explosives and slammed it into the gate blowing it and the security armaments out.




Blasting their way into the Airport, the remaining five Mujahideen took the several buildings, barracks, depots and bases under attack, opening fire on those inside for hours killing *dozens* of foreign [World Tyrant/NATO] terrorist troops and puppets.




After fighting of about 5 hours, the operation came to a successful end in the terms of losses of life and injuries inflicted on the enemy.




The martyrdom operation concluded after the last Mujahid of the group of 6 martyr attackers having accomplished his mission embraced martyrdom at about 10 a.m. local time.




It was one of the worst attacks for the US [The World Tyrant] and its [NATO] allies and puppets in the Afghan capital since begining of the Operation Khalid bin Walid.












See: Tuesday, 11 June 2013 01:50














ITEM 4 ——————————————–










[Syrian Arab Republic] Army Units Eliminate Terrorists, Discover Field Hospital and Tunnel with Weapons in Homs






















As part of their ongoing operations against terrorists and their gatherings, the army units killed a number of terrorists and discovered a field hospital and a tunnel containing large quantities of ammunition and weapons in Wadi al-Sayeh and al-Bwaida al-Sharqia on Homs-Damascus road.




An official source told SANA reporter that an army unit eliminated a number of terrorists and tightened its control over residential buildings [that] were used by the terrorists as places for gatherings in the main street in Wadi Al-Sayeh district toward the center of Homs city.




Various amounts of ammunition in one of the tunnels in al-Bwaida al-Sharqia were found during the process of removal of the armed terrorist groups’ remnants.




A field hospital containing stolen medical equipment, drugs and weapons in the park of the dreams city on Damascus-Homs road was also discovered.




The source noted that another army unit killed most members of an armed terrorist group that had been perpetrating acts of looting, killing and blocking roads on one of the agricultural roads near Gander village, destroyed two heavy guns in their possession and arrested others.




A den for terrorists was destroyed with all weapons inside it including a heavy machine gun and a mortar launcher.




A number of the group members were killed.  Qasim Mustafa Farzat and Ali Abdo Mansour were identified among the dead.














As part of a series of operations in Damascus countryside, Army units eliminated terrorist Khalil Zeno who was the leader of a terrorist group calling itself “Sariyet Qamar bin Hashem” along with most of the group’s members including Abdelkarim al-Hajj in the town of Harasta.




An Army unit eliminated terrorists near the railroad connecting Mayda’a and al-Dumair in the eastern Ghouta area, confiscating weapons and munitions including RPG launchers and US[World Tyrant]-made medical equipment.




In al-Shifouniye farms in Douma, the Army destroyed a weapons and munitions cache and eliminated terrorists from a group calling itself “Shuhada’a Douma Battalions.”




Another Army unit pursued a terrorist group in the town of al-Rhaibeh, injuring and killing a number of terrorists including Qussai Ismael and Mansour al-Sheikh.




In the town of Hejjeira, an Army unit destroyed a mortar launcher and other weapons including heavy machineguns, in addition to eliminating terrorists including Munir al-Ghosh, Mohammad Tayfour al-Halbouni, and an *Iraqi* nicknamed Abu al-Muntaser.




The locals of Jeroud town confronted terrorist groups which were terrorizing them and committing acts of robbery and theft, forcing them to flee the town while Army units [pursued] terrorists in nearby farms.










Units of the [Syrian Arab Republic] armed forces clashed with the armed terrorist groups in the area surrounding Tayba Mosque in Joubar neighborhood in Damascus Countryside, inflicting heavy losses upon them.




An official source told SANA that the clash resulted in the killing and injury of several terrorists, including Abdulkarem al-Aldouni, in addition to destroying terrorists’ weapons and equipment.




The source added that other army units continued operations against terrorists in Barzeh neighborhood and the farms surrounding it, killing and injuring a number of terrorists, including terrorists nicknamed Abo Moutaz and Abo Nyzar Khamssein.












Units of the armed forces clashed with the armed terrorist groups in al-Syna’a and al-Hweiqa neighborhoods in Deir Ezzor, inflicting heavy looses upon them.




An official source told SANA that the clashes resulted in the killing and the injury of several terrorists.




Muhammad Khleif al-Mhaysen and Ibrahim al-Flou were identified among the dead terrorists.




The source added that an army unit destroyed a terrorists’ den in al-Hamidiyeh neighborhood along with the weapons and ammunition inside it, while another army unit killed and injured several terrorists in al-Mreia’ya village in Deir Ezzor countryside, destroying their equipment.




The source pointed out that *hundreds of gunmen turned themselves and their weapons in the authorities*.












Army units repelled armed terrorist groups who attempted to attack Aleppo Central Prison, eliminating a number of terrorists and injuring others, while other units destroyed terrorist gatherings near al-Khoulandi gas station and killed 6 terrorists in a farm northwest of Hilan near the Prison.




The forces protecting Mennegh Airport repelled terrorists who attempted to sneak into the Airport from the west and east, destroying a mortar cannon and heavy machineguns which they had been using to target the Airport from nearby areas.




A number of terrorists were also eliminated as they were committing acts of robberies on the road between Andan and Babiss, and their weapons which included heavy machineguns were destroyed.




In the farms surrounding Khan al-Asal, Army units eliminated a large number of terrorists.




In Aleppo city, Army units clashed with terrorist groups in Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood and destroyed a mortar launcher they had been using to target civilians’ properties and homes, while other units clashed with terrorists in the areas of Bustan al-Qase and al-Ameriya and inflicted heavy losses upon them.












Army units restored security and stability to the villages of Masa’ada, Abu Hanaya, Masoud, Salba, and Kleib al-Thor in the eastern countryside of Hama.




The source told SANA that the army units eliminated the *last* Satherings of Jabhat al-Nusra and the so-called “al-Farouk battalions” and destroyed their dens, weapons and ammunitions, including two rocket launchers, heavy machineguns and RPG rounds.




The source added that an army unit tightened grip on Salba oil station having eliminated the terrorists who stationed there.




Earlier, army units restored security to the towns of al-Hamra, Al-Lala, al-Rabi’a, al-Rahba, Taibet al-Isem, al-Shaafa, al-Tleisieh, al-Cahira, Ras El-Ein, al-Zaghbah, Kasr al-Makhram, Kasr Abu Samra, Um Khazim and al-Fan al-Wistani in Hama countryside.










Terrorists from Jabhat al-Nusra fired mortar shells at the health center and citizens’ homes in al-Sa’an in al-Salamiya countryside in Hama province.




One of the shells fell on the health center, while another hit a residential building, injuring a citizen and causing significant material damage.




Terrorists from Jabhat al-Nusra also snuck into the western neighborhood of al-Sa’an and abducted a family consisting of a mother, a father and two children.




An Army unit prevented terrorists from detonating two explosive devices each weighing 75 kilograms which were planted on the road between al-Sqailabiye and Karnaz and rigged for remote detonation.












Competent Authorities seized amounts of weapons and ammunition inside terrorists’ den in Batraia district in Ras al-Nab’a neighborhood in Banias city.




An official source told SANA reporter that the seized weapons included a number of machineguns, pump-action shotguns, a box of explosive material C4, hatchets and clothes with “Jabhat al-Nusra” motto inscribed on them.












Jun 10, 2013




























America died




AUGUST 6, 1945




while giving birth to








which immediately began writing –in blood– its








Asterisks indicate my emphasis.






NEW DECLARATION OF WORLD *INDEPENDENCE* / Following U.S. [World Tyrant] Power Politics Is Crime




2 Editorial / Edward Snowden: more conscientious objector than common thief




3 Martyr attack Kabul Airport; several dozen [foreign [World Tyrant/NATO] terrorist troops and puppets] killed




4 WORLD TYRANT CEMETARY OPEN FOR BUSINESS / [Syrian Arab Republic] Army Units Eliminate Terrorists, Discover Field Hospital and Tunnel with Weapons in Homs

















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