June 8, 2013


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06 08 13 Superpower Death Watch
















ITEM 1 ============================================












Following U.S. [World Tyrant] Power Politics Is Crime














To follow the U.S. [World Tyrant] high-handed politics is leading the world to crime and death. But not a small number of countries and even the nations [Capitalist China, The New Russian Empire] calling for international impartiality and justice are chiming in with it, for the mere imminent [immediate] interests.




We should not overlook the high-handed politics and tyranny of the U.S. [The World Tyrant] any longer.




The U.S. [World Tyrant] wild ambition to dominate the world remains unchanged.  It is proved well by its nuclear policy.




When the U.S. [The World Tyrant] succeeded in nuclear test in July 1945, the then President Truman raved that from now on the world will be under the jackboots of the United States [soon to become The World Tyrant August 6, 1945].




The U.S. [The World Tyrant] has made its appearance as “sole superpower” following the end of the Cold War [the collapse of the FAKE Soviet Union (1956-1991)].  Since then, its high-handedness has reached to the extreme pitch.




Bush I, ex-U.S.[World Tyrant] president, raved to the following effect: We must rule the world.  It is why ours is the only super-power with necessary means.




It is the silly talk of the fool obssessed by megalomania that no country could match the United States [The World Tyrant] with mighty military power.




In fact the balance of power was destroyed and the object for military race disappeared [the collapse of the FAKE Soviet Union (1956-1991)].  Taking advantage of this opportunity, the United States is behaving imprudently, putting forward the goal of making the world [a] unipolar one and americanizing it [= leading the world to crime and death].




What is more dangerous is that the U.S. [The World Tyrant] is usurping the United Nations and other international organizations as tools to realize its policies of aggression and war, interference in internal affairs of sovereign countries, sanctions and pressure.




It has been well known in the world [as] a fact that today the strong-arm politics and tyranny of the United States [The World Tyrant] are unprecedentedly aggravating confrontation and tension and creating confusion on the international arena.




Following the U.S. [World Tyrant] power politics is a dangerous act fanning the effort to turn the international relations into one of domination and subordination.




To blindly follow the brigandish high-handedness of the United States [The World Tyrant] is precisely [a] self-destruction act.




Even though the United States [The World Tyrant]  and some specific nations [Capitalist China, The New Russian Empire] adopt what they call resolutions with the power politics, it will by no means become righteous.  When the resolutions of the UNSC are devoid of impartiality, they will become unjust ones, which will be accused in the world as ones going against the trend of the times.




The only way to be taken by the progressives of the world who love justice and peace is to decisively frustrate the strong-arm politics of the United States [The World Tyrant].












May. 3, Juche 102 (2013) Friday














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Civil liberties: American [fake] freedom on the line














A few months before he was first elected president in 2008, Barack Obama made a calculation that dismayed many of his ardent supporters but which he judged essential to maintain his drive to the White [politically Black] House.




By backing President Bush’s bill granting the US [World Tyrant] government wide new surveillance powers –including legal immunity for telecoms companies which had co-operated with the Bush administration’s post-9/11 programme of wiretapping without warrants– Mr Obama stepped back from an issue that had initially helped to define his candidacy but was now judged to threaten his national security credentials.




It was a big call.  Even so, it seems unlikely that either supporters or critics, or even Mr Obama himself, ever believed that five years later a re-elected President Obama would oversee an administration that stands accused of *routinely* snooping into the phone records of millions of Americans.




Yet that is the situation at the heart of the Guardian’s exclusive story this week that America’s [The World Tyrant’s] immense National Security Agency is doing just this on Mr Obama’s watch.




The revelation that a secret order, issued by the [World Tyrant’s] secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, requires one of the largest telecoms providers in the US [The World Tyrant] to provide a *daily* diet of millions of US [World Tyrant] phone records to the FBI, poses Americans with *a major civil liberties challenge*.




Under the terms of the order, everything about every call made during a three month period — excepting only the calls’ actual contents– is offered up to the bureau and the NSA on a gargantuan *routine* basis.  It seems improbable that the order revealed yesterday [06 05 13] is the only one of its kind.  So the assumption has to be that this is *the new normality of American [World Tyrant] state surveillance*.  The special courts set up to monitor and approve industrial data-harvesting appear to provide little check on the scale of the activity.




*Few* Americans [ubermenschen] believe that they live in a police state; indeed *many* would be outraged at the suggestion.




Yet *the everyday fact* that the police have the *right* to monitor the communications of *all* its citizens –in secret– is a classic hallmark of a state that fears freedom as well as championing it.




Ironically, the Guardian’s revelations were published 69 years to the day since US and British soldiers launched the D-day invasion of Europe.  The young Americans who fought their way up the Normandy beaches rightly believed they were helping free the world from a tyranny.  They did not think that they were making it safe for their own rulers to take such sweeping powers as these over their descendants.




No one living in Britain [Puppet UK] should be naive about the reality of the terrorist threat against which such powers are deployed, least of all in the volatile aftermath of the [suspect] Woolwich murder.




Nor, in the light of the revelations from the US [The World Tyrant], ought we to be smug about the surveillance and data collection that goes on *daily* in our own midst too.


By some readings, similar legal tools already exist here under the regulation of investigatory powers legislation.  *Both Conservative and Labour* [The One Party] MPs have made clear they want new “snooper’s charter” powers over email records.




And western European [NATO] security services, Britain’s [Puppet UK’s] GCHQ monitoring agency in particular, have always regarded the ability to trade information with the US [World TYrant] authorities as their [leech] life-blood.




But it is American civil liberties that are primarily in the spotlight now.  Ever since 9/11, the US [The World Tyrant] has allowed [pushed] the war on terror to frame *a new domestic authoritarianism* that is strikingly at odds with America’s [The World Tyrant’s] passionate sense of its own freedom [to enslave the world].




This week’s revelations have stunned millions of Americans whose justified outrage against 9/11 [which was financed and organized by the emerging New Russian Empire] surely never led them to expect such *routine and unrestrained* surveillance on such a massive scale.




US [World Tyrant One Party] politicians have a poor post-9/11 record of confronting such powers.  Even now, it is possible that many will look the other way.




But this is an existential [life or death] challenge to American [World Tyrant fake] freedom. That it has been so relentlessly prosecuted by a leader who once promised to stand up against such authority, makes the challenge more pressing, not less.














Thursday 6 June 2013 18.01 EDT


















ITEM 3 ____________________________________________








Sen[ator Rand] Paul Statement on National Security Agency Surveillance














The National Security Agency’s seizure and surveillance of virtually all of Verizon’s phone customers is an astounding assault on the Constitution.




After revelations that the Internal Revenue Service targeted political dissidents and the Department of Justice seized reporters’ phone records, it would appear that this Administration has now sunk to *a new low*.




When Sen. Mike Lee and I offered an amendment that would attach Fourth Amendment protections to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act last year, it was defeated, and FISA was passed by an overwhelming majority of the Senate.




At the time, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid remarked that FISA was “necessary to protect us from the evil in this world.”




*The Bill of Rights was designed to protect us from evil, too, particularly that which always correlates with concentrated government power, and particularly Executive power*.












See: Jun 6, 2013
















ITEM 4 ——————————————–








Obama orders US [The World Tyrant] to draw up overseas target list for cyber-attacks












The 18-page Presidential Policy Directive 20, issued in October last year but never published, states that what it calls Offensive Cyber Effects Operations (OCEO) “can offer unique and unconventional capabilities to advance US [World Tyrant inter]national objectives around the world with little or no warning to the adversary or target and with potential effects ranging from subtle to severely damaging”.




It says the government will “identify potential targets of national importance where OCEO can offer a favorable balance of effectiveness and risk as compared with other instruments of national power”.




The directive also contemplates the possible use of cyber actions inside the US [The World Tyrant], though it specifies that no such domestic operations can be conducted without the prior order of the president, *except in cases of emergency*.




The aim of the document was “to put in place tools and a framework to enable government to make decisions” on cyber actions, a senior administration official told the Guardian.




Obama’s move to establish a potentially [actually] aggressive cyber warfare doctrine will heighten fears over the *increasing militarization of the internet*.




The directive’s publication comes as the president [Pantocles Obama] plans to confront his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping [Pantocles Xi] at a summit in California on Friday over alleged Chinese attacks on western targets.




In the presidential directive, the criteria for *offensive* cyber operations in the directive is not limited to retaliatory action but vaguely framed as advancing “US [World Tyrant inter]national objectives around the world”.












Friday 7 June 2013 15.06 EDT














Obama tells intelligence chiefs to draw up cyber target list


full document text


Friday 7 June 2013 15.07 EDT




























America died




AUGUST 6, 1945




while giving birth to








which immediately began writing –in blood– its








Asterisks indicate my emphasis.






NEW DECLARATION OF WORLD *INDEPENDENCE* / Following U.S. [World Tyrant] Power Politics Is Crime




2 Civil liberties: American [fake] freedom on the line




3 Sen[ator Rand] Paul Statement on National Security Agency Surveillance




4 Obama orders US [The World Tyrant] to draw up overseas target list for cyber-attacks

















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