May 28, 2013


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05 28 13 Superpower Death Watch
















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Following U.S. [World Tyrant] Power Politics Is Crime














To follow the U.S. [World Tyrant] high-handed politics is leading the world to crime and death. But not a small number of countries and even the nations [Capitalist China, The New Russian Empire] calling for international impartiality and justice are chiming in with it, for the mere imminent [immediate] interests.




We should not overlook the high-handed politics and tyranny of the U.S. [The World Tyrant] any longer.




The U.S. [World Tyrant] wild ambition to dominate the world remains unchanged.  It is proved well by its nuclear policy.




When the U.S. [The World Tyrant] succeeded in nuclear test in July 1945, the then President Truman raved that from now on the world will be under the jackboots of the United States [soon to become The World Tyrant August 6, 1945].




The U.S. [The World Tyrant] has made its appearance as “sole superpower” following the end of the Cold War [the collapse of the FAKE Soviet Union (1956-1991)].  Since then, its high-handedness has reached to the extreme pitch.




Bush I, ex-U.S.[World Tyrant] president, raved to the following effect: We must rule the world.  It is why ours is the only super-power with necessary means.




It is the silly talk of the fool obssessed by megalomania that no country could match the United States [The World Tyrant] with mighty military power.




In fact the balance of power was destroyed and the object for military race disappeared [the collapse of the FAKE Soviet Union (1956-1991)].  Taking advantage of this opportunity, the United States is behaving imprudently, putting forward the goal of making the world [a] unipolar one and americanizing it [= leading the world to crime and death].




What is more dangerous is that the U.S. [The World Tyrant] is usurping the United Nations and other international organizations as tools to realize its policies of aggression and war, interference in internal affairs of sovereign countries, sanctions and pressure.




It has been well known in the world [as] a fact that today the strong-arm politics and tyranny of the United States [The World Tyrant] are unprecedentedly aggravating confrontation and tension and creating confusion on the international arena.




Following the U.S. [World Tyrant] power politics is a dangerous act fanning the effort to turn the international relations into one of domination and subordination.




To blindly follow the brigandish high-handedness of the United States [The World Tyrant] is precisely [a] self-destruction act.




Even though the United States [The World Tyrant]  and some specific nations [Capitalist China, The New Russian Empire] adopt what they call resolutions with the power politics, it will by no means become righteous.  When the resolutions of the UNSC are devoid of impartiality, they will become unjust ones, which will be accused in the world as ones going against the trend of the times.




The only way to be taken by the progressives of the world who love justice and peace is to decisively frustrate the strong-arm politics of the United States [The World Tyrant].












May. 3, Juche 102 (2013) Friday














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Cambodian police clash with thousands of garment workers, 23 hurt














Sun Vanny [president of the Free Trade Union (FTU) at Sabrina (Cambodia) Garment Manufacturing] said the workers making the Nike  clothing had been staging strikes and protests since May 21.




They want the company, which employs more than 5,000 people [mostly female] at the plant, to give them $14 a month to help pay for transport, rent and healthcare costs on top of their $74 [a month] minimum wage.




“Police used an electric baton [cow prod] to hit me on the head and if other workers hadn’t pulled me away, I would be dead,” Leng Pros, a 28-year-old male worker, told Reuters from his hospital bed.












See: PHNOM PENH | Mon May 27, 2013 7:23am EDT


















Sabrina is second item listed in Nike, Inc. Collegiate Factory Disclosure
















ITEM 3 ____________________________________________








African leaders create emergency military force














Plans for an African Standby Force have existed for more than a decade.  But delays in the creation of this contingent has led to criticism that Africa has for too long been slow to do its own peacekeeping, relying instead on help and funding from the United Nations and Western [World Tyrant/NATO] donors.




The [present] initiative was being called the African Capacity for Immediate Response to Crises (ACIRC), and it would be a transitional stop-gap measure pending the full formation of the planned Standby Force.




The decision was “aimed at helping in bringing about African solutions to Africa’s problems”, the text said.












See: ADDIS ABABA | Mon May 27, 2013 8:04am EDT
















ITEM 4 ——————————————–








U.N. rights chief [Navi Pillay] says anti-terror measures can backfire












Pillay, speaking at the opening of the spring session of the U.N.’s Human Rights Council, said she had received allegations of “very grave violations of human rights that have taken place in the context of counter-terrorist and counter-insurgency operations.”




“Such practices are self-defeating. Measures that violate human rights do not uproot terrorism, they nurture it,” she said.




Pillay also said the U.S. [World Tyrant] failure to close down the Guantanamo detention center was “an example of the struggle against terrorism failing to uphold human rights, among them the right to a fair trial.”












GENEVA | Mon May 27, 2013 9:21am EDT














Opening Statement by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay at the 23rd session of the Human Rights Council, Geneva, 27 May 2013














Mr. President [Remigiusz Henczel (Poland)], I am alarmed by growing violence in several regions, including on the basis of ethnicity or religion.




I regret that serious violations of Palestinians


rights continue.  I remain deeply concerned by the widespread detention of Palestinians –nearly 5,000 of whom are currently detained by Israel, many without charges.  I recently requested that Israel provide me with information on its investigations into allegations of mistreatment of Palestinian detainees.  Furthermore, even during the nine weeks since the last session of this Council, Israel has continued to expand its settlements, in blatant violation of international law.




Mr. President, to move on to a theme that transcends borders and affects all regions, the objective of the global struggle against terrorism is the defence of the rule of law and a society characterized by values of freedom, equality, dignity and justice.  Yet time and again, my Office has received allegations of very grave violations of human rights that have taken place in the context of counter-terrorist and counter-insurgency operations.  Such practices are self-defeating. Measures that violate human rights do not uproot terrorism: they nurture it.




The United States


[The World Tyrant’s] failure to shut down the Guantanamo detention centre has been an example of the struggle against terrorism failing to uphold human rights, among them the right to a fair trial. Allegedly, more than half of the 166 detainees still being held in detention have been cleared for transfer to either home countries or third countries for resettlement, yet they remain in detention at Guantanamo Bay.  Others reportedly have been designated for indefinite detention.




The continuing indefinite detention of many of these individuals amounts to arbitrary detention, in breach of international law, and the injustice embodied in this detention centre has become an ideal recruitment tool for terrorists.  I have repeatedly urged the Government of the United States of America [The World Tyrant] to close Guantanamo Bay in compliance with its obligations under international human rights law.  I therefore acknowledge President Obama’s statement last Thursday outlining practical steps towards closing the detention facility, such as the lifting of the moratorium on transferring relevant detainees to Yemen.  I encourage the United States [The World Tyrant] to ensure that all such measures are carried out in compliance with its obligations under international human rights law.  In the meantime, so long as Guantanamo remains open, the authorities must make every effort to ensure full respect for the human rights of detainees, including those who choose to go on hunger strike.




I am dismayed by the continuing failure of many European States to undertake public and independent investigations of past involvement in the U.S. [World Tyrant] renditions programme, under which terrorist suspects were captured and delivered to interrogation centres without regard for due process.  Some of them still languish in Guantanamo.  Last September, the European Parliament denounced obstacles that have been encountered by a number of parliamentary and judicial inquiries into this topic.  Credible and independent investigations are a vital first step towards accountability, and I call on States to make this a priority.




I also continue to be profoundly disturbed at the human rights implications of the use of armed drones in the context of counter-terrorism and military operations, with an increasing number of States seeking to acquire such weapons.  The worrying lack of transparency regarding the use of drones has also contributed to a lack of clarity on the legal bases for drone strikes, as well as on safeguards to ensure compliance with the applicable international law.  Moreover, the absence of transparency has created an accountability vacuum, in which victims have been unable to seek redress.




President Obama


s statement suggests that in the future there will be a shift towards greater transparency by the United States [The World Tyrant], as well as stricter controls on the use of drones.  Nevertheless, I urge all States to be completely transparent regarding criteria for deploying drone strikes, and to ensure that their use complies fully with relevant international law. Where violations do occur, States should conduct independent, impartial, prompt and effective investigations, and provide victims with an effective remedy.




I note that the UN Special Rapporteur on human rights and counter-terrorism will be reporting later this year on the civilian impact of the use of drones, while the Special Rapporteur on summary executions will be reporting tomorrow on the human rights implications of deployment of Lethal Autonomous Robots.








Mr. President, every three months, as I prepare to report to this body, I perceive the tremendous vulnerability of human beings.  Even in wealthy countries [The World Tyrant/NATO] that have championed the [The World Tyrant’s] cause of human rights around the world, those rights may be eroded or denied when the winds of economic change blow colder.




The global financial crisis that began in 2008 is the worst the world has seen since the Great Depression of the 1930s, and it threatens a broad range of human rights across the globe.  Access to decent and regular work; to social welfare and healthcare; and to affordable food, housing and water, as well as other basic human rights has sharply decreased.  Since 2008, 114 million more people have been pushed below the poverty line, and 64 million jobs have been lost.




In other words, *the impact of the crisis has not been borne by those who were primarily responsible for it* but has been foisted upon those least able to absorb its costs: marginalized groups; the poor; temporary workers and all those who live paycheck-to-paycheck; persons with disabilities; older persons; the sick; migrants; and refugees.  Thus inequalities have increased, undermining the fabric of society.

Last year I reminded States that


Health care, education, housing and the fair administration of justice are not commodities for sale to the few, but rather rights to which all are entitled without discrimination.




Financial pressures or recession do not eliminate these obligations under international human rights law.  Economic policy must at all times be designed to advance the realization of economic and social rights; and in particular, States are legally obliged to ensure core minimum obligations regarding the progressively greater realization of basic rights to food, housing, health, education, decent work and an adequate standard of living.


They must do so to the maximum extent of available resources: in other words, the realization of the economic and social rights of all must be a policy priority.


If some children in Southern Europe are now attending school with empty bellies because their parents and local authorities cannot afford to pay for school lunches, then the fabric of human rights has frayed even in those, once-privileged countries –and this, too, is a human rights protection concern.




Moreover, in some European countries, the ripple effects of the recession and budget cuts include increased vulnerability to extremist and xenophobic discourse, which aims to identify scapegoats for economic pain.  Although these are societies that retain a healthy judiciary and stable democratic institutions, they are now stepping back into the ugly injustice of racism and discrimination on the grounds of faith, demonizing minorities and migrants.  It is shocking to observe leading figures in governments, ruling coalitions and classic opposition parties integrating elements of this discourse into their policies.






Earlier this month, the Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights entered into force.  By enabling individuals to bring complaints to the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, this instrument ensures the same protection for economic, social and cultural rights as for civil and political rights.  It therefore remedies the false hierarchies among ‘groups’ of rights that arose during the Cold War and were largely resolved twenty years ago in Vienna.




The current economic context is an opportune moment for States to ratify the Optional Protocol.  In doing so, they will create an impetus to strengthen national protection mechanisms for economic, social and cultural rights and encourage policies that promote greater equality, sustainability, and protection.




Note: What do I mean by “


the [The World Tyrant’s] cause of human rights” ? 




James Peck


*Ideal Illusions: How the U.S. Government Co-opted Human Rights*


NY: Metropolitan Books / Henry Holt and Company, 2010




This book is one of the series of books published by Macmillan’s


American Empire Project.


































America died




AUGUST 6, 1945




while giving birth to








which immediately began writing –in blood– its








Asterisks indicate my emphasis.






NEW DECLARATION OF WORLD *INDEPENDENCE* / Following U.S. [World Tyrant] Power Politics Is Crime




2 Cambodian police clash with thousands of garment workers, 23 hurt




3 African leaders create emergency military force




4 U.N. rights chief [Navi Pillay] says anti-terror measures can backfire  +  Opening Statement by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay at the 23rd session of the Human Rights Council, Geneva, 27 May 2013 [Excerpts]

















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