May 3, 2013


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05 03 13 Superpower Death Watch






















‘Uncle Ruslan’ aided terrorists from CIA official’s home














This past weekend, [Graham] Fuller reluctantly confirmed the report published here last Thursday 




He admitted that Ruslan Tsarni had once been married to his daughter.




But then, with the same breath, he derided what he called “rumors” of links between Tsarni and the Agency as “absurd.”




But documents surfaced over the weekend that cast a long shadow of doubt on Graham Fuller’s assertion, which amounts to a beat cop waving his baton, and saying, “There’s nothing to see here folks.  Move along.”




The documents include a letter written by the President of the Congress of Chechen Organizations International that, at least on the surface, could not have seemed more ordinary.




It was all about *shoes*.




In the letter, Congress of Chechen Organizations International President Mohammed Shoshani is interceding with the Board of Directors of Benevolence International, a [Saudi-based] “charity” that would later be designated “financiers of terrorism” by the Treasury Department




…Mohammed Shoshani is thanking Benevolence International for the receipt of 2000 pairs of [*shoes*]




What does this have to do with the Boston Marathon bombing?




One clue: The President of “Uncle Ruslan’s” Congress of Chechen Organizations International, an expatriate Penn State engineering professor Mohammed Sishani, conducted almost all of his business through another organization he led, called the Chechen-Ingush Society of America.




All of his *aboveboard* business, that is.  Ruslan’s outfit surfaced for the dirty bits, the covert side of the Chechen’s cause.




Was Ruslan Tsarni’s organization acting as a free agent?  Or was it a “cut-out” for the CIA, a convenient way to establish plausible deniability while executing decisions made by U.S. [World Tyrant] intelligence agencies, who were apparently interceding on the side of people we were calling “rebels” instead of “terrorists” for no reason other than it suited American [World Tyrant] objectives for Russian [New Russian Empire] forces to get bogged down in a series of bitter civil wars?






[ There’s more, with photo of Sishani letter. ]












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2 workers removed from Saudi-owned Va. residence










According to real estate records, the Virginia home is owned by the Kingdom of *Saudi Arabia’s Armed Forces Office*.




A guard at the gated home, *near the CIA headquarters in Langley*, waved off a request to speak to residents there Thursday morning.




Torres [John Torres, ICE’s {Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s} special agent in charge for Homeland Security Investigations in the Washington field office] said trafficking cases involving domestic workers are a particular problem in the Washington area, in part because of the presence of a large diplomatic corps and cultural differences –some countries consider it acceptable to treat workers more harshly than is allowed in the U.S. [The World Tyrant].










May 2, 4:39 PM EDT






























AP Interview: New job for son of toppled shah










Reza Pahlavi [son of Iran’s toppled shah] said Thursday that his Paris-based collective, the Iranian National Council, brings together tens of thousands of pro-democracy [pro-World Tyrant] proponents from both inside and outside Iran.




The Iranian National Council elected Pahlavi as its spokesman at its first congress last weekend.  The group’s political bureau appears to represent a variety of Iran’s exiled opposition, and Pahlavi insisted it is not a vehicle to promote a *particular* political cause [–just the *general* World Tyrant cause: overthrow of the Islamic Republic of Iran].




Pahlavi, who moves between *the Washington area* and Paris, claims the council grew out of the contacts inside Iran of various members like himself.












May 2, 1:16 PM EDT
















“Let us take another more recent example, that of the army of the Shah of Iran and his caste of officers, which notwithstanding that it was armed to the teeth with the most sophisticated weapons, was incapable of operating effectively and suppressing the anti-imperialist and anti-monarchist uprising of the Iranian people.


“The Pahlavi regime was one of the most barbarous, blood-thirsty and corrupt regimes of exploiters of the modern world.  The savage Pahlavi dictatorship was based on the feudal lords and the very wealthy stratum which the regime created, on the reactionary army and its officer caste, and on SAVAK which, as the Shah himself described it, was a ‘state within a state’.  The Pahlavis who ruled through terror were partners with the American and British imperialists, the most heavily armed gendarmes of the Persian Gulf under the orders of the American CIA.




“Nevertheless, the great terror, the army, SAVAK and all the rest were unable to quell the revolt of the Iranian people, which in different forms and intensities continued until it was raised to quality and *overcame the stage of fearing violence*.  In this process the army and SAVAK, the shields of the blood-thirsty regime of the Shah, disintegrated, part of the army went over  to the side of the people who seized the weapons and *are holding on to them*.  This is an experience which proves that the army and the police, however numerous and well armed, cannot stop the revolution when the people rise in a united bloc, when careful work is done for the demoralization and disintegration of the bourgeois army and police.”




—Pages 279, 280 of Enver Hoxha, “Only the Marxist-Leninists Hold High the Banner of Revolution and Carry It Forward,” Chapter 4 of  *Eurocommunism Is Anti-Communism*, Tirana: The “8 Nentori” Publishing House, 1980


















Statement of Islamic Emirate [of Afghanistan] regarding hunger strike by inmates in Guantanamo










For the past three months, inmates at the notorious Guantanamo prison have been on a hunger strike which started and is ongoing due to




the inhumane treatment of prisoners as well as




desecration of Islamic sanctities by the American [World Tyrant] guards.




According to our information, the atmosphere inside the prison violates all established international human right charters where the inmates are treated inhumanely.  Even now, the oppressed and ill prisoners on strike are facing physical and mental abuses at the hands of the American [World Tyrant] troops.




Even though *many* of the crimes carried out inside the prison are kept secret however what has been reported by the media recently suggest that the conditions inside the prison are very distressing.




Media reports say that over a hundred inmates are in dire conditions facing a life and death situation, adding that American [World Tyrant] officials have dispatched forty [World Tyrant] military doctors to force feed the prisoners on hunger strike.




A defense lawyer told media that conditions inside that prison are deplorable and a stain on humanity. The said lawyer further says that more than half of the inmates are force fed by soldiers and their doctors through pipes inserted into their noses.




One of the heads of doctor’s union [American Medical Association] describes such actions as a shameful crime and a clear violation of medical ethics.




The American officials, instead of accepting the legitimate demands of the prisoners,




are trying to *kill the spirit* of the protesting inmates with such coercive behavior and




are retaliating to their screams for justice with brutality, all of which are actions violating all human rights and every charter enshrined in the laws of humanity.




The strikes in Guantanamo began several months ago after the American [World Tyrant] soldiers’ desecrated copies of Holy Quran inside the prison




and despite the condition of prisoners reaching a frightening level,




the world’s humanitarian conscious[ness] is still oblivious and




is treating this humanitarian crisis as a political issue.




If the international humanitarian institutions, human rights organizations, United Nations and other organizations are biased in this issue to protect stature of America [The World Tyrant]




then the international, regional and national Islamic and humanitarian establishments and individuals must drop this burden from *their* shoulders by raising *their* voices in protest against this American [World Tyrant] inhumanity.




The Islamic Emirate, which considers the *ongoing atrocity* in Guantanamo as a crime against humanity and a historical disgrace for mankind, calls on the entire Islamic world, Islamic societies and respected personalities, all the international human right organizations, media groups and charitable organizations to show their opposition and raise their voices against this unlawful action of the American [World  Tyrant] officials as part of their duty and humanitarian obligation.




The Islamic Emirate similarly calls on all writers, journalists and professionals to condemn the actions of America [The World Tyrant] carried out against inmates in the infamous Guantanamo prison




for the defense of human dignity and




to fulfill their religious and humanitarian obligation.






The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan












See: 02 May 2013 16:49






























America died




AUGUST 6, 1945




while giving birth to








which immediately began writing –in blood– its








Asterisks indicate my emphasis.




1 ‘Uncle Ruslan’ aided terrorists from CIA official’s home




2 2 workers removed from Saudi-owned Va. residence




3 AP Interview: New job for son of toppled shah  AND  “


the revolt of the Iranian people, which in different forms and intensities continued until it was raised to quality and *overcame the stage of fearing violence*” (Enver Hoxha)








WHY PANTOCLES OBAMA = BOSTON BOMBER OBAMA / Statement of Islamic Emirate [of Afghanistan] regarding hunger strike by inmates in Guantanamo

















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