May 1, 2013


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05 01 13 Superpower Death Watch

















































Badakhshanprovince is situated in the North Eastern part of Afghanistan.




Takhar and Panjshair provinces are situated in the west of Badakhshan.  Nuristan province and a portion of Pakistan in the south, a portion of China in the east and *Tajikistan* are situated in the north.




Badakhshan is one of the largest provinces of Afghanistan which has 44059 sq. km area.  Its population is, according to the latest surveys, 823000 persons.  Badakhshan has 28 districts or administrative units in addition to its capital city Faiz-Abad.  Badakhshan is very famous for having gold, turquoise, emerald and lapis-lazuli mines




Similarly this province has huge water resources and the


Noshakhpeak is considered to be the highest mountain peak inside Afghanistan.




Badakhshan is a mountainous region because the chain of


Hindu-KushMountains passes through it. Most of its regions are covered with mountains and hills. Similarly it has several small and large rivers which have given it a very natural beauty.




The people of Badakhshan province are mostly livestock raisers and laborers. They are particularly well-known for their love with Islamic values and religious knowledge.  Therefore, historically, this province has nourished excellent scholars, pious people, Saints, Mujahidin and freedom fighters.




In the *recent* past, the Jihadi operations inside Badakhshan province have increased and expanded more than [in the] assessments that are mostly discussed in the local and international media.




Heavy losses have been inflicted on the enemy in Mujahidin


s attacks this year in Wardajdistrict of Badakhshan province which have embarrassed the enemy.  To evaluate the fresh Jihadi situation and the achievements of Mujahidin, we have interviewed the deputy head of Mujahidin in this province, Moulavi Abdul Ghani Faiq. We would like to invite the respected spectators for its reading.






Question: Respected Mr. Faiq, first of all, if you could introduce yourself to our readers.




Answer:…My name is Moulavi Abdul Ghani Faiq and I belong to


Darimdistrict of Badakhshanprovince.  As this moment, I am working as the deputy head of Jihadi operations in Badakhshan province.




Question: It will be very kind of you, if you could provide us the information about the latest Jihadi situation in Badakhshan province?




Answer: As you know through the media, Jihadi operations have been started in Badakhshan province with new fervor and zeal this year.  Mujahidin are performing vigorously, openly and effectively in Wardaj, Ragh, Barak, Kishm, Jurm, Yamgan, Yaftal-i-Bala, Shuhada and Argo districts of Badakhshan province.  Most areas of the above mentioned districts are under the control of Mujahidin.  In this series, the district of Wardaj, which has *very strategic importance* and vast area, is in the hands of Mujahidin with the exception of its centre.




Among the remaining districts of Badakhshan province, Tashkan, Daraim, Yaftal-i-Sufla and Shahr-i-Buzurg are the areas where Mujahidin are active on the medium level i.e. they are performing in the semi-open way.




All the operations and conspiracies of both the internal and external enemy, against Mujahidin, have been totally defeated and they have no observable success.  The number of Mujahidin have increased in Badakhshan province by the grace of Allah Almighty and the level of public support is far more better than the past.




Question: You mentioned some of the fresh Jihadi activities inside Badakhshan province, it is a fact that in the last few weeks, the visible conquests of Mujahidin have deeply embarrassed the enemy, to the extent that [at] once they showed their concern that this province might completely fall to the hands of Mujahidin.  We would like you to provide us the detailed information about the fresh incidents and accomplishments.




Answer: These fresh successes were achieved when one and a half month ago, Mujahidin started well coordinated and wide spread offensive operations against the enemy inside Wardaj and Jurm districts of this province.
















In this series, Mujahidin had big achievements in various parts of Badakhshan province.  Here, I would like to refer to some important incidents.




On 2nd March 2013,




Mujahidin attacked a convoy of the mercenary army in Ghani area of Wardaj district in which 15 soldiers of the enemy were killed and 12 more were captured alive.  In this attack, Mujahidin burnt 8 ranger type vehicles of the enemy and captured 2 of them intact.  In this battle, Mujahidin also got a lot of heavy and light weapon as Godsend.  This was *the major assault8 against the enemy this year inside Badakhshan province.




On 8th March,




the enemy started its first counter attacks in Wardaj district but they were halted by a strong resistance of Mujahidin inside Yakhshira area where they were badly defeated.  The enemy retaliated in civilian areas to avenge.  They killed and wounded 10 persons including women and children by shelling with mortar guns.




On 10th March,




Mujahidin widely attacked the centre of Jurm district in which a brutal commander of the enemy, named Qurban, was killed including a number of other soldiers.  12 of them were wounded.  Mujahidin captured 7 barrel guns including one rocket launcher and a pekove.  Consequently, the enemy lost its control around the district centre.




On 17th March 2013,




Mujahidin, once again, severely fought with the enemy in Qarya Zai area of Wardaj district.  Though the enemy had been pushed back several times but they attacked again.  In this battle, as a result of Mujahidin


s resistance, 20 soldiers of the enemy were killed and 2 ranger type vehicles were completely burnt and the remaining soldiers took to heels from the area.  Mujahidin got 30 barrel guns as Godsend including a number of M-16 machine guns. In this battle one group leader of Mujahidin named Amirulla including 2 other Mujahidin were martyred.




On 19th March,




Mujahidin chased the enemy in Wardaj district and tried to *expel them completely* from this province.  Therefore, Mujahidin launched heavy attacks over the enemy


s posts in Ghani and Aab-Jal areas near the district centre round about 7 p.m. Fighting was incessant till 12 oclock midnight and Mujahidin captured 7 strongholds of the enemy.  In these operations, Mujahidin burnt 10 vehicles of the enemy and captured a large [number] of heavy and light weapons including some other military equipment as Godsend.  Heavy losses were inflicted on the enemy in this battle.




Three days after this incident, on 22nd March,




the enemy once again started military operations in Wardaj district.  They were heavily attacked by Mujahidin in two areas of Wardaj district, named Qarya-Shaidan and Asbjin, in which tens of the enemy


s soldiers were killed.  A lot of them were left wounded in the battle field.  Several of them were captured alive by Mujahidin.  In this latest battle of Wardaj district, Mujahidin captured 50 barrels of different kinds of weapons including one drazkove and several M-16 guns of the mercenary army.






s operations were *continuous* inside Badakhshan province even *after* these latest operations, especially in Jurm and Wardaj districts, Jihadi operations are increasing and intensifying with the passage of each and every day and Mujahidin are carrying operations approximately on the daily basis.






Question: On 22nd March 2013, the Kabul regime claimed that they have bombed the strongholds of Mujahidin in Wardaj district of Badakhshan province and have martyred 40 Mujahidin.  Was there any reality in this report?  Secondly, what were the losses of Mujahidin in the latest successful operations?




Answer: I would like to say that the enemy is facing a strong blow and defeat in Badakhshan province therefore they are keeping the propaganda war as warm as possible.  On the date and day when the enemy was claiming bombing and losses of Mujahidin, actually they had themselves faced a lot of casualties in Wardaj district.  They were trying their best to conceal their defeat by this kind of fake claiming.




Although Jihad and martyrdom are co-related with each other because each victory demands sacrifices but, by the grace of Allah Almighty, the losses of Mujahidin are too much less and cannot be counted as compared to their victories and accomplishments. The total number of Mujahidin, martyred in the latest operations in Wardaj and Jurm districts, does not exceed 10 persons and a few others are wounded.  As far as the enemy


s losses are concerned, they are too much.




Question: It is said that in the fresh fighting inside Badakhshan province, losses have inflicted on the civilians, if you could provide us information about that?




Answer: I would like to say with great regret that the enemy is taking the revenge of its military defeat from civilian people inside Badakhshan province just like other parts of Afghanistan.  Once they targeted the civilian houses in Yakhshira area of Wardaj district with mortar guns and missiles in which several people were either killed or wounded.  Next time, in the same area, they compelled approximately 300 families in severe cold weather and snowfall to leave their houses and migrate to other areas.  It was another evident felony of the enemy.




Similarly, when the enemy was badly defeated in various areas of Wardaj district, they started indiscriminately bombing different village areas. On 28th and 29th March, 10 civilians including some white-bearded people were martyred and several others were wounded in the brutal bombing of [by] the enemy in Wardaj district.




Question: The enemy is propagating and trying its best to give a different color to the Jihad of Badakhshan province.  Sometimes they say that there are no Mujahidin belonging to the Islamic Emirate and the people who are fighting here, are actually the immigrants of Central Asia.  Sometimes they say that the people involved in drug trafficking have started armed resistance here etc. etc.  If you could tell us…*why* the enemy is so sensitive about the incidents inside Badakhshan province and why is he making this kind of propaganda?




Answer: *Badakhshan province is quite significant area* situated in the North-East of Afghanistan. This province has not only *borders with the three neighbouring countries* but it is also strategically very complicated and mountainous area.  *The enemy is afraid that if once the Jihadi resistance becomes widespread and the districts of this province fall into the hands of Mujahidin, they would never get them back*; because the recent operations have proved that due to the suitability of the region, the operations of internal [the World Tyrant’s puppets] as well as the external [The World Tyrant/NATO] enemy against Mujahidin were quite futile.  They tried tooth and nail but could not push back Mujahidin from even a limited area of Wardaj district.




Secondly, the enemy is making wrong propaganda to define otherwise [to lie about] the Jihadi process of Badakhshan province and to mislead the public opinion in this regard; because the Jihadi movement of Badakhshan province drew *the line of refutation over all negative propaganda of the enemy which was being made in the past* against the Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate.




For example, they use to say that the ongoing Jihad is only the factional war of Pashto speaking people of Afghanistan and has no all-Afghan inclusive ideological implications.  But the province of Badakhshan which has no Pashto speaking groups, the emergence of Mujahidin from amongst the people shows that current Jihadi is not the factional war of a specific group, rather




it is the doctrinal and religious obligation of all the pious people and masses of Afghanistan for the restoration of a pure Islamic system of life




against the infidel [World Tyrant/NATO] invaders …solely based on ideology.




Thirdly, the invaders and their mercenaries used to say in the past that Mujahidin fighting inside Afghanistan have ties or links with Pakistan and they usually enter from Pakistan into Afghanistan. But the Jihadi movement inside Badakhshan province which is situated in the North-most of Afghanistan




and has no viable passage with Pakistan and




the mountain chain of Hindu-Kush is intervening in-between,




nullifies the whole propaganda of the enemy.




Let me reiterate that the Jihadi movement in Badakhshan province has taken roots from inside the people.  The knowledge lover and Jihad sustainer people of this province are strongly supporting Mujahidin.  Just now, our estimated statistics show that 80 percent [of the] people of Badakhshan province are either practically standing alongside Mujahidin or have sympathy with them and support them.




Question: Respected Moulavi Sahib, in the end, if you have any message on behalf of Mujahidin of Badakhshan province so that we could convey it through our media to our audience or spectators?




Answer: Let me say for the common people of Afghanistan that in the recent past the enemy has turned its total attention and force to the cold war i.e. propaganda regarding Afghanistan.  They are using various tactics and sorceries to denigrate Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate.  They want to link them to someone else and diminish their proclamation [of Afghan independence]. Similarly they want to create disgust among the brotherly nations of Afghanistan.




But the Mujahid Nation of Afghanistan should remain vigilant.  They should observe and evaluate their conduct and character themselves instead of seeing it in the glasses of enemy


s propaganda.  They should think whether Mujahidin are rendering such great sacrifices for the sake of someone else or they are worried only about their faith and Islam.




Similarly they should analyze whether the Islamic Emirate is really representing only one region and one group or people [when actually the Emirate is] spreading from Badakhshan to Nimroz and from Herat to Paktia, [and] *all* are its participants.




Insha-Allah (God willing) if the people of Afghanistan do not believe in the enemy


s propaganda and only observe the real facts, no query about Mujahidin will remain in their minds unsettled, because Mujahidin have no complicated or secret proclamation.  They have started their struggle *only and only* for the restoration of Islamic system of life, for the realization of aspirations of Jihad, for the fulfillment of wishes of martyrs and for the achievement of *liberty of their beloved homeland*.










See: Interview with Moulavi Abdul Ghani Faiq, the deputy head of Jihadi operations in Badakhshan Province




Tuesday, 30 April 2013 17:23
















4th item, 03 23 13 Superpower Death Watch












49 local policemen klled in Badakhshan battle; 57 heavy and light weapons captures



A deadly fighting was reported in northern Badakhshan province on Friday.


Mujahideen officials [of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan] said the fight flared up in Wardaj district of the province…[and] went on throughout the day, ending up killing as many as 49 policemen including their officers and wounding several dozen of the enemy troops….

Mujahideen *seized* some 57 heavy and light machineguns including Kalashnikov rifles, rockets and a large amount of ammo and 2 ranger vehicles from the possession of the enemy amid fighting,

whereas a number of the enemy


s vehicles are said to have been *destroyed* in Fridays fighting.

The [puppet] Kabul regime falsely claims the martyrdom of 40 Mujahideen in the airstrikes aimed [at the] fighting, which are nothing but spurious and groundless propaganda; and hence is strongly rejected.

All that Mujahideen suffered was the injuries sustained by three of the Mujahideen combatants during the fighting.












2d item, 03 21 13 Superpower Death Watch













[Puppet] Afghanistan, 2 ex-Soviet nations to build railway


It would link the Afghan town of Akina-Andhoi, about…400 miles…northwest of Kabul to Atamyrat in Turkmenistan and Pyandzh in *Tajikistan*.


See: Mar 20, 3:05 PM EDT





Agreement on Russian [New Russian Empire] military base in Tajikistan submitted to State Duma for ratification


Vladimir Putin submitted to the State Duma for ratification the Agreement between the Russian Federation [The New Russian Empire] and the Republic of Tajikistan on the Status and Conditions of the Russian Military Base Presence on the Territory of the Republic of Tajikistan.

The agreement was signed in Dushanbe on October 5, 2012.

It states that during its presence on the territory of Tajikistan, the Russian [The New Russian Empire] base will protect the interests of Russia [The New Russian Empire] and Tajikistan, ensure Tajikistans security together with Tajikistani armed forces, Russias [The New Russian Empire’s] own armed forces, and other troops and bodies [who flee from defeat by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan] in both countries.


See: March 20, 2013, 11:40

























America died




AUGUST 6, 1945




while giving birth to








which immediately began writing –in blood– its








Asterisks indicate my emphasis.










About 300 to 400 Syria refugees ask daily to go back to Syria, [Col.] Abu Shihab told the official Petra news agency late Monday.




—Jordan: More than 45,000 refugees return to Syria




Apr 30, 7:21 AM EDT























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