April 23, 2013


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The Waco Incident – 20 Years Later




By Tim Lynch














Since this web site is all about police misconduct, we cannot let the twentieth anniversary of the Waco incident pass without comment.




April 19, 1993 marks the worst police action in modern American history. 




Here are the main things to know:




76 people, including 27 children, died that day. That loss of life is a sufficient explanation as to why this incident is important and worth remembering.




The federal police operation did not involve a handful of “rogue” agents. The incident is disturbing because it supposedly involved the best units of the ATF and the FBI.  And much of the decision-making was done by the top people at headquarters facilities in Washington, DC.




Make no mistake, crimes were committed by federal agents at Waco. And those crimes were covered-up.




If the feds can successfully cover-up the worst police action in modern American history –an event that was highly publicized and that eventually brought extensive congressional hearings and the appointment of a special prosecutor– it is frightening to consider what police agencies would be able to get away in instances where there is no media scrutiny or legislative oversight.







For today, let me just highlight some facts for all the people who do not have the time or inclination to study the details.




When the Branch Davidian residence burned to the ground and it became apparent that the FBI tank assault on April 19 backfired –resulting in almost everyone losing their lives, Attorney General Janet Reno told the media that the reason she ordered the assault was because “babies were being beaten” –so the feds had no choice– they just had to move in. About a week later, Reno testified before Congress. Under oath, she admitted she had no evidence that babies were being beaten! What!?




The FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team kept saying they were there to save lives and that they were especially concerned about the safety of the children in the residence.  But their tanks drove into the side of buildings even as the agents admitted they did not know the whereabouts of the children.




Some of the Branch Davidians survived the inferno of April 19. They were arrested and charged with “murdering ATF agents.”  In a stinging rebuke to the federal prosecutors, the jury acquitted the Davidians of those very serious charges.




One of the primary reasons the cover-up was successful was that government officials kept deflecting attention away from their actions to the Branch Davidian leader, David Koresh.  And, later, the feds would deflect attention by pointing out the crimes of the Oklahoma City bombers.  The feds seemed to taunt everyone with the question, “Who are you going to side with?  Koresh?  McVeigh and Nicols?”  That was always a false choice.  One can, for example, condemn excessive force against a shoplifter without “siding with” shoplifting.




There are, to be sure, some wild conspiracy theories out there about the feds and Waco.  But the existence of a conspiracy theorist(s) does not make all government conduct lawful and ethical, at least in logic.




What’s the takeaway from all this?  First, recognize that this awful incident really did happen.  Crimes were committed and then the government tried to deceive everyone about what actually happened there.  Second, when it comes to government power, especially police power and the use of deadly force, be impartial, ask questions, and follow the evidence.  We must remember that, in a free society, police agents may not use the “color of their office” to commit crimes.










See: 04 19 13
















This work by Cato Institute is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.






















The National Police Misconduct Reporting Project (NPMRP) was first established in 2009 by David Packman, a private researcher.  In April 2012, Mr. Packman announced that he could no longer devote the necessary time to maintain his project and asked for a person or organization to assume responsibility for the reporting project.  The Cato Institute expressed an interest, and Mr. Packman subsequently agreed to transfer his ownership interest to Cato with no qualifications whatsoever.




In May 2012, Cato relaunched the reporting project at




























US[World Tyrant]-NATO chopper falls into hands of Mujahideen [troops of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan], all passengers detained










Reports arriving from Logar province say that a US[World Tyrant]-NATO helicopter made an emergency landing later Sunday in Azra district’s Mangal area.




Mujahideen immediately surrounded the chopper, detained all 11 foreigners aboard and completely destroyed the helicopter which belongs to the foreign forces by setting it alight.




The 11 crew, compromising…American [World Tyrant] military officers among which are 2 translators, were captured alive and were then transferred to the most secure region of the nation.




Initial information suggests that the helicopter faced problems while flying in from Khost province towards Bagram.




The foreign forces, by disassociating themselves from the helicopter, are trying to make it seem as the detainees are civilians but denial will not benefit them as *all were captured while wearing American military uniforms*.












Monday, 22 April 2013 17:05












World Tyrant/NATO forces are trying to disassociate themselves from the helicopter ?  Like this:




“Onboard the Russian-made Mi-8 helicopter were eight Turkish engineers and at least one Russian [New Russian Empire] pilot, according to Turkish and Russian [New Russian Empire] officials.




—Afghan Taliban [troops of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan] say captured all onboard crashed helicopter




KABUL | Mon Apr 22, 2013 7:36am EDT












Note: Turkey is the main springboard for The World Tyrant’s proxy war against the Syrian Arab Republic and against the Syrian people.














If you want to go to heaven, you had better get busy overthrowing Syria


© Paul Craig Roberts





The United States government has been at war for eleven years.  The US military destroyed Iraq, leaving the country and millions of lives in ruins and releasing sectarian blood-letting that had been kept in check by the secular Saddam Hussein government.  On any given day in “liberated” Iraq, the death toll is as high as during the height of the US attempted occupation.


In Afghanistan eleven years of US attempted occupation has had no more success than a decade of Soviet occupation.  The Afghans are still not worn down despite more than two decades of war with the two superpowers.  Like the Soviets, the Americans have managed to kill many women, children, and village elders, but precious few warriors.  In place of the Soviet puppet government there is Washington’s puppet government.  That is the only change, and Washington’s puppet is no more secure than the Soviet one was.


In Libya, Washington used its corrupt NATO puppets and CIA-recruited bandits to overthrow another stable government, that of Muammar Gaddafi, leaving Libya mired in sectarian violence.  A stable prosperous country has simply been destroyed by western governments that profess human rights values and condemn China and Russia for not having any.


Washington has also been killing civilians with drones and air strikes in Pakistan and Yemen, two countries with which Washington is not at war but has *purchased the governments*, paying the Pakistani and Yemeni governments for the right to murder their citizens and destabilizing both countries in the process.


And now in Syria Washington is at work destroying another stable secular government headed by a British trained eye doctor.



[ There’s more ! ]





See: April 21, 2013















Adelaide woman [Denyse] says [five] police assaulted her at home after call to counselling service










TOLD her she was not allowed to phone her husband and had no rights.




PREVENTED her from going to the toilet and forced her to urinate where she lay.




KICKED her in the hip, hit her in the face, twisted her arms and pushed her to the floor.




CONFISCATED her mobile phone, which was only made apparent when her husband Andrew recognised its ringtone and an officer took it out of his pocket.




Andrew said he arrived home about 90 minutes after police entered the home. “I’m not sure why it takes so many people to subdue a 60-year-old woman,” he said.












See: April 23, 2013 12:00AM










See pics.












Adelaide…is the capital city of [the state of] South Australia and the fifth-largest city in Australia.










(Location map)














America died




AUGUST 6, 1945




while giving birth to








which immediately began writing –in blood– its








Asterisks indicate my emphasis.




The Waco Incident – 20 Years Later / By Tim Lynch




US[World Tyrant]-NATO chopper falls into hands of Mujahideen [troops of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan], all passengers detained   +  Afghan Taliban [troops of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan] say captured all onboard crashed helicopter




If you want to go to heaven, you had better get busy overthrowing Syria /


© Paul Craig Roberts


Adelaide woman [Denyse] says [five] police assaulted her at home after call to counselling service





“He was a regular kid,” said Zach Bettencourt, 20, a classmate at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. “When I see his picture on the news, I still can’t believe it.  I just can’t believe anything they say he did.”



Bettencourt, the University of Massachusetts student, said he saw Dzhokar Tsarnaev at the campus gym the day after the bombing.  “I talked to him about it like he was a regular kid,” Bettencourt said.  He recalled Dzhokar Tsarnaev saying, “tragedies happen.”



—Bombing Motive Sought for Brothers Who Differed in Style


Apr 21, 2013 10:32 PM ET





















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