April 22, 2013


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04 22 13 Superpower Death Watch




















Supreme Leader [of Islamic Republic of Iran] Meets with Army Commanders and Personnel


















The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution referred to the irrationality of the camp of global arrogance, headed by America [The World Tyrant], saying: “Today, western civilization is on the verge of collapse and destruction because of its contradictions, irrationality, oppression and indifference to human values.”




His Eminence pointed to the domineering spirit of the armies that belong to the camp of arrogance, particularly the American [World Tyrant] army, reiterating: “Wherever these armies show up, they give rise to moral corruption and killings and they put pressure on the people.”




He said that the American [World Tyrant] claim to combat weapons of mass destruction is false, further adding: “Contrary to this claim, American [World Tyrant] drones massacre the innocent children, women and people of Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Also, the terrorists who are overtly and covertly supported by America [The World Tyrant] kill the people in Iraq and Syria.”




The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution referred to the contradictions in the statements of American politicians, adding: “America [The World Tyrant] and other countries [NATO] that claim to defend human rights are silent about the massacre of innocent people in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.  But after a few explosions in America, they create uproar throughout the world.”




Ayatollah Khamenei stressed: “As a follower Islam, the Islamic Republic of Iran is opposed to any kind of bombing and massacre of innocent people –no matter whether it is in Boston or Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria– and it condemns such moves.”




He said: “What kind of logic is this?  If children and women are murdered in Afghanistan and Pakistan by the Americans [the World Tyrant ubermenschen] and if terrorists who are supported by America [The World Tyrant] in Iraq and Syria create so many disasters, it is alright.  But if an explosion takes place in America [The World Tyrant] or a western [NATO] country, the entire world should pay the price for it.”




“This way of thinking and this spirit of America [The World Tyrant] and the west [NATO] –which consider themselves as more important than others–  will result in its gradual decline and fall.”






































Half of Guantanamo prisoners on hunger strike










About a week after a clash between guards and prisoners, the hunger strike is steadily growing. On Tuesday, the number of hunger strikers was 45. By Friday, 63 prisoners had joined.












Apr 21, 11:54 AM EDT




















Global Awakening to False-Flag Terrorism




By Dr. Kevin Barrett










The received notion of “terrorism” is that anti-government radicals are supposedly attacking civilians.  But wait a minute –why would they do that?  Why wouldn’t they just attack the government –especially the government officials, government-owning fat-cats and government-aiding media moguls who are the real objects of their hatred?


For better or worse, there are very few actual anti-government terrorists.  Virtually all terrorism is committed by governments.


Let’s take this from the top and define our terms. “Terrorism” means “using violence against civilians to create fear for political purposes.”


Who does that?  Who has the motivation to do it?


Only governments.


It is well-known that governments terrorize the citizens of countries they invade and occupy.  The US [The World Tyrant], for example, murdered many *millions* of Vietnamese citizens in a doomed attempt to terrorize them into submission.  Ditto for Indonesia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and many other places.  This is real terrorism –terrorism on a massive, genocidal scale.


It is less well-known that the very same governments also terrorize their own citizens – more subtly, and on a smaller scale.




In the US [The World Tyrant], militarized police forces terrorize African-American communities. Almost every day, an African-American is extra-judicially executed by police.


White Americans are terrorized in sneakier and less brutal fashion: They are fed a diet of violence and fear-mongering propaganda by the media.  Those who break out of the fear bubble, and go to Occupy demonstrations, may have their skulls smashed by police billy clubs.




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Decades Later, State Seeks Release of Report on Attica Uprising












A group called the Forgotten Victims of Attica, made up of prison employees who survived the inmate rebellion and the recapture of the prison, as well as relatives of those who did not survive, has urged the state for more than a decade to seek the release of the records.




…[NY Attorney General Eric T.] Schneiderman, whose office holds the records but has been barred by a decades-old court order from releasing them, said on Friday that he would seek a judge’s permission to release the entirety of what is known as the Meyer report, a 570-page review of the state’s retaking of the prison in 1971 [FORTY-TWO YEARS ago].




“The time has come to bring transparency to one of New York State government’s darkest chapters,”… Schneiderman said.










See: Published: April 19, 2013


















“Hours after 1,000 New York State troopers, sheriff’s deputies and correction officers stormed Attica prison to crush a four-day inmate revolt  in 1971, Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller telephoned President Richard M. Nixon to claim victory unambiguously.




At the time, it appeared that State Police sharpshooters who had fired on the prison yard had killed mostly inmates, not some of the prison guards who had been held hostage inside.




And because the inmates were black and the guards white, the governor and the president seemed to suggest, the American public would undoubtedly endorse the state’s assault on Attica.




“They did a fabulous job,” Rockefeller told Nixon. “It really was a beautiful operation.”






—Rockefeller on the Attica Raid, From Boastful to Subdued




Published: September 12, 2011










See pic.






























America died




AUGUST 6, 1945




while giving birth to








which immediately began writing –in blood– its








Asterisks indicate my emphasis.




Supreme Leader [of Islamic Republic of Iran] Meets with Army Commanders and Personnel






Half of Guantanamo prisoners on hunger strike




Global Awakening to False-Flag Terrorism / By Dr. Kevin Barrett




Decades Later, State Seeks Release of Report on Attica Uprising   &   Rockefeller on the Attica Raid, From Boastful to Subdued






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