April 19, 2013


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04 19 13 Superpower Death Watch
























Libya’s Lesson














Yielding to US [World Tyrant] military pressure and appeasement, some countries gave up their arms build-up efforts.




What happened to those countries?  Libya gives an answer to all of us.




On September 1, 1969 an anti-US[World Tyrant] government was set up in Libya.  It followed an anti-US[World Tyrant] and anti-Western[NATO] policy.  This certainly rubbed Washington [The World Tyrant] the wrong way.




In 1981, the US [The World Tyrant] cut off diplomatic relations with Libya, and from 1986 imposed all-out sanctions.  The *pretext* was that Libya was supporting terrorism.  Then indiscriminate bombings of Libya’s capital city began.  The US [World Tyrant] intention was of course to overthrow the local government.




The Libyan government had stood firm against the pressure and sanction of the US [The World Tyrant]and the West [NATO] till 2003 when the US [The World Tyrant] launched war in Iraq allegedly to prevent “development of mass destruction weapons”.




The war ended soon, and the US [The World Tyrant] loudly vaunted and exaggerated its success in Iraq. This bewildered Libya.  There was a sudden turnabout in that country.  Instead of building up its national defenses, its leadership hoped to avoid the on-coming tragedy by giving up its nuclear program.




Libya’s decision was cheered and hailed by the US [The World Tyrant] and the West [NATO].  They acclaimed, “Libya has joined the international community, contributing to world peace.”




Libya accepted a nuclear inspection group as required by the US [The World Tyrant] and demolished all nuclear-related facilities of its own.  To this the US [World Tyrant] response was immediate.  It lifted sanctions and restored diplomatic relations with Libya.  Receiving that wonderful “gift”, Libya even advised us to follow its suit.




But what actually happened?  Libya had given up its nuclear program, but promised US [World Tyrant] economic assistance *didn’t* come.




More, the US [The World Tyrant] began to harbor a foul attempt: to throw overboard the Libyan government which had long pursued a hostile policy against Washington [The World Tyrant].




Gradually Libya came back to itself but it was too late.




In 2011 the US [The World Tyrant] urged its followers to bomb Libya.  The bombing leveled that country in ashes.




That was a reward Libya got for the abandonment of its nuclear program.




What lesson Libya’s tragedy gives us: Illusion about imperialism will mean death and the way to defend the national sovereignty is to stand tough with nuclear deterrence of one’s own against the US [World Tyrant] nuclear threat and blackmail.












Apr. 18, Juche 102 (2013) Thursday


























Greece pledges swift punishment over farm shooting










Greek officials on Thursday promised “swift and exemplary” punishment for three strawberry plantation foremen who allegedly *shot and injured 29 Bangladeshi laborers* protesting late pay.




Police are seeking the three suspects who disappeared after Wednesday’s shootings, which occurred during a confrontation with some *200 Bangladeshi farm workers* in the country’s rural south [the southern Peloponnese region] who say they have *not been paid for half a year*.




The plastic-topped greenhouses that cover [the village of] Manolada’s broad plains account for most of Greece’s strawberry output, using cheap labor by Asian immigrants *often housed in primitive conditions*.




“The barbarous attack…conjures up images of a [World Tyrant] slavery-based South that have no place in our country,” Justice Minister Antonis Roupakiotis said.




“The criminal act in Manolada…shows the tragic results of labor exploitation, combined with a lack of control” by the government labor inspectorate, a GSEE [General Confederation of Greek Workers]  statement said.




“In Manolada, and particularly in the strawberry plantations, a sort of [SLAVE] state within a state has been created.”












Apr 18, 12:11 PM EDT
























Bx. [Bronx] idiots beat up ‘Arab’ in revenge










A *Bangladeshi* man out for dinner at a Bronx restaurant was viciously beaten hours after the Boston Marathon bombing by thugs who called him “a f–king Arab”


before pummeling him to the ground 




The victim said he went home and turned on the TV, and only then learned about the bombing and put two and two together.




“I saw the news, and then it hits me: That


s why I got jumped,”he said.










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[Syrian Arab Republic] Army Controls Aabel, Inflicts Direct Blows upon Terrorists, Seizes Various Weapons




























In a series of successful operations, a number of terrorists, including leaders of terrorist groups, were eliminated in Jobar and Marj al-Sultan farms in the Eastern Ghota, in Damascus countryside.




An official source told SANA reporter on Thursday that an engineering unit defused three explosive devices of 50-70 kg were planted by terrorists east of Maysaloon roundabout to be detonated by remote.




The source added that a number of terrorists who were looting properties in Jober were killed including, Omar al-Dibs and Zakarai Qashishah.




The source said that a qualitative operation was implemented in Marj al-Sultan farms in the eastern Ghota.




The operation resulted in destroying weapons’ warehouse, killing and injuring a number of terrorists including Hossam Arbash, the leader of a terrorist group within the so-called Liwaa al-Islam, and Abdel Rahman al-Boidany.














Army Fully Controls Aabel Town, Homs Countryside




An official source said on Thursday that the army units fully controlled Aabel town in Homs countryside.




Units of our armed forces inflicted painful blows upon terrorists’ gatherings, inflicting heavy losses upon them in Homs governorate and its countryside.




SANA correspondent quoted a source in the governorate as saying that a unit of our armed forces chased a terrorist group between villages of Tel Shannan and al-Shtaeih, killing and wounding a number of its members and arresting others.




Weapons in the terrorists’ possession were seized including RPG launcher, PKC machinegun, automatic rifle and a variety of ammunition.




The source added that another unit of the armed forces killed and wounded a number of terrorists who were intimidating the citizens and cutting off the roads on the outskirts of Jeb al-Jandaly in Homs.




In a successful operation, the army units killed and wounded a number of terrorists in al-Kahledieh.




Leader of a terrorist group called, Hazaa Houri Zadah, was among the dead, according to a source at the governorate.














Army Units Target Terrorists’ Gatherings In Idleb




In Idleb, units of our valiant armed forces have targeted terrorists’ gatherings, inflicting direct injuries upon them in several areas.




A military source told SANA that the units of our valiant forces targeted gatherings for terrorists in the areas of Janaudieh, Qatron, Ein al-Shegher, [the] cork factory, Haj Hammoud farm, al-Alieh, al-Taybat, Maart Masren, Binnish, and Sraqeb, inflicting heavy losses upon them.




Another armed forces’ unit targeted terrorists’ dens on al-Janaudieh road in Jisr al-Shoughour, killing and wounding a number of them.




A military source said that terrorists, Mohammed Hasno, Anwar Brimo, Shadi Brimo and Mohammad Saleh were identified among the dead.














Terrorists’ Gatherings Targeted in in Deir Ezzor Countryside




Units of our armed forces destroyed terrorists’ gatherings with all terrorists and weapons inside them in al-Mri’eh and al-Husseinieh villages in Deir Ezzor countryside.




According to a source at the province, terrorists, Mohammed Hussein al-Faraj from the so-called Omar Bin al-Khattab battalion, Abdul Salam Fayyad al-Salameh and Ismail Mohamed al-Jamal were among the dead.












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America died




AUGUST 6, 1945




while giving birth to








which immediately began writing –in blood– its








Asterisks indicate my emphasis.




THIS IS ITEM # 1 / Libya’s Lesson




Greece pledges swift punishment over farm shooting




Bx. [Bronx] idiots beat up ‘Arab’ in revenge




WORLD TYRANT CEMETARY OPEN FOR BUSINESS / [Syrian Arab Republic] Army Controls Aabel, Inflicts Direct Blows upon Terrorists, Seizes Various Weapons






Note to this part of Item # 1: “Libya had given up its nuclear program, but promised US [World Tyrant] economic assistance *didn’t* come.”




On October 21, 1944 in a session of the Anti-fascist National Liberation Committee “a fine and well-prepared contribution was made by Comrade Spiro Koleka, who at Permet had been put in charge of the department of public works and was one of the most active comrades of the Committee.  After stressing the importantance of the [present] meeting and expressing his approval of the decision whuch was to be taken, Koleka dwelt on the major economic problems we faced.




“‘Besides the war with arms for the liberation of the country [Albania],’ he said, ‘now we face another struggle in the front of work.  We have many many problems which await solution in regard to industry, agriculture, the roads and bridges, houses, schools, hospitals, etc.  To accomplish all these things requires ceaseless and tireless work, the collective work of all.  We shall do all these things ourselves,’ stressed Spiro Koleka, among other things ‘because economic freedom, too, is not donated, but is gained through work and sweat.'”




—Page 497 of Enver Hoxha’s *Layng the Foundations of the New Albania: Memoirs and Historical Notes.*  Tirana: “8 Nentori” Publishing House, 1984.



















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