April 18, 2013


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04 18 13 Superpower Death Watch




















KPA [Korean People’s Army] Supreme Command Sends Ultimatum [April 16] to S. Korean Puppet Forces














The world is in a festive mood on the auspicious Day of the Sun.




Even though an acute situation is prevailing in the DPRK, all the people are celebrating the Day of the Sun as the greatest national holiday.




It is only the south Korean puppet forces who hurled a group of anti-communist gangsters into a rally against the DPRK in the heart of Seoul in broad daylight at which they set fire to the portraits, the symbols of its supreme dignity, the thrice-cursed crime.




All the service personnel and people of the DPRK are simmering with towering resentment at this monstrous criminal act.




In view of this situation the Supreme Command of the KPA sends the following ultimatum to the south Korean puppet forces:




1. Our retaliatory action will start without any notice from now as such thrice-cursed criminal act of hurting the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK is being openly committed in the heart of Seoul under the patronage of the puppet authorities.




To be included in the targets of retaliation are those directly or indirectly involved in the operation to hurt the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK and those who instigated the perpetrators and connived their crime and the relevant organs and departments of the authorities involved.




2. The DPRK’s revolutionary armed forces will start immediately their just military actions to show how the service personnel and people of the DPRK value and protect the dignity of the supreme leadership.




The military demonstration of the DPRK’s revolutionary armed forces will be powerful sledge-hammer blows at all hostile forces hurting the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK.




3. If the puppet authorities truly want dialogue and negotiations, they should apologize for all anti-DPRK hostile acts, big and small, and show the compatriots their will to stop all these acts in practice.












Apr. 17, Juche 102 (2013) Wednesday






















US [The World Tyrant] says Guantanamo hunger strike on the rise










A military spokesman says 52 prisoners have been classified as hunger strikers as of Wednesday.


That’s up from 45 a day earlier.










Apr 17, 9:22 AM EDT




















Contemplating chaos in a nation of `soft targets’










The United States [The World Tyrant] proclaims itself the world’s foremost economic and military superpower –the mightiest nation on Earth, “land of opportunity” for those who want to work hard and prosper.




But as Monday’s [Obama] bombings at the Boston Marathon illustrate, the reality is that, from sea to shining sea, this is a nation of “soft targets,” full of opportunities for those who want to do it harm.












Apr 17, 8:39 AM EDT




















Press statements following Russian[New Russian Empire]-[puppet]Uzbekistani talks
















We discussed in detail the situation in Central Asia of course, and spoke about the issues related to the withdrawal of [World Tyrant/NATO] international coalition forces from Afghanistan in 2014.




We agreed to keep monitoring this issue closely and coordinate possible future joint steps, in particular the possibility of providing any needed assistance to Afghanistan


s [puppet] leadership








to help stabilise the military and political situation and fight drug trafficking, terrorism and extremism.










I think there is no need today to convince anyone that growing globalisation, the fast-changing situation in the world around us, continued rise in tension, rivalry and confrontation in the world, and terrorism and extremism are all making their impact felt in Central Asia too.  This is the reality that we all have to deal with today.




The upcoming withdrawal of peacekeepers [World Tyrant/NATO WARMAKERS] from Afghanistan after 2014 (the process has essentially already begun) could lead in my opinion to negative developments in the region.  We cannot deny these problems.  The facts speak for themselves.




We firmly believe that Russia


s [The New Russian Empire’s] presence in Central Asia is an important factor in cementing peace and stability and preventing the *creeping* (I choose this word in reference to the broad sense and content this issue involves) expansion of extremism and radicalism in the region, and not in our region alone.




[ The allusion is to The World Tyrant/NATO’s proxy war against the Syrian Arab Republic and against the Syrian people. ]




Radicalism is growing all around the world.




Today, as always, I was most interested to hear the Russian President


s [Pantocles Putin’s] and Russian [New Russian Empire] leaderships view of the difficult and hard to predict situations in Afghanistan and the neighbouring countries.




Let me explain this creeping expansion I mentioned. The heart of the matter is that although no one can and wants to declare war on anyone else, this creeping expansion is so dangerous because it is very difficult to stop.  There are no universal rules on when to establish borders and take measures on not letting people into your country and so on.  But this creeping expansion is called


creepingprecisely because it seeps through regardless of anything.




This is especially dangerous when we are talking about ideological confrontation, especially religious confrontation, religious fanaticism.  What is a fanatic?  A fanatic is someone already so rigidly set in their own views that they hold nothing else sacred and in some cases can hardly be called human.  They are so zombified that they understand only the aims and goals set for them by others, who do not expose their own selves to the risks involved.




What we [zombies] see happening with suicide bombers and so on is a sign of the growing radicalism around the world.  We [zombies] all know that this began in North Africa, the Persian Gulf region and so forth, but it seeks to spread into regions that the people behind it deem fitting.  We are feeling this in Central Asia.




We [zombies] already see signs of these goals, these desires, and we know that there are many forces, political forces, serious ideological forces, that would like to carry out their far-reaching plans.  The completion of withdrawal of the [World Tyrant/NATO] ISAF forces from Afghanistan in 2014 could not only lead to civil war in Afghanistan itself, but, most important, it could increase tension throughout this whole vast region.  It is hard to find anyone today who would be able to tell us [zombies] now what things will be like in Afghanistan by the end of this year or the end of next year.




We were therefore very keen to hear Russia’s [The New Russian Empire’s] views on this issue.  I am entirely happy with what I heard at today’s talks and with our exchange of views with the Russian [New Russian Empire] leadership.




Thank you.




VLADIMIR [PANTOCLES] PUTIN: Thank you very much.












See: April 15, 2013, 16:45 The Kremlin, Moscow












Note: Zombie Karimov’s attitude may remind readers of Menshevik Julius Martov’s attitude to the situation soon after the REAL Soviet Union (1917-1956) established itself. 




“…when ‘world Bolshevism’ had everywhere become an undeniable factor in the revolutionary process [following World War I], European [fake] Marxists found themselves as unprepared as Russian  [fake] Marxists [the Mensheviks] –if not more so– to understand the historical importance of this event and to discover the reasons which ensured its persistence.










Martov quietly dropped this outburst when his 1919 book *World Bolshevism* was re-published under the altered title *The State and the Socialist Revolution* in 1938.
















America died




AUGUST 6, 1945




while giving birth to








which immediately began writing –in blood– its








Asterisks indicate my emphasis.




KPA [Korean People’s Army] Supreme Command Sends Ultimatum [April 16] to S. Korean Puppet Forces




US [The World Tyrant] says Guantanamo hunger strike on the rise




Contemplating chaos in a nation of `soft targets’




Press statements following Russian[New Russian Empire]-[puppet]Uzbekistani talks










US [World Tyrant] to deploy 200 troops to Jordan over Syria war: minister




17 April 2013 – 21H35










“because of ‘the deteriorating situation'” [= victory of Syrian Arab Republic Army and people]

















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