April 8, 2013


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04 08 13 Superpower Death Watch





Calif. governor looks to China for investments



The governor of the most populous U.S. state heads to China next week to begin a weeklong trade mission that he hopes will produce investments on both sides of the Pacific.  [Jerry] Brown will lead a delegation of business leaders in search of what he calls “plenty of billions.”

“They’ve got $400 billion or $500 billion they’re going to invest abroad, so California’s got to get a piece of that,” Brown said in an interview last week ahead of his seven-day trip to China.

The governor and business leaders accompanying him are trying to rebuild the state’s official relationship with China after the state closed its two trade offices and others around the world a decade ago in a cost-cutting move.  California finds itself playing catch-up to other states that have had a vigorous presence in China for years.

California, which would be *the world’s ninth largest economy* if it were a separate country, will open a trade office in Shanghai during Brown’s visit.  The Bay Area Council, a coalition of business interests from the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley, is raising about $1 million a year in private money to operate it.


[ Pantocles Obama, see how easy it is to lose it all ? ]



See: Apr 6, 3:00 PM EDT



It isn’t clear whether Xi was taking a swipe at North Korea [the Democratic Republic of Korea] or at the United States [The World Tyrant], a frequent target of Chinese criticism, when he criticized unilateral acts that threaten stability.

“The international community should advocate the vision of comprehensive security and cooperative security, so as to turn the global village into a big stage for common development rather than an arena where gladiators fight each other.  And no one should be allowed to throw the region, or even the whole world, into chaos for selfish gains,” Xi said at the Boao Forum for Asia, a China-sponsored talk shop for the global elite.

—China’s Xi offers to reduce friction over hotspots

Apr 7, 3:12 AM EDT





Financial hub Luxembourg under increased scrutiny



With just half a million people living on a tiny patch of lush land nestled between Belgium, France and Germany, Luxembourg is as tranquil as a buzzing financial center gets.  Still, some of Europe’s regulators and politicians have started wondering aloud whether its banks might be holding the 17-nation eurozone’s next ticking bomb.

Cyprus was forced to seek a bailout from its eurozone partners after its once-thriving banking industry collapsed.  The country couldn’t afford to bail out its financial sector which, thanks to massive deposits of foreigners, had grown to eight times the size of its economy.  The 10 billion euro ($13 billion) rescue loan package comes with tough austerity measures attached, as well as a brutal shrinking of the banking industry and significant losses for savers with deposits larger than 100,000 euros.

In comparison, the balance sheets of the banks in Luxembourg have swollen to about 22 times the country’s annual economic output of 44 billion euros –making it Europe’s richest country per capita.  The country is also the world’s second-largest center for investment funds, with about 3,800 funds holding assets worth…$3.2 trillion…–about 55 times the country’s gross domestic product.  It has 141 banks based there, with five of them domestic institutions and the remainder being mainly divisions of foreign banks.


[ Pantocles Putin, see how easy it is to lose it all ? ]



See: Apr 7, 2:25 AM EDT



My visit to the Netherlands begins on Monday [04 08 13].  In the course of this visit HM Queen Beatrix [who says she’ll abdicate in 23 days] and I will officially open the Year of Russia in the Netherlands and the Year of the Netherlands in Russia.

And I would like to hope that the respect of the Dutch people for the Russian soldiers who fought and died liberating Europe from Nazism remains unchanged.

—Russia and the Netherlands: traditions, historical continuity and new prospects for partnership

April 6, 2013, 08:00


[ Tell us, Pantocles Putin, about “the Russian soldiers”: were they the men and officers of the Workers’-Peasants’ Red Army of the Soviet Union led by its top soldier, J V Stalin ?

Tell us, Pantocles Putin, did all these soldiers simply fight and die –or did they instead WIPE OUT Nazi Germany ? ]





NYC is pressed to settle Central Park jogger case



Five black and Hispanic boys were convicted that year [twenty-three years ago] in the rape and grisly beating of a white woman jogging in the park, and they went on to serve six to 13 years in prison before their convictions were thrown out in 2002 [eleven years ago] because of evidence linking someone else to the crime.

They sued police and prosecutors for $250 million. But the lawsuit has languished for a decade with no resolution in sight.


See: Apr 6, 2:49 PM EDT






The duty to avoid a war in Korea



Now that the country [the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea] has demonstrated its technical and scientific achievements, we remind her of her duties to the countries which have been her great friends, and it would be unjust to forget that such a war would particularly affect more than 70% of the population of the planet.

If a conflict of that nature should break out there, the government of [Patrocles] Barack Obama in his second mandate would be buried in a deluge of images which would present him as the most sinister character in the history of the United States.  The duty of avoiding war is also his and that of the people of the United States.


Castro denies the DPRK’s RIGHT to defend itself when attacked by The World Tyrant and its followers on the absurd ground that the DPRK’s DUTY is not to defend itself.

Washington, mon amour.

New York, mon amour.

Pantocles Obama –who?



See: Havana. April 5,2013




America died

AUGUST 6, 1945

while giving birth to


which immediately began writing –in blood– its


Asterisks indicate my emphasis.

Calif. governor looks to China for investments / [ Pantocles Obama, see how easy it is to lose it all ? ] / China’s Xi offers to reduce friction over hotspots   –   Financial hub Luxembourg under increased scrutiny / [ Pantocles Putin, see how easy it is to lose it all ? ] / Russia and the Netherlands: traditions, historical continuity and new prospects for partnership   –   LAW AND DISORDER / NYC is pressed to settle Central Park jogger case  –  COWED CASTRO CAPITULATES / The duty to avoid a war in Korea

Pantocles?  See Item 2 of 04 05 13 Superpower Death Watch




Armed Forces Carry out Special Operations against Terrorists, Seize Weapons

Apr 08, 2013







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