April 7, 2013


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04 07 13 Superpower Death Watch




















U.S. [World Tyrant] Is Bound to Meet Fate of Tiger Moth: KCNA Commentary














The U.S. [The World Tyrant] is hurling huge nuclear war hardware into south Korea.




It introduced there nuclear submarine Cheyenne, B-52 and B-2A, inciting a war fever against the DPRK.  It even let F-22s fly into south Korea on March 31.  It sent SBX-1 and destroyers with missile interceptor capacity to the waters off the Korean Peninsula.  It was also reported that super-large aircraft carrier and its group will be sent to the waters off the peninsula from the U.S. [World Tyrant] mainland.




This is a revelation of its foolish moves




to frighten the DPRK through the display of so-called “overwhelming” military might and, at same time,




[to] lead the former to a change.




The U.S. is irritated at the proud look of the DPRK reacting to its [The World Tyrant’s] stifling moves with the toughest measures.




The DPRK’s resolute and merciless measure such as the declaration of its decision on nullifying the Armistice Agreement and its practical military action are shaking *to the very foundation* the hostile policy toward the DPRK by the U.S. [The World Tyrant] styling itself the world’s only superpower.




It is by no means fortuitous that even U.S. [World Tyrant] experts in Korean issue said in case the DPRK fights a war against the U.S. [The World Tyrant], the reaction by forces of the U.S. [World Tyrant] and south Korea will be very poor.




The U.S. [The World Tyrant] is having hard time making judgment whether to fight a war with the DPRK or not *with its economy on the verge of bankruptcy*.




This is the reason that the U.S. [The World Tyrant] is bringing lethal weapons to south Korea in succession in a desperate effort to dampen the DPRK’s will.




It is a foolish act reminding one of a drowning man catching at a straw.




The U.S. [World Tyrant] forces in south Korea and puppet forces seized with fear seem to regard lethal equipment including Stealth weapons as ones that can boost their sinking morale.  But we are considering them as tiger moths jumping into the nuclear war of justice.




In case our powerful nuclear strike means are fired all at once, the destiny of tiger moths will become clear.




The U.S. [The World Tyrant] is seriously mistaken if it thinks that the DPRK, which has smaller, lighter and diversified [MIRVed] latest nuclear strike means, will step back in an all-out action with the U.S. [The World Tyrant]




The DPRK will invariably advance straight along the road of Songun [military first], the road of bolstering nuclear armed force unless the U.S. [The World Tyrant] does abandon its ambition for stifling the DPRK.










A lesson for






A lesson for






A lesson for








See Item 2 of 04 05 13 Superpower Death Watch
























04 05 13
























PANTOCLES PUTIN] Interview to the German ARD














JÖRG SCHÖNENBORN: How do you see the opportunities for stopping the bloodshed [= The World Tyrant’s proxy war against the Syrian Arab Republic and against the Syrian peoples]?  What are the Russian [New Russian Empire] authorities doing, what is the Russian [New Russian Empire] Government doing to finally put an end to this bloodshed?




[PANTOCLES] VLADIMIR PUTIN: I think that we should seek an immediate cessation of hostilities, of shelling from both sides, and a cessation of arms supplies.




We often hear: “Russia is supplying arms to Assad.” First of all, there are no bans on arms supplies to incumbent legitimate governments.  Secondly, only recently the opposition has received 3.5 tons of arms and munitions through the [Turkish] airports near Syria.  This is the information published by the American media, I believe, by The New York Times.  It has to be stopped.




However, –I would like to stress once again and I believe it is extremely important,– there is international law.  There are international legal norms stating that it is inadmissible to supply arms to the armed groups that strive to destabilise the situation in a certain country with the use of arms.  Such norms exist and they remain in force; nobody abolished them.  So, when they say that Assad is fighting against his own people, we need to remember that this is the armed part of the opposition [= the proxies organized, financed, trained, and equipped by The World Tyrant].




What is going on is a massacre, this is a disaster, a catastrophe.  It has to be stopped.  It is necessary to bring all the *warring* parties




[ Tell us, Patrocles Putin, do such words include The World Tyrant which organizes, finances, trains and equips its *warring* proxies ? ]




to the negotiation table.  I believe that this is the first step that has to be done, and then it is necessary to elaborate further steps during a discussion, which is important in our view.




[ Tell us, Patrocles Putin, do such words include The New Russian Empire’s main *partner*, The World Tyrant ? ]




I have already said it in public and I would like to tell you this, so that your viewers also know about our real position.  We do not think that Assad should leave today, as our partners suggest. In this case, tomorrow we




[ Tell us, Patrocles Putin, does “we” include, first of all, The New World Tyrant ? ]




will have to decide what to do and where to go.  We have done it in many countries.  To be precise, our Western *partners* have.  And it is unclear where Libya will go.  In fact, it has already split into three parts.  *We* do not want to have the situation of the same difficulty as we still have in Iraq.  We do not want to have the situation of the same difficulty as in Yemen, and so on.




Therefore, we believe that it is necessary to bring *everyone* to the negotiation table so that all *warring* parties could reach an agreement on how their interests will be protected and in which way they




[ Tell us, Patrocles Putin, does “they” include “our Western partners” = The World Tyrant/NATO ? ]




will participate in the future governance of the country [*now* the Syrian Arab Republic].  And then they will work *together* on the implementation of this plan with due guarantees of the international community.




By the way, at the recent forum in Geneva (a few months ago) an agreement was reached on this issue, but later our Western partners unfortunately went back on these agreements.  We believe that it is necessary to work hard and search for mutually acceptable solutions.




Recently, we have received Mr Hollande, President of the French Republic.  I think he has some interesting ideas that can be implemented, but it requires some diplomatic work.  We are ready to support these ideas [= invade the Republic of Mali = invade the Syrian Arab Republic].  We need to try and put them into practice.






















April 5, 2013, 19:00




















Remarks of spokesman of Islamic Emirate [of Afghanistan] regarding attack on courthouse in Farah










On Wednesday,…[well-traind troops] of Islamic Emirate carried out a thunderous strike in Farah provincial capital on multiple enemy complexes, key targets amongst which were the so-called provincial high court and military court.




This planned attack was executed on the same day as a gathering was called in order to put to trial a few Mujahideen on charges of defending their religion and homeland.




With this operation, the Islamic Emirate sent a clear message to the [puppet] Kabul administration, its [puppet] courts as well as its [puppet] Judges and prosecutors that from now on, the valiant Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate, *in revenge of our oppressed prisoners*, will target those [puppet] Judges and prosecutors who deliberately try to make the cases of Mujahideen weighty.




The real defenders of Islam and the nation (Mujahideen) who have sacrificed everything to oppose the invaders[,] are tortured, kept in prisons for years on end and even mercilessly given the death penalty…[–]all due to these cowardly, Kufr and occupation-loving [puppet] departments and [their puppet] personnel.




These actions are carried out by these [puppet] departments despite the many repeated warnings by Mujahideen.  These so called Judges deliberately change the cases of Mujahideen from political to criminal, order heavy penalties for these pure Mujahideen and this process keeps on going,




henceforth, the reaction of Mujahideen towards them will be serious and they will encounter all necessary and similar counter actions.




The Islamic Emirate, from today onwards, will keep a close watch over [puppet] courthouses, all…[their puppet] personnel and all those who try to harm Mujahideen and will deal with them the same as the [puppet] Judges and prosecutors of Farah




while those who are faithful towards Islam *and the nation* and lend a helping hand to Mujahideen will be treated with high regard










Friday, 05 April 2013 20:14














Types of kufr (disbelief) – …The Qur’an uses the word kufr to denote a person who covers up or hides realities, one who refuses to accept the dominion and authority of God (Allah).




































President al-Assad: Foreign Interference is Red Line, Unrest in Syria Will Have Domino Effect throughout the Region




Interview with Ulusal TV and Aydinlik newspaper [Workers Party, Turkey]
















Question [by Ulusal TV and Aydinlik newspaper]:




Mr President, for the past two years we have witnessed conflict in Syria, armed conflict inside Syria.  This conflict is supported on the one hand by the United States [The World Tyrant], France, Turkey and some Gulf countries.  These countries say that the people are fighting your regime, and more than a hundred countries have stated that you should step down.  On that background, are you thinking of stepping down and allowing someone else to replace you?




[Syrian Arab Republic] President Assad:




Your question implies that a large number of western states and their allies, including Turkey and a number of Arab countries[,] are against this President.  At the same time you are implying that his people are also against him; so, how does he still remain in office?  How can Syria remain steadfast for two years?  I am not bothered by foreign countries being against me; I am a president elected by the Syrian people.  We can conclude that for a president to take office or leave office is a National Syrian decision to be taken *only by the Syrian people* and not by the states which call for that.




Are these states concerned about democracy in Syria or concerned about the blood of the Syrian people? Let’s be candid.  If we start with the United States [The World Tyrant], we find that it has supported the crimes committed by Israel *for decades*, since Israel was created in our region. The United States [The World Tyrant] committed massacres in Afghanistan and Iraq resulting in millions being killed, wounded or disabled.  France and Britain committed massacres in Libya, with support and cover from the United States [The World Tyrant].  The current Turkish government is knee-deep in Syrian blood.  Again are these states really concerned about Syrian blood?




The issue of the President will always remain for the Syrian people to decide and *no* other country in the world has anything to do with it.








You said that what is taking place in Syria is mainly supported from outside, but we are in Damascus and we can hear the sounds of explosions and there is always the sound of shelling at different distances.  Why is this happening in Syria?




President Assad:




We are surrounded by a group of countries which are helping terrorists enter into Syria.  Of course, not all of these countries are doing this intentionally.  For instance, Iraq is against allowing terrorists access to Syria, but it has certain circumstances which do not allow it to fully control its borders.  In Lebanon, the situation is divided with some parties supporting and others opposing sending terrorists into Syria. Turkey *officially* harbors these terrorists and sends them into Syria.  Some terrorists enter Syria through Jordan and it is not clear whether that is intentional or not.  As long as these terrorists continue to be smuggled into the country, we will continue to fight against them –this is only normal.  *It is actually a war in every sense of the word*.  These are not merely separate and dispersed security incidents.  Terrorists are entering Syria in their thousands, and maybe in tens of thousands, it is difficult to set a precise figure.  So, it is quite realistic to hear the sound of battles in many Syrian regions.








Mr President, you said that the Turkish government officially and publicly supports the terrorists and provides different kinds of assistance to those terrorist groups, but we know that quite recently you used to enjoy good and friendly relations with Erdogan and the Turkish government.  What happened and pushed things to this situation?




President Assad:




Maybe Erdogan saw in the events taking place in the Arab world an opportunity for him to prolong his political life.  This man’s mentality is that of the Muslim Brotherhood, and *from our experience in Syria with the Muslim Brotherhood for over 30 years, they are a group of opportunists, who use religion for their personal advantage*.  He saw that the countries that witnessed revolutions or coup d’états or foreign interventions brought in groups belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood to power.  So, he saw in that a great opportunity for him to remain in power in different forms for many years to come.  He turned against Syria because he saw a personal opportunity to remain in power.  In the beginning, he tried to interfere in internal Syrian affairs. Even before the crisis, Erdogan was more interested in the Muslim Brotherhood than he was in Syrian-Turkish relations and even more than his interest in Turkey itself.  This is the way this person thinks.  When these circumstances occurred, he decided to stand by his personal interests and put them before Syrian/Turkish interests.  As I said, he tried to interfere in Syrian internal affairs and later this Turkish government started to support the terrorists publically in Syria.  They have became deeply involved in the bloodshed in Syria.  It is only realistic in this situation for relations to be severed between us.








There are news stories in some media channels in Turkey to the effect that there are Turkish officers and security services personnel involved in the terrorist acts and help the terrorist organizations, that they entered the Syrian territories and they were involved in direct activities in support of these terrorist organizations.  Some media say that Syria will respond in kind against Turkey as long as Turkey is involved to this degree in these operations.  What do you say to all these claims?




President Assad:




As I said, the present Turkish government is directly contributing to the killing of the Syrian people.  Some people expect Syria to retaliate but we will not do it.  Firstly we are against crime and therefore we reject criminal acts.  Secondly, we believe the Turkish people are a brotherly people.  Thirdly, this is what Erodgan wants; he wants to create a conflict between the peoples of Syria and Turkey, in order for him to get popular support for his policies and restore some of his popularity.  We will not fall into this trap for both considerations of principle and because our interest lies with the Turkish people. A conflict between our two peoples will not be in the interest of either Syria or Turkey; it will only make things more complicated.  What we have done in the past 10 or 12 years since [then Turkish] President Cezar visited Syria in 2000 was to annihilate the bad history between the Arabs and the Turks.  Now Erdogan is trying to jeopardize it [our annihilation of the bad history between the Arabs and the Turks].  We will not commit any act against the Turkish people.




As for the Turkish intelligence services, up until this point, we have not captured any member of the Turkish intelligence services or the Turkish army. This doesn’t mean that they are not involved; the intelligence services are providing support from outside Syria.  They provide all the training, the equipment, the communications and other forms of political and media support as required.  From the confessions of many terrorists, we know that there are individuals in Turkey who are involved, but *the basic principle of this involvement lies in the policy adopted by the current Turkish government*.  The fact that there is no intelligence personnel on the ground does not mean they are not involved.








Your statements, Mr President, have been clear concerning Turkish polices.  Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said “I would rather resign my position than shake the hand of President al-Assad if he remained in power.”  What does that say about the relations [the bridges] between the two countries?




President Assad: I am not going to dignify that with a response.  Suffice to say that I was given an appropriate upbringing in my home and clearly this is not true in his case.




In the way he speaks, he does not embody the high moral standards of *the Turkish people*, which I witnessed all too clearly during my visits to Turkey.  I, on the other hand, have learned from the high moral standards of *the Syrian people*, and hence I do not feel the need to respond.




As to the bridges, my relationship with Erdogan was meant to be reflected on the Syrian-Turkish relations.  But when the Prime Minister, his government, or members of his government are involved in the bloodshed in Syria, these bridges have no place, neither between us, nor between them and the Syrian people who have no respect for them at all.








As you might have noticed, when [World Tyrant] President Barack Obama was in [puppet] Israel, suddenly Prime Minister Netanyahu said that he apologized to Turkey concerning what happened on the Marmara ship.  How do you read all these developments?




President Assad:




There is a clear and obvious question in such a situation.  The same person, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu was Prime Minister when the Marmara massacre took place 3 years ago, he is still Prime Minister today.  Why didn’t he apologize during these past years?  What has changed?  Erdogan is the same and Netanyahu is the same.  What has changed is the situation in Syria.




This confirms very clearly and precisely that there is a Turkish-Israeli agreement over the situation in Syria.  This also confirms that Erdogan is now in alliance with Israel in order to aggravate the situation in Syria.  Erdogan failed in the past two years to achieve his objectives in mobilizing Turkish public opinion concerning Syria to his satisfaction and he also failed in achieving the collapse of the Syrian state; Syria was steadfast despite the ferocious battles.  He had no ally to help him except Israel and Israel is our obvious enemy who occupies our land [the Syrian Golan].




I believe this is a clear indicator of the alliance between them, at the same time, maybe this apology also helps Erdogan restore some of his status and credibility [abroad] which he had also lost inside Turkey.








*** There seems to be a Sunni-Shiite war going on in the region and many people are talking about this.  Do you see these conflicts as sectarian by nature?




President Assad:




This issue was first raised in 1979 on the backdrop of the Iranian revolution which removed one of America’s [The World Tyrant’s] most important allies in the region.  The only solution [for The World Tyrant loser] was to portray that revolution as a Shiite revolution and that other sects should oppose it.  On those grounds, the Iraq war against Iran was invented and supported by some Gulf countries.  A short while later, *the Muslim Brothers in Syria were used for the same objective*, in order to create sectarian strife.  They failed in the first *and* the second attempt.




Now, three decades later, there’s no other choice [for The World Tyrant/NATO] but to create sectarian strife within these countries.  That’s why they have raised this issue again and the slogans chanted, particularly in the early days of the Syrian crisis, were sectarian in their substance. So far, they have failed.  Had they succeeded the whole region would have been fragmented as a result of this conflict.  The positive aspect in all of this, is *the increasing public awareness against sectarian ideologies*, despite the fact that there are some sectarian pockets which reflect an underlying ignorance which is usually present in every society.




I believe that the essence of the conflict now is *not* sectarian.  The conflict is




between forces and states seeking to take their peoples back into [past] historic times, and…




states wanting to take their peoples into a prosperous future.




It is a conflict




between those who want their homeland and their state to be independent from the west [The World Tyrant/NATO] and…




those which seek to be satellites of western powers only to achieve their particular interests.




At the same time, these forces are part of *an international struggle* of conflicting interests of which [struggle] Turkey and Syria are a part.




This struggle has been affected by different factors which might lead to the fragmentation of the region, enabling global powers to control our destiny and future.








Concerning dialogue with the opposition. You called for a political solution and for direct dialogue with the opposition.  Are there red lines for this dialogue?




President Assad:




The red lines are foreign intervention.  Any dialogue should be a Syrian dialogue only.  *No foreign intervention is allowed in this dialogue.*  Other than this, there are no red lines.  Syrian citizens can discuss anything they want, because Syria is the homeland for all Syrians and they can discuss anything they want. There are no red lines.








In the framework of a sectarian conflict, there are claims which appear on TV stations and some other media outlets to the effect that Syria is ruled by a dictatorial Alawite regime whose only objective is to eliminate the Sunna; and even the assassination of Mohammad Said Ramadan al-Bouti comes within this effort.  What is your response to such claims?




President Assad:




I referred at the beginning [of the interview] to the diversity of this region of which Syria is a part and has been living in stability for many decades without any internal problems.  How can it be stable without a government that constitutes a mirror image of its people?  When a government in any country, is dominated by one or more groups of people, and is therefore not reflective of the whole population it cannot survive.  It will either fall in no time or the country as a whole will fall.  These claims are therefore not true.  We have been living together in this country for hundreds of years; and the government has always reflected the diversity of the people and their participation in its affairs. As for the late Dr al-Bouti, it is ridiculous to accuse the Syrian government of his assassination. This accusation has been made by the same groups who were accusing him, only days and weeks before, of being the mouthpiece of the authorities on religious affairs.  This was done in order to marginalise his popularity amongst the Syrian people and his followers in the Muslim world.  In fact, he was not a mouthpiece for the authorities as they describe him.  He never sought any kind of authority; he never wanted to be a minister or a mufti; he never asked for any money; he used to live a simple life. 




His only fault was that he was at the forefront of a group of religious leaders who stood decisively in the face of the plot to create sectarian strife amongst Syrians.  Dr al-Bouti was at the forefront, firstly because of his status in Syria and the Muslim world, and secondly because of his deep awareness and understanding of the truth of what was happening.  There is no doubt that the stances of these religious leaders, and among them Dr al-Bouti, was crucial in foiling this attempt to create sectarian strife.




That is why they assassinated Dr al-Bouti, as well as other religious leaders, one as recently as a few days ago in Aleppo.  Everybody who spoke about true religion, about tolerance and moderation in religion was targeted from the beginning of the crisis, no doubt Dr al-Bouti had the greatest effect when confronting this war.  He didn’t stand with the state, *he stood with his nation* and therefore paid the price with his life.  In any case, he always spoke of his readiness for martyrdom.












See: Apr 06, 2013




































America died




AUGUST 6, 1945




while giving birth to








which immediately began writing –in blood– its








Asterisks indicate my emphasis.




U.S. [World Tyrant] Is Bound to Meet Fate of Tiger Moth: KCNA Commentary  –  [


PANTOCLES PUTIN] Interview to the German ARD [re SAR]  –  Remarks of spokesman of Islamic Emirate [of Afghanistan] regarding attack on courthouse in Farah  –  President al-Assad: Foreign Interference is Red Line, Unrest in Syria Will Have Domino Effect throughout the Region / Interview with Ulusal TV and Aydinlik newspaper [Workers Party, Turkey]

















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