March 19, 2013


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US [World Tyrant] says hunger strike grows to 21 at Guantanamo














A hunger strike at the Guantanamo Bay prison has grown and now involves *at least* 21 men, a U.S. [World Tyrant] military official said Monday while denying reports trickling out from prisoners through lawyers that there is a *more widespread* protest and lives are in danger.




In recent weeks, as lawyers returned from Guantanamo with accounts of clients weak from hunger and an angry standoff with guards, the [World Tyrant] military had said no more than *a handful* of prisoners met the definition of being on hunger strike




That figure rose to 14 on Friday, and then grew by seven over the weekend.




It has become the largest and most sustained protest at Guantanamo in several years, but…[Navy Capt. Robert Durand, a spokesman for the detention center at the U.S. [World Tyrant] base in [occupied] Cuba] insisted there is no evidence to support reports of a strike involving most of the 166 men held there.




“The detainees certainly have the support of one another,” Durand said.  “But if it was 166, I would tell you it was 166.  I don’t have a reason to lowball or pad the numbers.”












Mar 18, 6:06 PM EDT


















Reaction of spokesman of Islamic Emirate [of Afghhanistan] regarding the desecration of the Holy Quran in Guantanamo and strike by inmates




March 4, 2013


For a long period now, the invaders have been carrying out reprehensible activities, under *a pre-drawn plan*, aimed against the sanctities of Islam which unquestionably is very offensive and worrying for the Islamic world.

For *twenty days* now, inmates in the notorious Guantanamo prison which is operated and controlled by America [The World Tyrant], have been protesting the desecration of the Holy Quran carried out by American [World Tyrant] soldiers inside [the prison] and

to this day [28/02/2013] *no* organization has heard their voice.

The Islamic Emirate condemns this despicable act with the strongest of words and considers it a cowardly and shameful action of the *defeated* America [World Tyrant].

It likewise calls on the Islamic world, all Human Right organizations and every international aid/assistance group

to investigate this act of America [The World Tyrant] in the mentioned prison and work

to prevent such activities and *psychological torture* taking place against defenseless detainees in this barbaric prison for the past *eleven years*.

That the inmates are still carrying on with their strikes, which naturally means they have deprived themselves of food and other little comforts, therefore we call on the International Red Cross Committee and other Human Right groups, in accordance with their due obligation, to inform themselves of this prison and reach out to prisoners in dire conditions.

Similarly, all the Ulema (Scholars), religious organizations and aid/assistance groups of the Islamic world must also categorically condemn this American [World Tyrant] transgression and take every necessary step needed for preventing repetition of such occurrences in the future.


See: Monday, 04 March 2013 12:19


















Egypt justice minister dismayed by lynchings










Egypt’s justice minister warned Monday that the lynching of criminals in the streets by angry citizens is a sign of the “death of the [Morsi] state.”




On Sunday, vigilantes hung two suspected thieves in a rural Nile Delta village as a crowd of thousands watched, and some of them egged on the killers.




Justice Minister Ahmed Mekki indicated that the killers may have seen themselves as implementing a strict form of Islamic law that calls for punishment of thieves and other outlaws whose crimes are so extreme, they disrupt society.




“The application of Islamic justice on outlaws by citizens and the cutting off of roads is one of the signs of the death of the [Morsi] state,” Mekki was quoted as telling the Turkish Anadolu news agency.




He said only the [Morsi] state is authorized to use force and if this right is transferred to [= seized by] citizens, there is no [Morsi] state.


















Mar 18, 4:56 PM EDT


























UMWA chief blasts Patriot Coal bankruptcy move










The top official with a national miners’ union on Monday called bankrupt Patriot Coal Corp.’s bid to cut retiree health care immoral,




as it [Patriot Coal Corp] seeks millions of dollars for executive bonuses and faces mounting payouts of $16 million in legal fees and expenses.




“Patriot has thousand-dollar-an-hour lawyers and two-dollar-an-hour morals,” United Mine Workers of America President Cecil Roberts told reporters, four days after St. Louis-based Patriot filed a request in bankruptcy court to modify its collective bargaining agreements with the union.




[P]otentially sweeping health care cuts could be ruinous to *tens of thousands* of retirees and their survivors that…could be forced to sell their homes or drain their savings to pay for medical care.




The union previously filed suit against Peabody and Arch Coal in West Virginia, claiming they set up Patriot to fail so pension and health care benefits could be shed.












Mar 18, 3:21 PM EDT
























[Syrian Arab Republic] Army Eliminates Terrorists in Several Areas, Hideouts Destroyed
















Units of the [Syrian Arab Republic] armed forces on Monday carried out several operations against terrorists’ hideouts in Adra and Qara in Damascus Countryside, killing and injuring a number of terrorists.




The operations resulted in destroying the terrorists’ vehicles which they had been using in their criminal acts.




A military source told SANA reporter that a number of terrorists’ hideouts were destroyed in Adra and the surrounding areas.




A number of terrorists were also killed and their weapons and ammunition were seized, the source added.




Units of the armed forces destroyed a number of terrorists’ cars with all the weapons and ammunition inside them in Tal al-Zamrani, Tal al-Wadi and al-Doumanieh Farm in Qara, the source said.




Army units carried out two special operations in the farms of al-Shifouniyeh and Aliyeh in Douma area, eliminating three terrorist group leaders; Mohammad Batoul, Salem al-Homsi and Ahmad Alloush, who belonged to the so-called “Liwa’a al-Islam,” in addition to terrorist Hasan Taleb who was a member of the so-called “Sharia Council in Douma.”




The operations also resulted in the destruction of vehicles used by the terrorists.




Another unit clashed with a terrorist group which was attacking private properties in al-Kou’a area in Harasta, injuring a number of them and killing others.




An Armed Forces unit clashed with a terrorist group in Jobar area, injuring several of them and killing others including Ali Jamous who led a terrorist group, Munir Daba’an and Mansour Idris.




Among the injured terrorist was one of their “sheikhs” who is referred to as Saleh and a terrorist known as Abu Omar al-Zabadani from “Liwa’a al-Islam.”




Terrorists fired 5 mortar shells on Tishreen park and the area surrounding al-Mouasa hospital without casualties.




A source at Police Command told SANA that 2 mortar shells fell in the area surrounding al-Mouasa hospital, while another shell fell in Kywan farms.




The source added that the other two shells fell in Tishreen park and al-Rabwa.




Units of the Armed Forces killed and injured terrorists in al-Mleha and Hajjera in Damascus countryside, inflicting heavy losses upon other terrorists.




An official source told SANA that an Army unit killed and injured a number of terrorists in al-Mleha town, seizing their weapons which included rifles, machineguns and ammunition.




The source added that another Army unit eliminated terrorists in Hajjera town, Muhammad Sabra who was leader of an armed terrorist group was identified among the dead terrorists.














Units of the Armed Forces targeted terrorists’ dens and gatherings in Aleppo and its countryside, inflicting heavy losses upon the terrorists.




An official source told SANA that the Army units targeted terrorists’ gatherings in Khan Touman, al-Karasy, al-Rasheden in addition to destroying a truck loaded with weapons and ammunition in Aleppo countryside.




In Aleppo city, Army units destroyed 4 cars along with weapons and terrorists inside them in al-Layramoun, in addition to targeting terrorists’ dens in al-Sheikh Said and Hanano and pursuing terrorists in the old city.




In the same context, fighting erupted on the leadership among the armed terrorist groups, which resulted in the killing of several terrorists.




Ibrahim Misto, Abdulla al-Jadlan , Omar Akko and Ali Hesham who was known as Ebin al-Shorty, in addition to Ezzlden al-Shar’ay who was called as Aleppo police leader were identified among the dead terrorists.












Units of the armed forces and the borders guards foiled armed terrorist groups’ infiltration attempts from Lebanon in several sites in Talkalakh countryside in Homs, killing a number of terrorists.




SANA reporter quoted a source in the province as saying that armed terrorist groups tried to infiltrate from Lebanon to Syria across the sites of al-Mathoumeh, Eyoun al-Shaara and Azir along with shooting fire from the Lebanese side against the Syrian borders checkpoints.




The source added that units of the armed forces and the borders guards killed terrorists, injured others and forced the rest of them to flee to the Lebanese lands.




Over the last two days, the armed forces foiled infiltration attempts by terrorists from the sites of Hiker Jinin, Qashlaq and Talet Ferdies in Lebanon into al-Mathoumeh, Eyoun al-Shaara and Azir in Talkalakh countryside.




A unit of the Armed Forces targeted an armed terrorist group in al-Nyzria in al-Qusear in Homs countryside, killing a number of its members.




A military source told SANA that among the dead terrorists were Khaled al-Ra’ay known as Abo Hussein who was one of the most dangerous terrorist in al-Qusear.




The source added that an Army unit eliminated terrorists who took refuge inside al-Nour mosque in Karem Shamsham in Homs countryside.




In the same context, the competent authorities arrested Muhammad Faysal Helal and Yehia Farhan al-Khouli who were wanted for weapons smuggling.












See: Mar 18, 2013






















America died




AUGUST 6, 1945




while giving birth to








which immediately began writing –in blood– its








Asterisks indicate my emphasis.






US [World Tyrant] says hunger strike grows to 21 at Guantanamo  –  ABJECT CONFESSION  II / Egypt justice minister dismayed by lynchings  –  THOUSAND DOLLAR AN HOUR LAWYERS AND / TWO DOLLAR AN HOUR MORALS / UMWA chief blasts Patriot Coal bankruptcy move  –  WORLD TYRANT CEMETARY OPEN FOR BUSINESS / [Syrian Arab Republic] Army Eliminates Terrorists in Several Areas, Hideouts Destroyed

















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