March 12, 2013


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03 12 13 Superpower Death Watch




















Many left behind as Silicon Valley rebounds














Food stamp participation just hit a 10-year high, homelessness rose 20 percent in two years, and the average income for Hispanics, who make up one in four Silicon Valley residents, fell to a new low of about $19,000 a year –capping a steady 14 percent drop over the past five years




Simply put, while the ultra-rich are getting even richer, record numbers of Silicon Valley residents are slipping into poverty.




Before the Great Recession, about 10 percent of people seeking food had at least some college education.  Today, one in four who line up at food pantries for bags of free food have been to college.




Last year the share of households in Silicon Valley earning less than $35,000 rose two percentage points to 20 percent










Mar 10, 4:35 PM EDT






















Akfirat: The Syrians Defend the Rights of all Peoples of the World










Director of International Relations at the Turkish Workers Party (TIP), Fikret Akfirat, said that the Syrians, through their resilience and rallying around their leadership in the face of aggression, not only defend their country, but the rights of people all over the world.




During his meeting on Sunday with member of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party Shahinaz Fakoush, Akfirat announced that preparations are underway a conference to be held in May which calls for a union between the countries of West Asia and the rejection of aggression against Syria.




Akfirat, who is visiting Syria as the head of a Turkish delegation, added that a large number of Turkish people wish to join this conference.




He said that Syria is fighting and making sacrifices for the sake of free people, including the Turkish people, which created a strong desire among the Turkish people to find ways to support Syrians.




For her part, Fakoush said that the United States [The World Tyrant] will not abandon its colonialist ideology in the region, noting that the will of free people will triumph regardless of the US[World Tyrant]-[puppet]Israeli plans against these people.




She pointed out that Syria had been calling for having Syria, Iran, Turkey and Iraq join forces for many years, which is why the US [The World Tyrant] set in motion the so-called “Arab spring,” adding that those who seek to revive Ottoman mentality in Turkey are harming the Turkish people.




Fakoush asserted that Syria will remain, in spite of what is going on, the first defender of people’s rights to self-determination and every state’s right to independent decision-making.












Mar 11, 2013




















The demand of a sound brain and human civilization














On last Tuesday, 5th March 2013, the head of American [World Tyrant] central command, James Mattes, told the American [World Tyrant] senators in a meeting that he has personally suggested that America [The World Tyrant] should maintain thirteen thousand and six hundred (13,600) soldiers in Afghanistan.  Nearly half of them will be provided by NATO.




It seems that this unfortunate American [World Tyrant] general wants to prolong this miserable war in our beloved country just like other defeated and evicted American [World Tyrant] generals did.




Whosoever has studied the history of our country, he knows that even the stay of a small number of American [World Tyrant] forces inside Afghanistan can continue the flames of war because the Afghans have constantly proved during the span of history that they can never tolerate the external dominion and presence in their homeland.




Decision making in this regard, in view of the proposals of inconsiderate, wolfish and brainless generals, is neither beneficial for Americans [The World Tyrant] nor for Afghan nation.  If they think that they will take shelter in the military bases, dugouts and behind the security belts and will shield themselves from Mujahidin


s attacks, it will be a great idiocy on their behalf.




So it is the demand of a sound mind, human civilization and profound thinking that the causes of war should be eliminated; the occupation should be completely terminated as soon as possible; the authority of Afghanistan should be handed over to Afghan nation, because the preceding wars inside Afghanistan were brought to end according to this exclusive formula










Monday, 11 March 2013 11:22
























Obama to speak to Organizing for Action summit












Organizing for Action is being run by former Obama advisers who transformed his re-election campaign into a grassroots machine to support his initiatives.












See: Mar 11, 9:46 AM EDT


















On 24 October 1922, Mussolini declared before 60,000 people at the Fascist Congress in Naples:




“Our program is simple: we want to rule Italy.”






















America died




AUGUST 6, 1945




while giving birth to








which immediately began writing –in blood– its










Asterisks indicate my emphasis.




Many left behind as Silicon Valley rebounds  –  Akfirat: The Syrians Defend the Rights of all Peoples of the World  – 


The demand of a sound brain and human civilization  –  DUCE DELLA REPUBBLICA SOCIALE / Obama to speak to Organizing for Action summit










“Wire-pulling the UNSC [including big-shot members Capitalist China and The New Russian Empire] like its marionette, the U.S. [The World Tyrant] invented the resolution on sanction for the second time this year and for the fifth time over the last 8 years.”




–Sanction Leading to War




Mar. 11, 2013  Monday












Note: Trouble seeing Iraq: a display of declining US power?  URL to:


http://www.google.com.  In search box, enter: Iraq: a display of declining US power.  When results come up, click on the headline just above Financial Times – 3 days ago. 















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