March 3, 2013


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03 03 13 Superpower Death Watch




















[Czar Putin’s] Telephone conversation with US [World Tyrant] President Barack Obama














[Czar] Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with President of the United States of America [The World Tyrant] Barack Obama on the American [World Tyrant] side’s initiative.




The Presidents engaged in a detail[ed] discussion on issues of bilateral cooperation, as well as a range of current international problems.  Their discussion was constructive in nature.




The two leaders stressed the fundamental significance of the cooperation between Russia [The New Russian Empire] and the United States [The World Tyrant] in assuring stability [SOCIOCIDE] throughout the world.




Both sides expressed readiness to work actively on developing mutually beneficial bilateral cooperation in all areas.  Vladimir Putin highlighted the importance of increasing trade and economic ties, whose levels do not correspond to the two nations’ potential.




The two Presidents agreed to work closely on hot-button international topics pertaining to Syria [the Syrian


Arab Republic], the Middle East peace [war] process, Iran [the Islamic Republic of Iran], North Korea [the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea], and ballistic missile defence [war] plans.




In discussing the Syrian crisis [= The World Tyrant’s proxy war of aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic], the President of Russia [The New Russian Empire] noted the need to rapidly bring an end to hostilities.




The leaders instructed Russian [New Russian Empire] Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US [World Tyrant] Secretary of State John Kerry to continue active contacts and to focus on developing possible new initiatives aimed at a political settlement of the crisis.




The two leaders expressed a common desire to avoid any steps that could impact negatively on their bilateral relations.




Vladimir Putin reaffirmed his invitation for [World Tyrant prez] Barack Obama to come to Russia [The New Russian Empire] on an official visit.




The two sides came to an agreement that the Presidents would have a bilateral meeting during the G8 summit in Northern [poodle UK occupied] Ireland.












March 1, 2013, 20:30














Speech at an event in memory of paratroopers killed in action [in Chechnya]




“They fought their battles at a decisive moment in the fate of Russia [The New Russian Empire] and its people.




“International terrorism unleashed a cruel, ruthless and criminal war against us with the single aim of tearing our country apart, violating its sovereignty, and plunging Russia [The New Russian Empire] and its people into a bloody civil war.”




March 1, 2013, 17:30 Pskov












Here Putin is trying to re-do Bush, trying to conceal his ruthless war against the right to independence of the Chechen people: a ruthless war “


assuring stability” –SOCIOCIDE– in the Caucasus.










Czar Putin did this 3 hours before discussing SOCIOCIDE “


throughout the world” with post-Bush Tyrant Obama.
















America died




AUGUST 6, 1945




while giving birth to








which immediately began writing –in blood– its








Asterisks indicate my emphasis.




[Czar Putin’s] Telephone conversation with US [World Tyrant] President Barack Obama








“The Troika has done more damage to Ireland than Britain ever did in 800 years,” said David Begg, head of the Irish Confederation of Trade Unions.




Mr Begg said the image of Ireland as the poster-child of EU recovery was a myth culitivated by EU creditors whose only interest is to recoup their money.




“At least the IMF officials are willing to admit they have been wrong but the EU officials are total ideologues.”




“It is like being in an awful World War One conflict where the generals have expended a million lives to gain one yard of ground, yet nothing will change their mind in face of all the evidence.”




The trade unions say internal consumption has collapsed by 26pc, and investment has fallen to the lowest level in recorded Irish history.  Under-employment has reached 23 pc despite emigration to Canada, Australia, the US [The World Tyrant] and [poodle] Britain. “The austerity has to stop. People feel they are drowning,” he said.




The outburst comes a day after Irish unions reached a provisional deal with the government for a further round of public sector pay cuts averaging 5.5 pc, rising to 10pc for higher earners such as doctors.  This follows 14 pc pay cuts already in force.





EU ‘Troika’ rule in Ireland worse than British Empire




6:19AM GMT 28 Feb 2013























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