February 28, 2013


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02 28 13 Superpower Death Watch




















Expanded meeting of the [New Russian Empire] Defence [War] Ministry Board
























The changing geopolitical situation requires rapid and considered action.  Russia’s [The New Russian Empire’s] Armed Forces must reach a fundamentally new capability level within the next 3-5 years.




We see how instability and conflict are spreading around the world today.  Armed conflict continues in the Middle East and Asia, and the danger of ‘export’ [by The World Tyrant] of radicalism and chaos continues to grow in our neighbouring regions.




At the same time, we see methodical attempts to undermine the strategic balance in various ways and forms.  The United States [The World Tyrant] has essentially launched now the second phase in its global missile defence system.  There are attempts to sound out possibilities for expanding NATO further eastward [Turkey], and there is also the danger of militarisation in the Arctic.




All of *these* challenges –and they are just a few of the many we face– are of *direct* concern to our national interests and therefore also determine our priorities.




These priorities include, above all, close integration in [Gumilev] Eurasia, consolidating the Common Economic Space and moving toward establishing the Eurasian Economic Union.  This also includes deepening our partnership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and in the BRICS group.




We should help develop a multipolar world.  We can do this by developing collective response mechanisms to *potential* regional security threats, including by bolstering the Collective Security Treaty Organisation’s military component.




As you know, the Russian Federation [New Russian Empire] Defence [War] Plan through to 2016 was approved in January.  It forecasts developments in the military and political situation.  It also formulates a unified defence [war] policy that




includes military, economic, information and other aspects and




sets out the main tasks for strategic [nuclear] deterrence,




preventing military conflicts from arising, and




resolving the main mobilisation issues.




Over the coming period we must fully complete the construction of an integral military strategic planning system.  I ask the Defence [War] Ministry to present the new draft of the military planning regulations for approval.




Furthermore, over the course of this year, the General Staff must set its basic policies and conceptual foundations for organising our country’s defence [war] over the 2016-2020 period.  This plan must be drawn up in full detail within the next two years.








we must develop a system of advanced research and development in the military technology area over the next two years.  We have to




put our development efforts into the leading scientific schools working on the theory of developing and using the armed forces in modern conditions, and




support the work of military science centres, including those involved in developing drones and other promising advanced technology.




All of the major world powers are working on this kind of research.  Not only must we not lag behind, but we must be at the forefront.












February 27, 2013, 13:45 Moscow




















[Syrian Arab Republic] Information Minister:  [World Tyrant] Terrorists Intend to destroy Infrastructure, Resources










Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi said that the basic part of what is going on in Syria was because of the media war –after media turned into one of the war tools on Syria.




“It was not by chance that scores of mass media share, coordinate among each other, so possessing big capability to create the Syrian event and fabricate it,” the Minister, meeting a Czech media delegation, said on Tuesday.




He underlined that since the outbreak of the events, Syria has been subjected to a war with the international terrorism –[The World Tyrant’s] al-Qaeda and its arms of Jabhat al-Nusra and others.




The Minister said that what Syria is encountering is




the first confrontation between a sovereign, independent state and terrorists who illegally come to Syria,








supported by intelligence agencies where




the Turkish borders changed into training camps for thousands of gunmen linked to [fake-]Islamic extremist [Takfiri] organizations in the northern regions of Lebanon and Jordan.




He added that the terrorists in Syria intend to systematically destroy the infrastructure, the vital resources of the Syrian state,




which Czech [the Czech Republic] has helped build due to relations of friendship and cooperation.




The Minister called on the Czech media delegation to get acquainted with what is really taking place in the country and convey that to the Czech public opinion.




Members of the visiting delegation, for their part, availed this opportunity to convey an objective image on the events in Syria and unveil the reality which many media institutions seek to hide.




They added that their presence in Syria will help them enlighten a number of issues regarding the crisis in the country.












Feb 27, 2013















All political forces should be involved in Syria settlement






First item




01 28 13 Superpower Death Watch














There is no civil war.  There never has been.


There is The World Tyrant/NATO’s war of aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic and the Syrian peoples.


The World Tyrant/NATO’s war of aggression in Syria is a new kind of aggression:




This proxy war features fake-Muslim troops (Takfiri troops).


These fake-Muslim troops were first organized and financed by fake-Soviet troops after they had invaded and occupied Afghanistan, a Muslim country.




Fake-Soviet troops?


Details, please.


It was the REAL Soviet Union (1917-1956) that


awakened the toilers of the East and

wiped out the racist army of Hitler Germany in 1945.

And it was the FAKE Soviet Union (1956-1991) that openly invaded Afghanistan.

This occupation and invasion by fake-Soviet troops lasted from December 24, 1979 to February 15, 1989: 9 years, 1 month, 3 weeks and 1 day.


The Afghan peoples, mostly real Muslims, resisted the occupiers and finally drove them out.


The fake-Muslim troops were used to confuse and subvert the resistance of the Afghan peoples.


What method did the Takfiri puppet troops use to try to subvert the resistance of the Afghan peoples?


The fake-Muslim troops claimed the real Muslims resisting the occupation were apostates (unbelievers).


Details, please.


“Takfiri…is a Muslim who accuses another Muslim of apostasy.


“In principle the only group authorised to declare a Muslim a kafir is the ulema {the arbiters of sharia law}, and this only once all the prescribed legal precautions have been taken.


“However a *growing* number of splinter Salafist groups, labeled by some scholars as Salafi-Takfiris, have split from the orthodox method of establishing takfir through the processes of the law, and have reserved the right to declare apostasy themselves.”








After the Afghan peoples, mostly real Muslims, drove the fake-Soviet troops out –what happened to the Takfiri puppet troops?  Some fled along with the defeated fake-Soviet troops.  Some fled to neighboring countries.  Others stayed behind and it wasn’t long before they were again being used in Afghanistan –by agents of The World Tyrant.

Now, twenty or so years later, the Takfiri old-timers and the youngsters who follow them are supplied and paid and sent to subvert and destroy the Syrian Arab Republic




of The World Tyrant.


NATO (which includes Turkey), Saudi Arabia, Arab states of the Persian Gulf, Egypt, puppet Libya, etc –each play their subordinate roles.










Czechs want to charge president with treason










To mark the country’s 20th anniversary of independence on Jan. 1, Vaclav Klaus used a traditional tool of Czech presidents and ordered the release of more than 6,000 inmates serving short prison terms.




But what really infuriated many Czechs was that the decree also halted court proceedings in several high-profile fraud cases and financial scams on the grounds he wanted to stop “endless criminal proceedings.”




The office of the Senate, Parliament’s upper house, said Wednesday that 28 lawmakers –one more than needed–  have requested the issue to be debated.




It said Speaker Milan Stech now has to set a date for an extraordinary session, possibly Monday.










Feb 27, 9:54 AM EST






















Report: Stuxnet cyberweapon older than believed










The sophisticated cyberweapon which targeted an Iranian nuclear plant is older than previously believed, an anti-virus firm said Tuesday, peeling back another layer of mystery on a series of attacks attributed by The New York Times to U.S. [World Tyrant] and [puppet] Israeli intelligence.






The Stuxnet worm…transformed the cybersecurity field because it was the first known computer attack specifically designed to cause physical damage.




The precise origins of the worm remain unclear, but until now the earliest samples of Stuxnet had been dated to 2009, and the [New York] Times –in the fullest account of the attack so far published–  traced the origins of the top-secret program back to 2006.




In a new report issued late Tuesday, Symantec Corp. pushed that timeline further back, saying it had found a primitive version of Stuxnet circulating online in 2007 and that elements of the program had been in place as far back as 2005.




“Clearly these were very forward-thinking, clever people that were doing this,” he [Alan Woodward, a computer science professor at the University of Surrey] said.




“There’s no reason to think that they’re less forward-thinking now.  What are they up to?”












See:  Feb 27, 9:25 AM EST


















URL to:










PgDn 5 times.




Click on:




For further details on Stuxnet 0.5 you can download a copy of our white paper.
















America died




AUGUST 6, 1945




while giving birth to








which immediately began writing –in blood– its








Asterisks indicate my emphasis.




Expanded meeting of the [New Russian Empire] Defence [War] Ministry Board  –  [Syrian Arab Republic] Information Minister:  [World  Tyrant] Terrorists Intend to destroy Infrastructure, Resources  –  Czechs want to charge president with treason  –  Report: Stuxnet cyberweapon older than believed

















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