February 14, 2013


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02 14 13 Superpower Death Watch




















Rodong Sinmun Calls for Grasping People’s Mindset














To educate the people in a revolutionary way and firmly grasp their mindset is an important issue deciding victory or defeat of the anti-imperialist and revolutionary struggle.




Rodong Sinmun Tuesday says in a bylined article in this regard:




The mainstay for revolution is single-minded unity and the mainstay for the unity is people’s mindset which is affected by politics.




Many people in capitalist countries are infected with decadent lifestyle including the gun-related culture because they are degenerated ideologically and mentally and their social system allows and encourages it.




Socialist society where the class enmity was perfectly eliminated serves as a key foundation which helps stabilize the people’s mindset and nurture it in a sound and revolutionary way.




It is, however, impossible for a socialist ruling party to consolidate and develop socialism unless it does proper work for grasping the people’s mindset under such condition where the times and international environment have changed and the imperialists’ ideological and cultural poisoning have become evermore pronounced.




It was because of ruling parties which failed to hold the people’s mindset that socialism collapsed in some countries at the end of last century.




The historical lesson proves that if a country fails to firmly grasp its people’s mindset, not understanding them, its socialism will play into the hands of imperialists and renegades, and it is impossible to defend socialism.




Today the imperialist forces pin a great hope on their smear psychological campaign called “coloring revolution”.




The “coloring revolution” is, in essence, warfare of disrupting and winning the people’s mindset.




It is necessary to establish solid firewall of blocking the imperialists’ ideological and cultural poisoning and awaken the people in revolutionary and class ways so as not to leave the state and society to the tender mercy of the imperialist forces.












02 12 13






















Reaction of Islamic Emirate [of Afghanistan] regarding announcement of troop reduction from Afghanistan by Obama










The western governments should by now have realized they must salvage themselves from the protracted and pointless war in Afghanistan which truly has brought down tragedies and disasters on America [The World Tyrant] and other arrogant countries [NATO].




Thousands of their soldiers were killed, maimed and mentally disabled; billions of dollars was spent; economies of involved invading countries faced decline; its own people were reduced to beggary and other such ills…




Now the time has come for the American [World Tyrant] president Obama and other heads of state of invading countries to understand




the realities of this futile war and




instead of tactical efforts, troop reductions and gradual withdrawals,




focus on the conditions, calls and needs of its own people and




immediately extract *all* its troops from our country.




The core solution to the Afghan problem rests [on] the *complete* end of its occupation.  The Afghans should be granted control, choice of government and sovereignty of their country.  If not such[,] then our sacred Jihad will intensify and forge ahead successfully even if one foreign soldier is present in our country[;] and this struggle will continue until the fulfillment of the aspirations of our people.




The announcement by Obama of removal of thirty four thousand troops from Afghanistan is *not* the core solution to the problem and steps must be taken for their *complete* withdrawal because that will be beneficial for both America [The World Tyrant] and Afghanistan.




That which must be done tomorrow with more losses, ignominy and humiliations should be done today and an end brought to the occupation of Afghanistan.




The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan














Wednesday, 13 February 2013 07:42
























Beijing expresses ‘firm opposition’ to nuke test










[Capitalist] China said it strongly opposes Pyongyang’s [the DPRK’s] third nuclear test conducted on Tuesday


The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea said on Tuesday it has successfully conducted the third underground nuclear test, according to the official KCNA news agency.




The test was carried out in Kilju County of North Hamkyung Province, and was done in a “safe and perfect” way with a smaller A-bomb unlike previous ones, the KCNA said.

[1] The [2]test [3] site [4] is [5] about [6] 100 [7] km [8] from [9] the [10] China-DPRK [11] border.












10:00, February 13, 2013 [Part 1]










10:02, February 13, 2013 [Part 2]














about 100 km = about 62 miles
















10 arrested at protest of Patriot bankruptcy case














Ten people were arrested Wednesday at a protest outside of Peabody Energy headquarters in St. Louis, the second time in two weeks that the United Mine Workers of America organized a huge protest to draw attention to the possible loss of pension and health care benefits for about 20,000 retired miners and dependents.




About 1,000 people from several states participated in the latest protest over bankrupt Patriot Coal, the company Peabody spun off in November 2007.  Many at the protest believe *Patriot was set up to fail so that benefits of workers could be stripped away.*




“We will not be silent,” UMWA Secretary Treasurer Dan Kane said. “We are going to tell the public exactly what they’re doing.  We want the entire country to know.”




After an hourlong rally, Kane and nine other protesters sat in the street in front of Peabody as about 100 police officers stood by.  The protest was peaceful, and so were the arrests.  Officers placed nylon restraints on the wrists of those in the street, who were led to a van while the other protesters watched, at times singing and chanting.












See:  Feb 13, 2:58 PM EST






















America died




AUGUST 6, 1945




while giving birth to








which immediately began writing –in blood– its








Asterisks indicate my emphasis.




Rodong Sinmun Calls for Grasping People’s Mindset  –  Reaction of Islamic Emirate [of Afghanistan] regarding announcement of troop reduction from Afghanistan by Obama  – 


THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA’S ELEVEN-WORD DECLARATION OF WAR ON THE DEMOCRATIC PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF KOREA / Beijing expresses ‘firm opposition’ to nuke test  –  10 arrested at protest of Patriot bankruptcy case










“The Chinese leaders think in virtually the same way as the American imperialists and the leaders of the other developed capitalist ‘democracies.’




They are at one ideologically, especially in their aims of domination, because China, too, as a big state, does not want to put itself under the leadership and under the heel of any of these imperialists and capitalists, but wants to dominate, or at least, to have its own big say which must be listened to throughout the world.




It is for this reason that, in one way or another, Maoist China advocates the alliance of the world proletariat with the capitalist bourgeoisie and American imperialism.”




–Enver Hoxha. *Reflections On China.* Tirana: The “8 Nentori” Publishing House. 1979. Volume II, page 797.




These reflection on China were drawn from Enver’s Political Diary.















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