February 13, 2013


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Study: NCLB [No Child Left Behind] waiver weakens grad rate accountability














When No Child Left Behind was signed into law in 2002, states used so many different ways to calculate graduation rates it was almost impossible to know how many students in the U.S. finished high school with a regular diploma in four years.




The U.S. Department of Education tried to fix that in 2008 when it established federal requirements for reporting and holding schools accountable for how many students graduate.




But now, with 34 states and the District of Columbia granted waivers from No Child Left Behind, some are relaxing or ignoring some of those requirements, potentially allowing low-performing students to fall through the cracks once again.




The Alliance for Excellent Education, a D.C.-based policy organization started by former West Virginia Gov. Bob Wise, studied the waivers granted to each state and concluded that only a few states are fully complying with the federal graduation accountability requirements.












Feb 12, 3:04 PM EST














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Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA)  aka


No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB)









Milan appeals court convicts 2 Italian spy chiefs





The court overturned the acquittals of a lower court and sentenced Nicolo Pollari, the former head of Italian military intelligence, to 10 years, and Marco Mancini, a former deputy and head of counterintelligence, to nine.  Three other Italian agents also were convicted and handed six-year sentences.  All the convictions can be appealed.


The Italian trials are the first in the world to assign responsibility in a case involving the CIA’s practice of abducting terror suspects and transferring them to third countries that permitted torture.


The original trial finished in November 2009, with guilty verdicts against 23 Americans and acquittals of the Italians and three American diplomats.  It spawned three appeal court cases.





Feb 12, 9:25 AM EST















We want to be alone: The Texas Independence Movement wants America’s [The World Tyrant’s] second largest state to leave the Union










At noon on 8 January, the first day of the 2013 legislative session, around 200 Texans stood stubbornly in the rain on the *north* steps of the capitol building in Austin.




Some carried state flags, others placards bearing messages such as “I want off the sinking ship”.




To cries of “Remember the Alamo!” and “Liberty or Death!”, Daniel Miller, the leader of the Texas Independence Movement (TNM), stepped forward to speak.




The 39-year-old in the suit and cowboy boots has been the leader of the TNM, which organised the rally, since 2001.  His recent book, Line in the Sand, is the movement’s core text.




Miller turned and pointed to the figure of Lady Liberty at the summit of the capitol’s domed roof. “You’ll notice,” he joked, “that Liberty has her back turned to the North.”












Tuesday 12 February 2013














Daniel Miller President [of the Texas Nationalist Movement]


















Obama’s Expanding Kill List


© By Paul Craig Roberts
















We are now witnessing the *expansion* of Obama’s Kill List.  The list began under the Bush regime as a rationale for murdering suspect citizens of countries with which the US was not at war.  The Obama regime expanded the scope of the list to include the execution, without due process of law, of US citizens accused, without evidence presented in court, of association with terrorism.  The list quickly expanded to include the American teen-age son of a cleric accused of preaching jihad against the West.  The son’s “association” with terrorism apparently was his blood relationship to his father.




As Glenn Greenwald recently wrote, the power of government to imprison and to murder its citizens without due process of law is the certain mark of dictatorship.




Dictatorship is government unconstrained by law.  On February 10 the Wall Street Journal revealed that the Obama dictatorship now intends to expand the Kill List to include those accused of acting against *foreign* governments.




Mokhtar Belmokhtar, an “Algerian militant” accused of planning the January attack on an Algerian natural gas facility, has been chosen as the threat that is being used to expand Obama’s Kill List to include participants in the internal disputes and civil wars of every country.




The next time former US Representative Cynthia McKinney gets on an aid ship to Palestine, will Washington give the green light to Israel to kill her as a terrorist agent for her association with aid to Gaza, ruled by the “terrorist organization,” Hamas?




Already a year or two ago, the director of Homeland Security said that the federal police agency’s focus had shifted from terrorists to “domestic extremists,” another elastic and undefined term.  A domestic extremist will be all who disagree with Washington.  They also are headed for the Kill List.




Clearly, the American public lacks sufficient comprehension to remain a free people.  All indications are that the large majority of Americans fear alleged terrorists in distant lands more than they fear their government’s acquisition of dictatorial powers over them


powers that allow government to place itself above the law and to be unaccountable to law.




This is despite the fact that 99.999% of all Americans will never, ever, experience any terrorism except that of their own government.






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America died




AUGUST 6, 1945




while giving birth to








which immediately began writing –in blood– its








Asterisks indicate my emphasis.




Study: NCLB [No Child Left Behind] waiver weakens grad rate accountability  – 


WORLD TYRANT RENDITION / Milan appeals court convicts 2 Italian spy chiefs  –  We want to be alone: The Texas Independence Movement wants America’s [The World Tyrant’s] second largest state to leave the Union  –  Obama’s Expanding Kill List / © By Paul Craig Roberts

















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