February 12, 2013


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02 12 13 Superpower Death Watch




















President al-Assad: Syria Will Remain the Beating Heart of Arabism














President Bashar al-Assad on Monday received a delegation of Jordanian political activists, lawyers, doctors and engineers.




The meeting tackled the situation in the region in general and Syria in particular, with the delegation members voicing the Jordanian people’s support for the Syrian people in their current ordeal.




They affirmed that honest Arabs will not leave Syria alone in the face of the conspiracies against it, and that the Syrian blood which was shed was in defense of all honest Arabs and that it will write Syria’s coming victory.




The delegation members said that the targeting of Syria isn’t new or surprising since it’s a country that has been carrying the burden of Arab causes for decades, lauding Syria’s firm stances in adherence to Arab dignity, rights and Arab causes which put it in a position of honorable confrontation with the enemies of the nation.




For his part, President al-Assad thanked the delegation members for their national stances in support of the Syrian people, affirming that Syria will remain *the beating heart of Arabism* and that it will not relinquish its principles no matter how much pressure is exerted upon it and regardless of the conspiracies that not only target Syria, but also all Arabs.












Feb 11, 2013




















[Syrian Arab Republic] Information Minister Meets Egyptian Political and Mass Media Delegation












Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi on Monday met a delegation of Egyptian political and mass media figures headed by Secretary General of the Egyptian Nasserite Party Ahmed al-Hussein.




Members of the delegation voiced their support for the Syrian people in the face of the conspiracy targeting it, with Hussein saying that what is happening in Syria has nothing to do with the “Arab spring.”




He lauded the Syrian people’s steadfastness in the face of armed militias and Jabhet al-Nusra, stressing that the conspiracy against Syria is doomed to fail *thanks to the victories of the Syrian Arab Army*.




The delegation members lauded the political program for resolving the crisis in Syria and the national dialogue.




They also talked about *the practices and policies of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt* who violate constitutional, cultural and political establishments.




For his part, Minister al-Zoubi lauded the positions of political forces and the role of journalists who relay the truth about what is happening in Syria, stressing that *those who target Syria are targeting the entire Arab nation*.




He also briefed the delegation on the mechanisms of implementing the political program for resolving the crisis and launching national dialogue across Syria.












Feb 11, 2013




















Report: Cities have hundreds of empty schools










[W]ith more parents choosing charter schools or private options, the need for these aging public buildings has shrunk in cities.




Pew researchers anticipated the number of for-sale buildings will swell in coming years as school districts consolidate their facilities in response to tighter budgets and more families moving out of the cities and into the suburbs.




In Philadelphia alone, 37 schools are set to be closed next year in what would be one of the nation’s largest closings.




That follows the sale of 11 buildings already and another six that are on the market.












Feb 11, 5:35 PM EST














URL to:






In first paragraph of Pew newsstory, click on:




Shuttered Public Schools: The Struggle to Bring Old Buildings New Life (PDF).














Australian terrorists martyr villager in raid










At around 09:00 am this morning, Australian terrorists carried out a several hour raid on Shin Kiyan area of Dehrawod district during which they brutally shot and martyred an innocent villager










See:  Monday, 11 February 2013 16:15








































Eight former managers and employees at the RBA’s [Reserve Bank of Australia’s] Note Printing Australia Ltd. unit and Securency face charges in relation to the bribing of officials in Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam from 1999 to 2004 to win bank-note printing contracts.




–RBA [Australia’s central bank] to Sell Stake in Note-Printing Unit Amid Graft Scandal






















America died




AUGUST 6, 1945




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Asterisks indicate my emphasis.




President al-Assad: Syria Will Remain the Beating Heart of Arabism  –  [Syrian Arab Republic] Information Minister Meets Egyptian Political and Mass Media Delegation  –  Report: Cities have hundreds of empty schools  –  Australian terrorists martyr villager in raid

















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