February 6, 2013


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02 06 13 Superpower Death Watch




















[Syrian Arab Republic] Minister of Defense: Syrian Army Strong, Syria Will Remain United














Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Army and the Armed Forces and Minister of Defense, Gen. Fahd Jassem al-Freij, stressed on Monday that the Syrian Arab Army has proven to the whole world that it is a strong and well-trained army, and that Syria will remain united.




In an interview with the Syrian TV Channel, Gen. al-Freij said that the [puppet] Israeli enemy instructed the armed terrorist groups to attack Syria’s air defenses because the [puppet] Israeli enemy knows that Syria has air defenses that cover the whole country and prevent its aircrafts from carrying out any violation without the knowledge of the Syrian Army.




He added that when the General Command of the Army viewed that the air defenses are being greatly focused on, a decision was made to deploy them in safe places that the armed terrorist groups will not be able to attack them with mortar shells.




Gen. al-Freij asserted that the [puppet] Israeli attack on the scientific research center in Jamraya in Damascus Countryside was carried out in coordination between the [puppet] Israeli enemy and the armed terrorist groups




after it was attacked [unsuccesfully] several times by these groups [trying] to seize it and destroy it.




He pointed out that the failure of the armed terrorist groups to [successfully] attack this center pushed Israel to intervene and carry out the attack through its warplanes to respond to the heavy losses inflicted upon its tools[, the armed terrorist groups].




Concerning Taftanaz Airport, Gen. al-Freij said that the airport is located near the Turkish borders, and it is for helicopters only, adding that it hosts a number of broken-down helicopters, and its staff are technicians who are not prepared to fight under such circumstances.




He noted that when the armed terrorist groups exerted heavy pressure on the airport for months, the General Command decided that it is not necessary that members of the airport staff remain in it, so its equipment was transferred while the broken-down equipment was left.




As for al-Bukamal agricultural airport, the Defense Minister noted that the airport includes agricultural aircrafts and it does not host any warplanes or helicopters, so the airport is not important as it is an empty land.




Regarding [the Palestinian] al-Yarmouk Camp, Gen. al-Freij said that the Syrian Arab Army did not enter the area at all.  The armed terrorist groups, instructed by [puppet] Israel, planned to enter the area to embarrass Syria and [falsely] expose the Syrian Army as entering the area to attack the Palestinians.




He added that the armed terrorist groups are targeting the infrastructure of the state, including hospitals, schools and factories which means that they are targeting the Syrians in the first place.




The Minister emphasized that the Armed Forces will exert all efforts possible to protect the economic and service institutions and deliver supplies to all citizens who are invited to cooperate with the army through informing the army units about the dens of the terrorists.




He added that the main task of the Armed Forces is protecting the borders and confronting the [puppet] Zionist entity which is occupying Syrian land,




but when large numbers of terrorists were recruited to carry out the conspiracy against Syria, the Armed Forces’ duty was to pursue the terrorists.




The Minister concluded that the failure of the plan to subvert Syria from the outside pushed the conspirators to try to subvert it from inside,




so the U.S. [World Tyrant], Western [NATO] and [puppet] Zionist administrations planned for that




and the Arab regimes, unfortunately, funded their plans,




whereas the tools were the armed groups that they brought *from outside* Syria which hold [to] the [fake-Muslim] Takfiri thought and




[have] Jabhat al-Nusra on top.












Feb 05, 2013




















EU MP: Western Support to Gunmen Encourages Them to Reject Peaceful Solution
















Czech EU Parliament Member Jiri Mastalka stressed that the western [World Tyrant/NATO] support encourages the armed terrorist groups in Syria to reject peaceful and political solutions.




In an interview with SANA correspondent in Prague, Mastalka said that the gunmen are not inclined towards a political solution as they depend on foreign sides [The World Tyrant/NATO] which back them with weapons, intelligence information, training and propaganda.




He added that the base for solving the crisis in Syria is to reach a compromise among the concerned parties, noting that *this requires the will to do so*.




Mastalka held the west [The World Tyrant/NATO] responsible for *not* achieving peace in Syria as they [The World Tyrant/NATO] don’t understand that the new colonial wars are not the way for a stable world.




He criticized the West [World Tyrant/NATO] double standards towards the crisis in Syria as well as in Mali, saying this *policy* contradicts the West’s [World Tyrant/NATO’s] alleged strife [striving] for human rights and combating terrorism.




On the global media war against Syria, Mastalka said that the aim of the Western [World Tyrant/NATO] media propaganda is convincing the local and the international public opinion that there is no other solution to the crisis in Syria except the violent solution that serves the West’s [The World Tyrant/NATO’s] interest.












Feb 05, 2013




































U.S. [The World Tyrant] launches civil action against S&P over pre-crisis ratings










The U.S. [World Tyrant] government has launched a civil lawsuit against Standard & Poor’s and parent The McGraw-Hill Companies Inc over mortgage bond ratings, the *first federal enforcement action against a credit rating agency* over alleged illegal behavior tied to the recent financial crisis.




[ Standard & Poor’s (S&P) is an American [World Tyrant] financial services company.




It is a division of The McGraw-Hill Companies that publishes financial research and analysis on stocks and bonds.




S&P is known for its stock market indices such as the U.S.[World Tyrant]-based S&P 500, the Australian S&P/ASX 200, the Canadian S&P/TSX, the Italian S&P/MIB and India’s S&P CNX Nifty.




The company is one of the Big Three credit-rating agencies, which also include Moody’s Investor Service and Fitch Ratings.














“Considerations regarding fees, market share, profits, and relationships with issuers improperly influenced S&P’s rating criteria and models,” the [World Tyrant] government said.




Shares of McGraw-Hill plunged 13.8 percent on Monday after the company said it was expecting the lawsuit, marking their biggest one-day percentage decline since the 1987 stock market crash, according to Reuters data.




The news also caused shares of Moody’s Corp, whose Moody’s Investors Service unit is S&P’s main rival, to slide 10.7 percent.




It is unclear why regulators may now be focusing on S&P rather than Moody’s or Fimalac SA’s Fitch Ratings.










Credit rating agency Standard and Poor’s (S&P)downgraded its credit rating of the U.S. [World Tyrant] federal government from AAA (outstanding) to AA+ (excellent) on August 5, 2011.




This was the *first* time the government was given a rating below AAA.  S&P had announced a negative outlook on the AAA rating in April 2011.




The downgrade to AA+ occurred four days after the 112th United States [World Tyrant Coward] Congress voted to raise the debt ceiling of the [World Tyrant] federal government by means of the Budget Control Act of 2011 on August 2, 2011.




The downgrade was criticized by the U.S. [World Tyrant] Treasury Department, *both* Democratic and Republican political figures, and many bsinessmen and economists.




Both Fitch Ratings and Moody’s, designated like S&P as nationally recognized statistical rating organizations (NRSRO) by the U.S. [World Tyrant] Securities and Exchange Commission, retained the U.S.’s [World Tyrant’s] triple-A rating.




Moody’s, however, changed its outlook to negative on June 2, 2011 and Fitch changed its outlook to negative on November 28, 2011.




















Tue Feb 5, 2013 5:38am EST










Question: Why did “the news also…[cause] shares of Moody’s…to slide…?


My guess: Insiders figured Moody’s was about to come clean and downgrade, too.














Most parts of Ghor province are under the control of Mujahidin [troops of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan]










Ghor province is situated in the western zone of Afghanistan.  Jozjan and Farah are situated in the north, Bamyan and Urzgan in the east, Helmond and Farah in the south and Heart and Badghis in the west of this province.










The total area of this province is 36479 sq. kilometer and the population is more than 500,000.




Ghor province is mostly a mountainous area. Its winter is severely cold. It has very few plain areas. The inhabitants of this province are mostly Tajiks. Similarly some Uzbiks, Hazaras and Pashtuns are also living in this province.




Ghor province has totally ten districts. Apart from one district (Lal-o-Sarjangal), Mujahidin have strong presence in all other areas.










Approximately 70% area is under the control of Mujahidin. The district of (Lal-o-Sarjangal) is situated on the border of Bamyan province and the dwellers are mostly Hazaraz belonging to Shia sect. Here Hezb-i-Wahdat group is in power. It was the only turbulence area of Ghor province even in the reign of the Islamic Emirate [of Afghanistan] and there were movements against the Islamic Emirate. Apart from this district, Mujahidin have control in all other areas of this province.




Shinkot, Teora, Dolina and Shahrak are the name of those districts where the government institutions are present only in the central areas. The remaining areas are completely cleaned up from the enemy. In Charsada and Dolatyar districts, most of the areas are also under the control of Mujahidin. Adjacent to Herat province, Saghar and Tolak are the districts where Mujahidin have strong presence but they don’t have full control.




Moulvi Attaullah Umari who was…part of a delegation to evaluate the Jihad situation and has visited Ghor province, says that Mujahidin had even stronger and general influence than our estimations.  Most parts were freed from the enemy. In many districts the enemy’s bases were besieged by Mujahidin and the enemy was unable to come out and perform operations.




In Ghor province only the main road from Heart to Chaghcharan (the capital of Ghor province) is open and can be utilized by the enemy for his logistics. The roads of the districts are closed for the enemy and in most of the areas the enemy is supplied by air.




According to Moulvi Attaullah another considerable point was the vast support of the people for Jihad. There was no one in the villages, towns and districts, supporting the enemy. All the people were co-operating [with] Mujahidin.  The people recognized the Islamic Emirate as their official government system and used to refer[ring]  all their cases to the courts of the Islamic Emirate.




In Ghor province the invading forces of Norway are deployed who have presence only in the capital city of Chaghcharan.  The foreign invaders are found nowhere else in this province.  The enemy only controls the central city of Chaghcharan and some neighboring areas.  In these areas the government has utilized some of the Arbakis (a tribal soldier setup) to defend the official departments but they have no presence in other parts of the province.  In Ghor province the losses of Mujahidin are very little as compared to the losses of the enemy. According to Mujahidin of this province, no incident has taken place in which Mujahidin are martyred collectively.




Mujahidin in Ghor province say that the national and internal media have been very unjust in presenting the picture of this province.  Although most of the areas of this province have been conquered by Mujahidin and the enemy has a very symbolic presence here, but still the media is depicting the picture as if Mujahidin have no presence in this province.  They (the Mujahidin) say that the communication problems in this province have been the main obstacle that most of the time the reports of Jihad operations are not broadcasted.  But generally it can be said that this area is *one of the most important Jihadi areas where the masses are standing shoulder to shoulder with Mujahidin* and the enemy enjoys no place amongst them.




In Ghor province there used to be hostility and enmity among different tribes, but with the blessings of Jihad and Mujahidin, all those rivalries and difficulties are solved and now the people are living in more cordial atmosphere as compared to the past.  If we go into the details of Jihadi operations of Ghor province, this article might get exceedingly protracted. You can read the detailed reports of the Jihadi operations of Ghor province in the news portion of the Al-emarah website and similarly in the (Morchal Magazine) of the publication department of the Islamic Emirate.












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America died




AUGUST 6, 1945




while giving birth to








which immediately began writing –in blood– its








Asterisks indicate my emphasis.




[Syrian Arab Republic] Minister of Defense: Syrian Army Strong, Syria Will Remain United  –  EU MP: Western [World Tyrant/NATO] Support to Gunmen Encourages Them to Reject Peaceful Solution /


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Parliament  –  RETALIATION / U.S. [The World Tyrant] launches civil action against S&P over pre-crisis ratings   –  Most parts of Ghor province are under the control of Mujahidin [troops of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan]

















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