February 1, 2013


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02 01 13 Superpower Death Watch




















Address Delivered by the Respected Marshal Kim Jong Un at the Fourth Conference of Cell Secretaries of WPK [Workers Party of Korea]






















Kim Il Sung – The President  (April 15, 1912 – July 8, 1994)




Juche: independence




Revolutionary cause to bring complete independence to the popular masses






Kim Jong Il – The General  (February 16, 1942 –  December 17, 2011)


Songun: military-first




Revolutionary means for the popular masses to take and keep state power














*Stalwart members* of the Society for Rallying Comrades, the first organization of our Party, are *the exemplars* from whom all the Party members should learn.




Party cells should conduct education energetically so that all the Party members venerate the Party and the leader with absolute faith and pure conscience *like our Party’s first-generation members* including Cha Kwang Su and Kim Hyok and carry forward the tradition of *single-hearted unity* steadily.




*A habit* of leading a voluntary Party life on the basis of *a high sense of organizational duty* should be established in Party cells and the Party members should be trained in *the furnace* of the Party’s organizational life so that they become stout revolutionaries with boundless loyalty to *the Party, leader, country and people* and a strong sense of organization and discipline.




*Particular attention* should be paid to implanting the Party members with *love* for the people and *spirit* of serving them devotedly in preparing them as true Kimilsungists-Kimjongilists.




Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism is, in essence, *the people-first doctrine* and a person who worships the people as God and works devotedly for them is just a genuine Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist.




It is the firm determination of our Party *to respect our people and devote everything to them* as we [also] hold the President and the General in high esteem.




*The slogan* “Everything for the people and everything by relying on them!” *contains the Party’s will* to fill the whole Party with love for and trust in the people.




All the officials and Party members should be genuine comrades and comrades-in-arms who *steadily* follow, together with our Party, the road of love for the people [that] the President and the General had taken throughout their lives.




Party cells should implant their noble outlook on the people *deep in the officials and Party members* to make them serve and love the people like their parents, wives and children.




The Party cells to which officials belong, in particular, should take it as an important task to prepare them as *the true servants of the people* and enhance *guidance over and control of* their Party life.




*From the very beginning* after he founded our Party the President saw the abuse of power and bureaucratic practices manifested among officials as *the most dangerous poison a working-class ruling party should guard against* and ensured that a consistent struggle was waged against them.




The General put forward the slogan “We serve the people!” and devoted energy and soul to developing our Party into a motherly party serving the people faithfully, *not* a party that indulges in power abuse and bureaucracy.




However, whenever the Party underlined the need to eliminate the abuse of power and bureaucratic practices, Party organizations *simply called meetings* for criticizing ideological defects and punished *some* officials.  Then they did *not make persevering efforts to transform officials* on a revolutionary pattern*.




Abuse of power and bureaucracy are *not merely a matter of personal character or work style* of officials, but *a matter of their ideology*.




When they abuse their power and work in a bureaucratic manner, officials will not merely lose their popularity among the masses and get a blot on their political integrity, but impair the Party’s authority and the prestige of socialism, which will end up *leading the revolution and construction to ruin* [as had already happened in Europe].




Today when the enemy [The World Tyrant] is resorting to more vicious schemes to undermine the single-hearted unity between our Party and people, those who abuse their power and work in a bureaucratic manner are *the major targets of criticism*, those whom our Party should punish resolutely.




The Party Central Committee is firmly determined *not simply to weed out but to root out* the abuse of power and bureaucratic practices that are like the poisonous weeds sprouting on the garden of socialism centred on the masses of the people.




The *campaign against power abuse and bureaucracy* is a Party-wide undertaking in which all Party organizations and their members should turn out.




In order to *eliminate* the abuse of power and bureaucratic practices officials and cell secretaries should *try hard to train themselves in a revolutionary way*, and Party cells, to say nothing of the Party Central Committee, provincial, city and county Party committees and their primary organizations, should wage an intensive, *principled* struggle against power abuse and bureaucracy.




There are ranks in work, but *there can never be members of high or low rank in the Party life* and the double standards of discipline are never allowed in the Party.




Party cells should create a strict atmosphere of criticism and ideological campaign and intensify criticism *from bottom up in particular* to give comradely help to officials to eliminate the abuse of power and bureaucratic practices and prepare themselves as the true servants of the people.




Party cells should clearly distinguish between demands of officials and bureaucracy.  When abuse of power and bureaucratic practices are manifested among officials *even in the slightest degree*, they should not neglect them but wage a struggle against them *promptly*.




All Party cells should *not be indifferent to* the abuse of power and bureaucratic practices of the officials who do not belong to them but actively struggle against them; as for serious cases, they should report on them to higher Party organizations, including the Party Central Committee, *before it is too late* [as had already happened in Europe].




Another important task facing Party cells at present is to work with the masses properly *so that broad segments of people establish a firm bond of kinship with our Party*.




The masses are the grass-roots foothold the Party relies on and the eternal companions with whom our Party should share the destiny until the final victory will have been won in the revolution [with  the popular masses having been brought to complete independence].




If the Party loses their support and trust it will lose its grass-roots basis, fail to fulfil its militant mission and in the end become unable to maintain its own existence [as had already happened in Europe].




If we are to defend socialism and build a thriving country amid the fierce showdown with the enemy [The World Tyrant] and reunify the country, we should fully grasp the public sentiments and win over as many people as possible through efficient work with them.




As rallying broad masses of people around the Party is *an important issue decisive of the destiny of the Party and revolution*, an amnesty was proclaimed last year in the run-up to the 100th birthday of the President and the 70th birthday of the General.




It was ensured that most of the participants in the celebrations of the 66th anniversary of the Korean Children’s Union were the children of *ordinary workers, farmers, service personnel and intellectuals*, rather than those of cadres, and the children of those who committed offences against the country were not discriminated in being chosen as delegates if they were exemplary in study and organizational life of the Children’s Union.




The embrace that cares more for sick and wounded children, gives them love and affection, cures their sour wounds, helps them up and puts them forward again, instead of blaming them –*this is the embrace of our motherly Party*.




We should train all the people to be *strong in ideology and faith with great force* produced by the motherly Party’s love and trust that are *more powerful than nuclear weapons*, thereby building rings of fortresses around the Party Central Committee.




All Party cells should work with the masses properly in keeping with our Party’s *benevolent politics and all-embracing politics* so that they shout “Long live the Workers’ Party!” even though they are left alone in out-of-the-way mountains.




Only then will all the people fight for the Party, the revolution and the country at the risk of their lives in *a do-or-die war*.




In order to conduct work with the masses effectively in line with the Party’s intention Party cells should assess the people properly in the interests of the revolution.




People have emotions and express their feelings differently according to their characters.




Party cells, guided by the General’s saying that they should know the real minds of people even though they do not know what there is in the fathomless water, should read the innermost thoughts of people and make an unbiased assessment of them.




They should not *only* stick to collective education but channel great efforts into *individual education* in educating the masses.




Party work, work with the masses, cannot be conducted with any formula or a single solution.




It is imperative to study appropriate methods of educating people of different characters and apply them [the appropriate methods] to practice so as to make *even one more* person support the Party.




We should not indiscriminately discard people, even though they are unwilling to accept the Party’s ideas.




If so, it will result in a gradual decrease in the number of the people to be rallied around the Party.




Party cells should not cram the Party’s ideas into the heads of the masses, but educate them *persuasively and perseveringly* so that they would willingly accept the Party’s ideas.




It is *very important* to place trust in the people in winning over the masses.




*Political trust is followed by loyalty, but distrust produces betrayal.*




As he is not a Buddhist image made of stone, man may make mistakes in his work and life and even commit unforgivable crimes.




No matter what serious mistakes or crimes he may make, and even though we find in him 99 percent of demerits and only one percent of merit or conscience, we should *value his conscience, boldly trust him and lead him to start with a clean slate*.




People who have deep-seated mental agonies should be treated more kind-heartedly and particular attention should be paid to freeing them from worries lingering in their minds.




Only then can all the people be developed into *indefatigable fighters who will only trust and follow our Party in any adversity*, just like [the] white gem that preserves its colour even if it is broken into pieces and bamboo that keeps its straightness even if it is burnt.




Our Party expects that *all* Party cells will become *the blood vessels* that link broad masses of the people with the Party with a feeling of kinship and *the stones* supporting the fortress of single-hearted unity.












Jan. 30, Juche 102 (2013) Wednesday






















9 judges charged with Philadelphia ticket fixing










Nine judges who presided at Philadelphia traffic court were charged with fixing tickets for friends and political allies in a sweeping federal indictment that alleged pervasive, but covert, corruption in the courthouse.




Federal officials alleged “a widespread culture of giving breaks on traffic citations to friends, family, the politically-connected and business associates,”




but defense attorneys suggested the accused made no money from the favors and




that the court has worked that way for a century.








See:  J


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America died




AUGUST 6, 1945




while giving birth to








which immediately began writing –in blood– its








Asterisks indicate my emphasis.




Address Delivered by the Respected Marshal Kim Jong Un at the Fourth Conference of Cell Secretaries of WPK [Workers Party of Korea] / [Excerpt]  –  9 judges charged with Philadelphia ticket fixing

















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