January 29, 2013


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01 29 13 Superpower Death Watch





Egyptian protesters defy curfew, attack police stations



Political opponents spurned a call by Mursi for talks on Monday to try to end the violence.

Instead, huge crowds of protesters took to the streets in Cairo, Alexandria and in the three Suez Canal cities –Port Said, Ismailia and Suez– where Mursi imposed emergency rule and a curfew on Sunday.

“Down, down with Mohamed Mursi! Down, down with the state of emergency!” crowds shouted in Ismailia.

In Cairo, flames lit up the night sky as protesters set police vehicles ablaze.

The instability unnerves Western [World Tyrant/NATO] capitals, where officials worry about the direction of powerful regional player that has a peace deal with [puppet] Israel.


See:  CAIRO/ISMAILIA, Egypt | Mon Jan 28, 2013 5:52pm EST





11 Yemen [puppet] soldiers killed in car bombing



A car bomb exploded Monday next to a military checkpoint in a central town where Yemeni [puppet] government forces waged their first offensive targeting al-Qaida…

[ “al-Qaida” is one of the *automatic words* used by The World Tyrant to enforce its Declaration of World $lavery. ]   …militants in the area, killing 11 [puppet] soldiers, [puppet] security and military officials said.

The [puppet] officials said that the explosion rocked the town of Radda, about 100 miles…south of the capital, Sanaa, when a suicide bomber blew up his car in an attack that bore the hallmarks of al-Qaida.

[ “al-Qaida” is one of the *automatic words* used by The World Tyrant to enforce its Declaration of World $lavery. ]

The bombing came on the same day that the [puppet] military launched a wide offensive against al-Qaida

[ “al-Qaida” is one of the *automatic words* used by The World Tyrant to enforce its Declaration of World $lavery. ]

in surrounding Bayda province, which has become a militant stronghold.


[ “al-Qaida” is one of the *automatic words* used by The World Tyrant to enforce its Declaration of World $lavery. ]

…briefly seized Radda last year, giving them their closest ever foothold to the capital, where it

[ “al-Qaida” is one of the *automatic words* used by The World Tyrant to enforce its Declaration of World $lavery. ]

is thought to be operating sleeper cells.


See:  Jan 28, 1:26 PM EST






President Putin is not dictating government’s decisions – Medvedev



Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is not dictating decisions to the government, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said in an interview with Germany’s Handelsblatt on Monday.

The prime minister gave an example: “Every day I am signing about 50 documents, and consequences of each document are worth billions.

Those are documents of direct application, and they are governmental documents.

The president does not sign documents of the kind. The president signs laws.”

“Would you imagine me calling and consulting with somebody about those documents?  I sign them and become directly responsible for them.”


See:  11:40 28/01/2013





For how long untoward conduct with the prisoners?




The latest reports show that the oppressed prisoners are barbarically treated in the prisons related to the [puppet] Kabul administration.  They are deprived of the human dignity and even preliminary human rights.  They are tortured in different ways.  They are beaten, abused and even frightened by the threats of execution.

It is not only the case in the prisons of the stooge admin of Kabul admin that the innocent prisoners are badly treated but our prisoners are also cruelly conducted in Guantanamo, Bagram and in the prisons of neighboring countries.  They are kept in the dark cells in such a condition that their families and relatives have no information about them. They are annoyed by recurrent investigations and kept in jails for years without trial.

As now once again this issue has been raised by the United Nations and other Human Rights Organizations; it is support worthy as a preliminary step.

But a more serious and quick response is needed to stop this untoward conduct. 

keeping them in jails for a long period of time without trial for fallacious allegations and martyring them is not only a mortification to the humanity but also a clear violation of the Geneva Convention and the Anti-torture convention of the United Nations. It is an ignominy to the international human values and a great impediment in the way of peace.

The cruel and violators of the human rights should be conscious that the torture, annoyance, unjustifiable imprisonment and execution of prisoners do not bring them [The World Tyrant/NATO] a good news or message for their existence and upcoming.

The Afghan and the world history both have testified that the cruel always burn in the flames of their own cruelty.

The barbaric conduct of the [fake] communists with our prisoners has *still living examples* amongst our people.  All of us clearly realize that misconduct with prisoners neither had any benefit for them [the fake Soviet Union] nor guaranteed their subsistence.

It rather obliterated them like Pharaoh and Nazis permanently.


See:  Monday, 28 January 2013 10:28



It was the REAL Soviet Union (1917-1956) that

awakened the toilers of the East and

wiped out the racist army of Hitler Germany in 1945.

And it was the FAKE Soviet Union (1956-1991) that openly invaded Afghanistan.

This occupation and invasion by fake-Soviet troops lasted from December 24, 1979 to February 15, 1989: 9 years, 1 month, 3 weeks and 1 day.

The Afghan peoples finally drove out the aggressor troops and *defeated* the FAKE Soviet Union.

This *victory* of the Afghan peoples was a MAJOR CAUSE  of the collapse of the FAKE Soviet Union two years later !



America died

AUGUST 6, 1945

while giving birth to


which immediately began writing –in blood– its


Asterisks indicate my emphasis.

Egyptian protesters defy curfew, attack police stations  –  11 Yemen [puppet] soldiers killed in car bombing  –  DRUNKENNESS / President Putin is not dictating government’s decisions: Medvedev  –  For how long untoward conduct with the prisoners?





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