January 17, 2013


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01 17 13 Superpower Death Watch




















Remarks of spokesman of Islamic Emirate [of Afghanistan] regarding the ongoing situation in Mali














As the struggle between the Mujahideen and the government of Mali has intensified more than ever and a foreign military intervention has also taken place






therefore the Islamic Emirate, which has seen the results of foreign interventions and has a lot of experience in this regard, calls on the Malian people and all related and involved sides to utilize such a mechanism and process which restores peace and calm in the country on the basis of Islamic principles and solves the quandary without any foreign intervention.




When France began its withdrawal process from Afghanistan in recent times it *seemed* as the French government would likely expand its anti-war stance to other regions of the world






however it broke off its commitment to peace by transgressing militarily on the soil of northern African nation of Mali.  France has launched war against the Muslim nation of Mali without having any legal jurisdiction.




The Islamic Emirate strongly condemns this French attack on a Muslim nation and calls on all the nations of the world, governments and organizations to fulfill their due roles in stopping such transgressions so that the Muslims of Mali can solve their own problems by themselves.  Such interventions and attacks are not only disastrous for Mali but also for France.




*All* the powerful countries of the world should take lessons from the *failed* American policy of military interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq from which it cannot wrangle free or regain its lost status.




Zabihullah Mujahid




Spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
















Tuesday, 15 January 2013 05:50






















Britons caught in al-Qaeda [actually, Katibah Moulathamine or Masked Brigade seizure of] Algeria oil plant










The assault on the In Amenas gas field, the first apparent act of *reprisal* for France


s Mali operation, began at dawn with an attack on a bus carrying shift workers from the production plant to nearby living quarters.




Although the attack was repelled, two guards on the bus, including the British chief of security and an Algerian, were said to have been killed while another six were injured.




The group of up to 60 Islamist fighters then swept into the base itself in a convoy of 20 four-wheel-drive vehicles mounted with machineguns.












8:38PM GMT 16 Jan 2013
















Islamists attack Algerian gas field, kill, kidnap foreigners




ALGIERS | Wed Jan 16, 2013 10:27am EST














File: Algeria pipeline map.jpg


















Capitalism Has No Future: Rodong Sinmun










Dignitaries in the West declare the end of capitalism by themselves whereas there grows the tendency to estimate Marxism from a new angle.  This proves the truth of history that capitalism is bound to go to ruin and socialism is sure to win.




Rodong Sinmun Tuesday says this in a bylined article.




The contradiction of the capitalist system at present has reached its height, the article notes, and goes on:




Accumulation of capital is being promoted in capitalist society and






wealth is concentrated on the monopoly plutocrats






with the progress in technology






whereas an *increasing number of the people engaged in mental labor* are being hired by capitalists.




The gap between the rich and the poor is widening as the days go by in capitalist society under the reign of the principle of existence that *money is almighty,* screwing up class confrontation and contradiction.




Capitalism is torn with its internal contradiction which makes its doom inescapable.




In order to keep its ever-more endangered privileged position from its political and economic crisis the capitalist class is opting for *fascistizing its reactionary ruling machines and intensifying the moves for aggression and war.*




It is none other than the capitalist class and the Western politicians, its mouthpiece, who make desperate efforts to maintain the capitalist system, rendering their ruling system more fascist and politics more reactionary as they are in the grip of an economic crisis.




The capitalist class is massively spreading reactionary and unpopular ideology and culture and corrupt bourgeois lifestyle in a bid to






benumb the working masses’ *consciousness of independence,*






make them obedient to the capitalist exploiting system and






reduce them to slaves of money.






This makes people more ignorant and benighted.




The capitalist system is inching closer to its end due to reactionary political life, deformed material life and poor mental and cultural life.




It is a matter of time for capitalism which outlived its days to disappear from the arena of history.










01 15 13














As far as I can make out, the above text does not appear in the English-language online


Rodong Sinmun.


















Attack On Sovereignty


© Paul Craig Roberts












Those concerned about “The New World Order” speak as if the United States is coming under the control of an outside conspiratorial force.




In fact, it is the US that *is* the New World Order.  That is what the American unipolar world, about which China, Russia, and Iran complain, is all about.




Washington has demonstrated that it has *no* respect for its own laws and Constitution, much less any respect for international law and the law and sovereignty of other countries.




All that counts is Washington’s will as the pursuit of hegemony moves Washington closer to becoming a world dictator.








Last week the Obama regime warned the British government that it was a violation of US interests for the UK to pull out of the European Union or reduce its ties to the EU in any way.




In other words, the sovereignty of Great Britain is not a choice to be made by the British government or people.  The decision is made by Washington in keeping with Washington’s interest.






[ There’s more ! ]










See:  01 15 13






















America died




AUGUST 6, 1945




while giving birth to








which immediately began writing –in blood– its








Asterisks indicate my emphasis.




Remarks of spokesman of Islamic Emirate [of Afghanistan] regarding the ongoing situation in Mali  –  Britons caught in al-Qaeda [actually, Katibah Moulathamine or Masked Brigade seizure of] Algeria oil plant  –  Capitalism Has No Future: Rodong Sinmun  –  Attack On Sovereignty / © Paul Craig Roberts








“Analysts say the partisan gridlock of the moment is part of a longer trend in which the legislative branch, established under the Constitution as the *first* branch of the federal government, is giving way *increasingly* to a presidency.




“Congress has been taking themselves out of the game for several *decades* now,” said Elaine Kamarck, who worked in the White House during the 1990s for then-Vice President Al Gore and now is a public policy lecturer at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.




–Obama extends presidential power in bypassing Congress on gun control




WASHINGTON | Thu Jan 17, 2013 1:03am EST























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