January 15, 2013


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01 15 13 Superpower Death Watch




















AL [Arab League] Claims Concern Over Syrian Refugees, *Ignores* Key Factors of Displacing Them














The Arab League recent ministerial-level meeting held in Cairo discussed what it…called the Syrian refugees file, *ignoring* the causes and main factors that caused their displacement.




The speech of some ministers were full of lies and hypocrisy as they have *ignored* that their countries were [1] the main [upfront] cause behind the displacement of the Syrians as well as [2] the sharing of these countries in the unfair unilateral economic sanctions which affected the Syrian people’s livelihood directly.




Some ministers shed crocodile tears on…the miserable living conditions of the displaced Syrians in spite of spending *lots* of money on






recruiting mercenaries and takfiris [World Tyrant-backed terrorists],






training them and on






purchasing weapons for the terrorists.






The AL session came in the framework of [1] putting political and media pressure on Syria and [2] registering theoretical [= lying] positions by the parties that control the AL bodies






after *robbing* its [the Arab League’s original] main role [RESISTANCE] and *trading* in [the] situation of the Syrians due to the terrorism [they’re] being exposed to.






If these countries have any problem with meeting the needs of the Syrian refugees they should [1] stop supplying the gunmen with weapons and money and [2] halt inciting sedition in Syria to end the tragedies of the Syrian people due to [World Tyrant-inspired] terrorism.




The AL Secretary General, Nabil al-Arabi, exploited the session to beg for…foreign intervention, renewing the demand…[for] the UN Security Council to issue a binding resolution under Chapter VII and deploy international forces in Syria.






[ Lebanese Republic






For his part, Lebanese Foreign Minister, Adnan Mansour, shed light on reasons…[for] the displacement…[at the] top of which are the flow of weapons and money into Syria, the entry of foreign gunmen and not reaching to a political dialogue, calling on all sides to tackle *this* problem.




Mansour called on the AL to shoulder its responsibilities towards the refugees through ensuring their humanitarian, medical, livelihood, educational and services requirements in order to ease their daily suffering.






[ Kingdom of Bahrain ]




While the Bahraini Minister,






whose country is practicing all kinds of suppression and persecution, backed by [Persian] gulf military forces, against Bahraini people,






alleged his keenness on the life of the Syrian refugees reviewing what his regime has offered to [the] al-Zatari camp in Jordan.






[ Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan ]




The Jordanian Minister called for ending the humanitarian crisis of the Syrian refugees through stopping violence and a political solution which leads to what he has called…a comprehensive transition of the rule






which *means* achieving what the enemies of Syria have failed to achieve by weapons and terrorism.






[ State of Kuwait ]




Meanwhile the Kuwaiti Minister alleged that the suffering of the Syrian people…emerged from the inability of the UN Security Council to meet the demands of his AL…[for] military intervention in Syria.




He also boasted that his country has mobilized all means to ensure the financial and relief resources through the available means officially and politically to the Syrian refugees,






while the refugees didn’t receive any of the assistance he has talked about.












Jan 14, 2013






















Corruption trial set for 6 Calif. city leaders










Six former officials of the scandal-ridden city of Bell go on trial this week in a massive corruption case that nearly bankrupted the Los Angeles suburb.




The former mayor and vice mayor and four former City Council members are charged with misappropriation of public funds in a 20-count felony complaint.




Prosecutors accuse the six of *looting* the city’s treasury in order to pay themselves exorbitant salaries.  The complaint says sham commissions were created to enrich the defendants.




Two major figures in the scam are not part of this trial.  Former City Manager Robert Rizzo and Assistant City Manager Angela Spaccia are scheduled to be tried separately.




They have been accused of making millions while hiking taxes and fees for residents in the modest, blue-collar suburb where many live in poverty.










Jan 14, 9:39 AM EST




















199 Employees Dismissed within Framework of [Syrian Arab Republic] Government’s Efforts to Combat Corruption










Prime Minister Dr. Wael al-Halqi on Monday issued a number of decisions to dismiss 199 employees for being negligent in performing their duties.




This procedure came within the framework of the government’s efforts to combat financial and administrative *corruption* and punish negligent employees.












Jan 14, 2013
























Twin heavy blasts take place inside Herat [puppet] intelligence HQ










At around 07:00 am local time today, twin bombs were set off inside the enemy [puppet] intelligence headquarters in Babai Barq area of Herat city, according to officials [of the Islamic Emirate of






who add that several ambulances are busy carrying away the dead and wounded however their exact numbers are not yet known.












See:  Monday, 14 January 2013 10:59






















America died




AUGUST 6, 1945




while giving birth to








which immediately began writing –in blood– its








Asterisks indicate my emphasis.




AL [Arab League] Claims Concern Over Syrian Refugees, *Ignores* Key Factors of Displacing Them  –  Corruption trial set for 6 Calif. city leaders  –  199 Employees Dismissed within Framework of [Syrian Arab Republic] Government’s Efforts to Combat Corruption  –  Twin heavy blasts take place inside Herat [puppet] intelligence HQ










Discussing the determining factors which play a crucial role in the confrontation




between the arrogant powers [The World Tyrant, NATO, their puppets]




and the Iranian nation,




he [Khamenei] described the vigilance and shrewdness of the Iranian nation as necessary, further reiterating: “By observing communal piety and exercising national vigilance, we should *pay attention to* the plots of the enemy and we should not let *any* issue divert our attention away from the enemy.”




Ayatollah Khamenei stressed that the officials, the press and *websites [PressTV, for example]* should avoid diverting the people’s attention towards trivial matters and added: “The purpose of *all* these recommendations is to help us focus our attention *on the enemy* and to find out what *plots* he is developing and what *goals* he is pursuing.”




–Supreme Leader Meets with People of Qom





































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