January 13, 2013


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01 13 13 Superpower Death Watch




















US [The World Tyrant] suffers from paranoia














There is a brain illness called paranoia.  Patients suffering from it live in their own spiritual world and are obsessed by mistaken beliefs.


The United States is a severely paranoid patient who has all the classic symptoms of the illness.


U.S. [World Tyrant] space experts claimed that [capitalist] China may conduct another anti-satellite (ASAT) test on Jan. 11, the date on which it performed ASAT operations in both 2007 and 2010.  The rumor has been circulating in the U.S. [World Tyrant] Department of Defense and intelligence community over the past few months.  They are worried that such tests could pose a threat to U.S. [World Tyrant] Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites.


[Capitalist] China does not need to report to the United States [The World Tyrant] whether or when it will conduct such tests.  As a modern *sovereign* country, it disallows any outside intervention in its internal affairs.  It is known to all that the United States [The World Tyrant] owns the most advanced space technology in the world.  Has any other country ever asked it to stop developing various threatening weapons?


Maybe the United States has been *acting sick so as to get away with telling lies.*


In August 1964, then U.S. [World Tyrant] President Lyndon Johnson claimed that the North Vietnamese Navy attacked U.S. [World Tyrant] warships in the Gulf of Tonkin, and then escalated U.S. [World Tyrant] involvement in the Vietnam War [= The World Tyrant’s war of aggression against all Indochina]. Former U.S. [World Tyrant] Defense Secretary Robert McNamara admitted many years later that the attack did not happen, and it was totally faked.




In March 2003, then U.S. [World Tyrant] President George W. Bush claimed that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction, and used it [its claim] as an excuse to launch the Iraq War [= The World Tyrant’s war of aggression against the Republic of Iraq]. Bush acknowledged in his memoirs many years later that Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction.


The United States [The World Tyrant] has also accused Iran of developing nuclear weapons when it is just conducting peaceful use of nuclear energy, and created rumors that the Syrian government plans to use chemical weapons in the Syrian civil war [= The World Tyrant’s proxy war of aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic].


The United States [The World Tyrant] can judge whether other countries are threatening its security according to historical incidents,




and *other countries can tell whether it is telling lies according to its previous misdeeds.*




The United States [The World Tyrant] now takes [capitalist] China as its imaginary enemy.  As the world’s second largest economy, [capitalist] China is bound to be considered by the United States [The World Tyrant] as a major threat.  *Hegemonic powers have achieved their hegemonic status through bloody wars.*


In the [psychopath’s] guise of a paranoid patient, the United States [The World Tyrant] is actually anxious to maintain absolute dominance in all fields as well as its long-term hegemonic position in the world.


[Capitalist] China values honesty, and has repeatedly expressed its determination to safeguard world peace.  It should be reiterated that [capitalist] China has the right to peaceful use of outer space, and will never give up this right.  *Any* action obstructing or undermining China


s space exploration will be hit back hard.  The United States [The World Tyrant] is policing the world, but is still far from being able to police the universe.












09:12, January 12, 2013 [Part 1]










09:16, January 12, 2013 [Part 2]






















Reunification Issue Be Solved *Independently*




Sim Chol Yong












The reunification of the country should be achieved by the concerted efforts of our nation independently *free from the interference of outside forces.*




The reunification is, in essence, a cause of re-linking the territory of the country divided into the north and the south by *foreign* forces and achieving its sovereignty on a *nation-wide* scale.






It should be attained






*by our nation itself* with united efforts and wisdom and






by rejecting the interference and obstructions of the anti-reunification *external* forces.






The driving force of national reunification is the *entire* Korean nation; when the whole nation pools strength, it can do anything.




*Inexhaustible* is the strength of the nation firmly united with an aspiration after independence and with one and the same goal and ideal.




We should *adhere to the stand* that when our nation is…[at its] best and joins efforts, it can do anything.




Herein lies the way for frustrating the obstructions of the *alien* forces and for achieving national reunification and prosperity.




All the members of the Korean nation *in the north, south and abroad* should subordinate and orientate everything to the great national cause of reunifying the country






from the standpoint of giving priority and attaching importance to *the nation* and achieving its unity.






The standpoint is an expression of the idea *”By our nation itself”*.






To give priority to our nation *ahead* of foreign forces, attaching importance to our nation *above* outside forces and achieving its unity,






*not* collaboration with foreign forces






–this should be the way of thinking and *fighting stamina* for our nation.






The entire Koreans should determinedly *oppose and reject* the foreign forces’ domination, interference and moves of aggression and war.






They must *not tolerate any* obstructions against national reunification.






The cause of national reunification will *certainly* emerge victorious *only when* the whole nation solves all the problems arising in developing the north-south relations and ensuring peace on the Korean Peninsula independently by *its* concerted efforts.




Neither any trials and difficulties nor any anti-reunification forces can hold in check *the road ahead* of our fellow countrymen who are striving to build a reunified thriving country without fail on this three-thousand-ri land by the concerted efforts of the whole nation.














Jan. 12, Juche 102 (2013) Saturday




















Mali intervention [= French war of aggression against Republic of Mali’s northen region] will put French citizens at risk: Islamists [= freedom fighters]












“There are consequences, not only for French hostages, but also for *all* French citizens wherever they find themselves in the Muslim world”










BAMAKO | Sat Jan 12, 2013 9:46am EST




















Russian [New Russian Empire] Defense [War] Ministry: Diesel Engine Defect in *Saratov* Ship to Be Fixed in Tartous Port [in the Syrian Arab Republic]










The Russian [New Russian Empire] Defense [War] Ministry said a defect in a diesel engine of the Saratov large landing ship will be repaired at the floating dock of the Russian [New Rusian Empire] Navy in Tartous Port.




The Press and Media Department at the [New Russian Empire War] Ministry clarified in a statement on Saturday that the Saratov ship has already passed the Aegean Sea [and is heading] to the east of the Mediterranean to take part in military naval exercises due to be conducted by the Russian [New Russian Empire] fleet in the region.




The statement said one of the diesel engines broke down while the Saratov ship was sailing, and a decision was taken to fix the defect in Tartous Port after the crew failed to fix it.




Once the defect is repaired, the Saratov ship is *scheduled* to participate in exercises conducted by the ships of Russian [New Russian Empire] fleets in the eastern region of the Mediterranean, the statement added.










See:  Jan 12, 2013


















It [the city of Saratov] traces its history to the reign of Tsar Fyodor Ivanovich, who constructed several settlements along the Volga Rver in order to secure the southeastern boundary of his state.




During the summer of 1586, the fortress of Samara was founded, followed by Tsaritsyn in 1589 and finally Saratov, located midway between Samara and Tsaritsyn, in 1590.




All three forts were located in a region where the Volga and the Don flow nearest one another, which allowed the Duchy of Moscovy to secure both rivers and to ensure control over the recently annexed khanates of Kazan and Astrakhan






















America died




AUGUST 6, 1945




while giving birth to








which immediately began writing –in blood– its








Asterisks indicate my emphasis.




US [The World Tyrant] suffers from paranoia  –  Reunification Issue Be Solved *Independently* / Sim Chol Yong  –  Mali intervention [= French war of aggression against Republic of Mali’s northen region] will put French citizens at risk: Islamists [= freedom fighters]  –  Russian [New Russian Empire] Defense [War] Ministry: Diesel Engine Defect in *Saratov* Ship to Be Fixed in Tartous Port [in the Syrian Arab Republic]










Is WTO about to abandon dream of global free trade?




GENEVA | Sun Jan 13, 2013 9:17am EST



















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