January 11, 2013


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01 11 13 Superpower Death Watch




















THERE SHALL BE NO RESPECT FOR PROPERTY EVER AGAIN, ANYWHERE –a principal clause of The World Tyrant’s Declaration of World $lavery




[Syrian Arab Republic] Foreign Ministry: 1000 Factories in Aleppo Were Robbed and Transferred to *Turkey* with Its Government’s *Full* Knowledge














The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry stressed that the robbery of a *thousand* factories in Aleppo and their transfer to Turkey *with the knowledge and facilitation of the Turkish government* is considered “an illegal act that amounts to *piracy*”.




The Ministry’s stress [emphasis] came in two identical letters it addressed on Thursday to the Chairman of the UN Security Council and the UN Secretary General on the robbery of these factories and the transfer of the properties to Turkey with its government’s *full* knowledge.




The Ministry described the robbery and transfer as “an act of *aggression*” that targets the Syrians in their sources of living and economic life.




“This act






indicates once again the Turkish ambitions and the *sabotage role* Turkey is playing in the crisis in Syria, and






reveals as well its *intentions* towards the Syrian people,” said the letters, adding that this act also “…[exposes Turkey’s] *false* claims…[of] caring for the Syrians’ life and the major requirements of their living.”




The Ministry slammed these practices as “immoral” as they “constitute a *flagrant* violation of the principles of good neighborliness and non-interference in the countries’ internal affairs”.




“[These practices] are a direct contribution in a *cross-border crime and acts of piracy*, which demands an international reaction that should be up to the *wide scale of damage* caused to the Syrian people and [to] their economic and commercial capabilities,” the letters added.




The Ministry reaffirmed that a reaction is demanded by the Security Council that should be up to the responsibilities and the obligations it assumes in the field of combating terrorism and maintaining international security and peace.




Such a reaction is necessitated, the Ministry stressed, in light of the






support given by a neighboring country like Turkey to terrorism and the






providing of helping conditions for *looting* Syria’s resources across the border and *destroying* the Syrians’ capabilities and sources of living, in addition to






facilitating the *exploitation of these capabilities for the sake of backing terrorism* inside Syria.




The Ministry demanded that the UN Security Council and the UN Secretary General “issue a clear condemnation of these acts of sabotage and terrorism and take necessary measures to hold to account their perpetrators and the regional and international [World Tyrant/NATO] countries and forces standing behind them.”




This condemnation, the letters said, is supposed to “reflect the international organization’s rejection of *any additional* contribution by the countries that are hostile towards Syria to further aggravate the living conditions of the Syrian people and *increase* their humanitarian suffering.”




The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry called for taking all legal measures against the Turkish government to compel it to






give back the stolen properties to their owners and






pay all compensations to the affected [owners] according to the relevant enforced rules of the international law, in addition to getting it to






immediately stop repeating such practices now and in the future.












Jan 10, 2013






















[Syrian Arab Republic] Cabinet Approves Political Program To Solve Crisis in Syria












FIRST [Defeat The World Tyrant’s War On West Asia]




1-All states, international and regional sides will adhere to stop financing, arming or sheltering the armed groups.




2-All armed groups commit to an immediate halt to all forms of violence.




3-The army and armed forces commit to halting the military operations, save in cases of self-defense, protecting the citizens.




4-Finding a mechanism to verify that all sides stop violence.




5-Facilitaitng the reach of humanitarian aids to the needed [the needy].




6-Starting acts of rehabilitation to the infrastructure and paying compensations for the affected people.




7-Offering necessary guarantees to the Syrian citizens who left because of the events to return through the border crossing points.




8-Offering guarantees to all [the] Syrian opposition abroad to enter the country, reside or depart without interfering with them in order to let them participate in the national dialogue.






SECOND [Perfect The Syrian Resistance State]




1-The government sends invitations to hold a national comprehensive dialogue conference to formulate a national pact which depends on:






A-adhering to Syrian sovereignty and territorial integrity.




B-Rejecting all forms of foreign intervention in the Syrian affairs.




C-Dismissing all forms of violence and terrorism.




D-Drawing the political future for a democratic Syria and making an agreement on the constitutional, judicial system as well as the political and economic features based on political pluralism and the sovereignty of law.






2-Proposing the national pact for the referendum to be approved.




3-Forming an expanded government with wide executive capacity which brings together the Syrian society spectrums.  This government will be charged with forming the constituent assembly to formulate a new constitution.




4-When the Constituent Assembly ends its work, referendum on the draft constitution will be run to be later approved by the people’s Assembly.




5-After approving the constitution, the expanded government will adopt the laws agreed upon in the dialogue conference.




6-Holding the parliamentary elections according to the new elections’ law.






THIRD [Refresh The Syrian Resistance People]




1-The new government will be formed according to the new constitution.




2-The National reconciliation conference is held.




3-General Amnesty on the crimes committed during the events with reserving the civil rights for their persons to be issued.




4-Completing and accelerating acts of rehabilitation to the infrastructure and paying compensations for the affected people.










Jan 10, 2013




















Protesters torch police station in Tunisia border town: AFP










Tunisian protesters torched a police station in the southern border town of Ben Guerdane late on Thursday, amid social discontent that also sparked clashes there last weekend.




The latest unrest erupted in the afternoon when protesters hurled rocks at the police who responded by firing tear gas, an AFP journalist reported. 




The clashes then spread, and the protesters attacked and set fire to a police station, forcing those inside to flee.












10 January 2013 – 20H35




















Egypt’s central bank chief resigns










The bank has acknowledged that its foreign exchange reserves have reached a “critical minimum” level.




Reserves have fallen to $15 billion from $36 billion in two years and are enough to cover only three months of imports.




Given the bleak economic scenario, securing the $4.8 billion IMF loan is now considered by many as essential to fuel a recovery.




Discussions on the loan began anew this week in Cairo with Masood Ahmed, IMF [World Tyrant] representative for the Middle East and Central Asia.




In a statement late on Monday, Ahmed said he had “productive” talks with Morsi and top officials.










See:  10 January 2013 – 19H37






















America died




AUGUST 6, 1945




while giving birth to








which immediately began writing –in blood– its








Asterisks indicate my emphasis.




THERE SHALL BE NO RESPECT FOR PROPERTY EVER AGAIN, ANYWHERE –a principal clause of The World Tyrant’s Declaration of World $lavery / [Syrian Arab Republic] Foreign Ministry: 1000 Factories in Aleppo Were Robbed and Transferred to *Turkey* with Its Government’s *Full* Knowledge  –  [Syrian Arab Republic] Cabinet Approves Political Program To Solve Crisis in Syria  –  Protesters torch police station in Tunisia border town: AFP  –  Egypt’s central bank chief resigns












This military decoration [the Order of Nakhimov] was introduced during the Great Patriotic War as a tribute to the glory, courage and feats of the sailors who made a great contribution to the victory over the enemy [Nazi Germany].








Today, the Order of Nakhimov has regained the prestigious status of a *state* decoration.  I see it as yet *another* symbol of the revival and development of the Army and Navy


s historical [= Czarist Russian] martial traditions.
















Reality Too




The Federal Law adds the date of August 1 to the list of [Czarist] Russian remembrance days as a Day of Remembrance for the Russian soldiers who fell in [the imperialist] World War I of 1914-1918.
















“‘Democratic’ deception reinforced by coercion; coercion concealed by ‘democratc’ deception –such is the alpha and omega of the dictatorship of the imperialist bourgeoisie.”




Stalin.  From: “The Plot Against The Revolution.”  *Rabochy Put.*  Moscow: Nos 27, 28 and 30.  October 4, 5, and 7, 1917.  In: *Works,* Volume 3 March- October 1917, FLPH, 1953.  Page 375.




Rabochy Put ?




[ The Workers’ Path: The Central Organ of the Bolshevik Party, a daily published from September 3 (16) to October 26 (November 8), 1917 in place of the newspaper Pravda, which was *closed down* by the Provisional Government.  On October 27 (November 9), Pravda resumed publication under its original name.























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