January 4, 2013


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01 04 13 Superpower Death Watch




















[Syrian Arab Republic] Deputy PM: Objective Climate to Reach Political Solution Matured, All Should Sit to Dialog Table














Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and Leader of the opposition People’s Will Party, Dr.Qadri Jamil, stressed the importance of finding international accord to solve the crisis in Syria.




In an interview with the Syrian TV aired on Wednesday, Jamil referred to attempts to revive Geneva Statement which was the first step for the needed international accord to achieve a breakthrough in the international relations.




Dr. Jamil added that the Americans [the World Tyrant ubermenschen] today think deeply in other substitutes and options not in the interest of the Syrian people but due to the fiscal cliff that the US [The World Tyrant] is facing as a reflection of the great economic crisis of capitalism.




He stressed that the US [The World Tyrant] is *the* leader of intervention in Syria and the regional powers are subordinate and tools which are *not* independent and have no opinion.




“The Russian stance has become firmer as it is a reflection of a wider ring of the BRIC countries and the medium-sized countries which impose a new international climate that will be seen in the next two years but




we should not allow the Americans [the World Tyrant ubermenschen] and the westerners [NATO] to burn Syria from inside and we should be smarter than the opponent through finding a political solution,” he added.




“The objective climate to reach a political solution to the crisis has matured and *all* sides should sit to the dialog table to discuss means of reaching compromises and solutions that serve the *national* higher interests,” Dr. Jamil said.




He pointed out that the rejection of violence and foreign interference are *not preconditions* for dialogue but they are *public principles* for this dialogue, and




what will be agreed upon at the end through dialogue will be subjected to the judgment of the Syrian people who will decide what they need through the ballot boxes.




He expressed rejection of making any *amendment* on [the] Geneva Statement, but




what is required…[is that it] be interpreted, particularly regarding the issue of the transition phase.




Dr. Jamil stressed that the US [The World Tyrant] will






not abandon its support to the gunmen in Syria even if dialogue has been held as it wants to exploit them to put pressure on the dialogue table as well as it will






not abandon protecting the regional powers [Turkey, for example] which arm the terrorist groups in Syria.






He called for accelerating dialogue as it will gradually ease violence.




Jamil said that what is required today is Syria out of the crisis and here comes the importance of a national unity government and transitional solutions that can make positive changes.




Turning to the economic situation in Syria, he noted that it is difficult, but the crisis recedes.




“We are in an exceptional situation similar to that of *war,* which requires treatment with current circumstances [in mind] through special laws for fighting corruption as the corrupted persons are more dangerous than armed terrorists and sometimes they are more harmful,” he said.




Jamil added that Syria was able to break the blockade imposed and find gaps in it and this would clearly appear in the coming weeks through gradual positive changes.




He recalled, in this regard, that the unjust unilateral Western [World Tyrant/NATO] sanctions have contributed to the deterioration of the economic situation of the Syrian people.




Jamil concluded by saying that this year will be the year of the political process in Syria, but the beginning of this process does *not* mean the end of violence, but the gradual reduction of violence to reach the dialogue and the political process.












Jan 03, 2013


























Quick glance at 2012 Jihadi achievements (part 1)














We can unmistakably state that 2012 in Afghanistan for the current [World Tyrant] occupation was exactly as 1986 was for the former [Fake Soviet Union] occupation during which they completely lost their will to fight and practically began the process of withdrawal and retreat.




Penning down all the incidents for 2012 in one article is not possible[;] however we will still strive to highlight some of the important military, political, cultural and social events of the year in this article.




First: [1] Jihadi fronts




Jihadi operations in 2012 were several times higher than the previous years




[2] Attacks against enemy air power




2012 in Afghanistan was a year full of losses for the American air force, helicopters and UAVs.




[3] Large and headline grabbing operations




[4] Insider attacks




Attacks which put final nail in the coffin of the invaders will and morale as well as shook their feet and forced them to abandon all hope were operations by infiltrator Mujahideen a.k.a. insider attacks.




[5] Enemy withdrawal and liberation of country




To sum up 2012 in one sentence it would be ‘The beginning of the invaders scamper’.




The Americans [the World Tyrant ubermenschen] left the countryside of…North and Central Afghanistan and confined their presence to the provincial capitals.




To hide their defeat and embarrassment, they termed this retreat from north and central Afghanistan as step by step ‘security transfer’ which will keep continuing.




In reality, they want to flee from Afghanistan just as they turned tail and ran from Vietnam.  When America faced utter destruction in Vietnam, they came up with the formula ‘declare victory and run’ and want to utilize the formula of ‘transfer security and run’ here in Afghanistan.












Wednesday, 02 January 2013 02:30




















Losers – Part 6










I’m reading the new, paperback edition of
Steve Coll’s *Ghost Wars: The Secret His-
tory of the CIA, Afghanistan, and bin Laden,
from the Soviet Invasion [1979] to Septem-
ber 10, 2001.*


At page 103 I find the following VERY
interesting paragraph, which I have for-
matted for clarity:


“Beginning in the late 1970s, the CIA’s
covert action staff had produced propos-
als for secret publishing and propaganda
efforts targeting Muslims living in Soviet
Central Asia as well as Ukrainians.


“Carter’s national security advisor, Zbig-
niew Brzezinski, was among the most
passionate advocates for a covert Ameri-
can program to stir up nationalism in the
Soviet Union’s non-Russian border re-


“But the State Department balked at the




“Fomenting rebellion inside the Soviet
Union could provoke unpredictable re-
taliation by Moscow, even including


“At Langley [too] the idea stirred con-
troversy.”  [The CIA headquarters is in
Langley VA.]


The point is, that already in the late
1970s –over TWENTY YEARS
BEFORE 9/11– the State Depart-
ment KNEW the Russians had the
potential capability to launch attacks
INSIDE The Superpower.


This potential capability finally be-
came actual capability when the
Russians recruited Arabs hardened
by over 20 years of Superpower
aggression in West Asia, taught
them to fly big planes in Russia,
got them to take “flying lessons” in
The Superpower, and provided
the cash to pay for those lessons
and for all the other expenses


This crime without fingerprints
resulted in one of the greatest
military defeats in modern history.


The Washington cowards dared
not tell the truth, for the Russians
still have enough nukes to blow up
the world.


The Superpower’s population was
fed the al-Qaeda myth instead.


Since that Evil People has been
taught for over 60 years to believe
anything the Washington cowards
tell them, the al-Qaeda myth raised
not one eyebrow –this itself being
one of the greatest tomfoolery
victories in modern history!






The paperback edition of Coll’s
book is published by Penguin
Books (ISBN 0 14 30.3466 9).


I capitalized the words “to launch
attacks inside the United States” in
the quotation.










Fri Mar 4, 2005 5:03 pm










That was THEN.


The World Tyrant NOW has its very own “al-Qaeda”


© terrorists.


What’s exquisite is that Putin, who was a visitor at Bu$h Jr’s ranch in November 2001 and there encouraged him to go all the way in Afghanistan, is still at it.  In his recent press conference, Putin  says: “I once talked to a man with whom I have a very good personal relationship and I still think very highly of him: former President George W. Bush.”






Ctrl-F > Bush
















America died




AUGUST 6, 1945




while giving birth to








which immediately began writing –in blood– its








Asterisks indicate my emphasis.




[Syrian Arab Republic] Deputy PM: Objective Climate to Reach Political Solution Matured, All Should Sit to Dialog Table  –  ISLAMIC EMIRATE OF AFGHANISTAN / Quick glance at 2012 Jihadi achievements (part 1)  –  Losers, Part 6















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