December 23, 2012


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12 23 12 Superpower Death Watch






[World Tyrant] Armed Group Assassinates Syrian TV Cameraman Haidar al-Smoudi in Damascus



Earlier, the [World Tyrant] armed terrorist groups assassinated [Syrian TV] colleagues

Naji Assad,

Ali Abbas,

Shukri Abu al-Burghul,

Basel Yousef,

Mohammad al-Ashram,

Maya Naser,

Cameramen Ihsan al-Buni and

Hatem Abu Yahya.


See:  Dec 22, 2012






Ex-teacher awarded €700,000 against HSE [Ireland’s Health Service Executive]



A former secondary school teacher has been awarded more than €700,000 damages against the Health Service Executive after the High Court found it destroyed his life by “grossly reckless” conduct of an inquiry into allegations he had sexually abused a male pupil.

Mr Justice Iarfhlaith O’Neill said the teacher, who had denied the allegation and cannot be identified by court order, was clearly targeted by the then area health board and HSE and was a victim “of targeted malice” and of a pre-judged inquiry.

The case arose from an allegation made by a former pupil. An American counsellor [a World Tyrant ubermensch] acting for the boy had notified the area health board he had made “a verbal outcry of sexual abuse” by the teacher at his former Irish school.

It [the documentary evidence in the case] also showed the investigation was “conducted in a manner calculated to ensure that the predetermined concluding would not be deflected or disturbed by any meaningful input by the applicant”.


See: Saturday, December 22, 2012







Marshal Kim Jong Un Speaks at Reception Given for Launchers of Satellite



The successful launching of the satellite this time, declared the Marshal, is a biggest event in [the] 5,000 year-long Korean history, a fruit born under the wise leadership of Kim Jong Il and our Party’s policy of focusing on scientific and technological progress.

Saying it is our nation’s happy event brought about by indefatigable efforts and heroic endeavors of those invited to this reception, Marshal Kim Jong Un continued:

From early days President Kim Il Sung mapped out a far-reaching plan for space conquest, coming along a road no one had ever been on before.

Following Kim Il Sung’s lofty intention, Kim Jong Il put forward a strategic line on developing a carrier-rocket and an earth satellite and laid a solid jumping board for a leaping advance of the country’s space science and technology.

By their untiring search and efforts, scientists and technicians rounded off in a short time their work to improve the reliability and accuracy of the carrier-rocket and satellite and successfully launched the satellite in the severe cold of winter, avoiding the possible harmful effect the satellite launching might have on the neighboring countries; it was a dynamic demonstration of our space science and technology which has risen to an ultra modern high.

The satellite that our trust-worthy scientists, technicians and workers have launched this time is 100 percent home-produced, ranging from its design, manufacture, assembling, launching and post-launching observation.

The launching of the satellite conducted on our nation’s honor is a solemn declaration of

our Republic’s independent and legal right to peaceful use of the space and

the comprehensive national strength of Songun [military first] Korea.

The satellite was launched on the historic day when the President [Kim Il Sung] had a test-firing of the first submachine gun of Korean make. On that very day this year you succeeded in satellite launching; you are true soldiers and disciples of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il and heroes of all  heroes the whole country respects and admires, and as we have true patriots like you, our country is strong and the revolutionary cause of our Party wins one victory after another.

Marshal Kim Jong Un said it is our Party’s unshakable resolution and will to win final victory in the revolution under the uplifted banner of Juche [independence] and make our country most powerful in the world and a paradise of the people, a country which the world looks up to.

He declared those present at the reception are the closest fighters-in-arms and nearest comrades, expressing his hope that they would lead the general march for the construction of a thriving nation.

He stressed that the scientists and technicians should engrave in their hearts the Party’s idea and intention and by raising a hot wind to reach the peak of science in the conquest of space so as to make our country earn the fame of a big power admired by the world.

He set forth the task for developing many application satellites including communication satellites and powerful carrier-rockets by giving full play to the spirit and courage in which they launched the satellite Kwangmyongsong 3-2.

Marshal Kim Jong Un also expressed his belief that the scientists and technicians, remaining true to the slogan “Keep your feet firmly planted on this land and look out over the world!”, set their brains and professional abilities working to full capacity so that they will outstrip all others and display the country’s honor and national wisdom all over the world.


See:  Dec. 22, Juche 101 (2012) Saturday






BREAKING: Egypt Central Bank head resigns


Update: Mixed reports about fate of Egypt Central Bank head



The governor of the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE), Farouq El-Oqda, has resigned his position, the Egyptian state television announced on Saturday.

Hisham Ramez, a former deputy for El-Oqda, and currently the Vice Chairman and Managing Director of the Commercial International Bank (CIB), is reported to be the CBE’s new governor.

On 17 December news about the long-serving governor’s resignation surfaced, but was quickly denied by *CBE* officials.

El-Oqda, who has been at the helm of the CBE for the last nine years, had been nominated earlier this year for the position of prime minster, but ultimately declined the offer.  He was repeatedly reported to have wanted to resign his position since a popular uprising sent Egypt into turmoil in January 2011.

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi met with El-Oqda on Sunday, but the meeting was *not* followed by any official statements.


Egypt’s cabinet has on Saturday denied state television reports that governor of the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE), Farouq El-Oqda, had stepped down.

On Saturday afternoon, Egypt’s state television reported that much-trusted El-Oqda has left his position, but the cabinet swiftly denied the news on its official Facebook page.

The Central Bank of Egypt remained tight-lipped.


Ahram Online, Saturday 22 Dec 2012



Ahram Online, Saturday 22 Dec 2012




America died

AUGUST 6, 1945

while giving birth to


which immediately began writing –in blood– its


Asterisks indicate my emphasis.

OVERT CRIMES OF THE WORLD TYRANT / [World Tyrant] Armed Group Assassinates Syrian TV Cameraman Haidar al-Smoudi in Damascus  –  C_O_V_E_R_T  CRIMES OF THE WORLD TYRANT / Ex-teacher awarded €700,000 against HSE [Ireland’s Health Service Executive]  –  Marshal Kim Jong Un Speaks at Reception Given for Launchers of Satellite  –  BREAKING: Egypt Central Bank head resigns  AND  Update: Mixed reports about fate of Egypt Central Bank head





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