September 26, 2012


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West [World Tyrant/NATO] wages all-out war against divine religions, spiritual values: Activist [Manfred Petritsch]




Press TV has interviewed Mr. Manfred Petritsch, an international activist and prominent finance expert.  What follows is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: 1.3 billion people…Muslims.  And we have this new wave of attack on Islam.  These people, these Western countries, the Western people, those who are attacking Islam – Who are these people and why is it they are doing so?

Petritsch: Well, I think they are trying to…  We have to see this as *a general picture of a war against spirituality.* 


That means, they are *not* particularly attacking Islam, but *they [The World Tyrant/NATO] are attacking spirituality as a whole.*

The attack against Christianity has been happening already since a long time and Christianity is more or less destroyed.

So what they are doing now is shifting the focus, after they have finished off Christianity, they are now attacking Islam.  But *the whole war is against spirituality as a whole.*


You see, these blasphemous attacks are happening against Christianity all the time, but nobody is doing anything anymore because society and also the people who represent the Christian church are not putting up a fight anymore.  They have lost and now they are shifting focus to Islam to *also* try to destroy their spirituality.

Press TV: We saw in the United States the blasphemous film that sparked tensions and protests all across the world.  The US Ambassador to Libya was killed; more than 40 people across the world were killed in those protests.

And right in the midst of all these protests and tensions, France allows a person, a magazine, a publisher to print another set of blasphemous material, this time cartoons insulting the prophet of Islam.  And yet the French authorities did not do anything to stop that although they knew that it might create further tension in the world –they didn’t stop that.

At the same time, they stopped the French magazine that published nude pictures of the British princess.  So, what is going on here?  Why is this happening, why the disparity?

Petritsch: Well, this shows you exactly *the double standard* the West [The World Tyrant/NATO] operates in many ways.  So if it is against what they want then they of course stop it, like the photos of the princess, which is of course, wrong to invade her personal life.

But how can the insult of a whole religion be less important than the personal feelings of one person?

So, on the one hand the same government or the same system in France closes down a magazine because of nude pictures, but on the other hand allows insulting cartoons against a whole religion.  And this shows how the West *always uses double standards, in many ways*…  This exposes it, that what they are doing is *a lie.*

Press TV: Do you think the attacks will continue – the attacks on Islam?

Petritsch: As I said before we are talking about *a war against spirituality*…  You see, a lot of people believe that the cause for all this protest is the film.  But I think it’s not the film, the film was just the ignition point.

There was a whole *explosive mixture* existing because of the American [World Tyrant] foreign policy or the foreign policy of the West [NATO] as a whole against all Islamic countries; against the wars they are fighting; against this double standard they are doing; against the killer drones, which are killing hundreds of civilians.

And all this explosive mixture was there and now the film came along and was the *ignition point.*  So I think the people are not protesting specially against the film, they are protesting against *the whole attitude* of the West [The World Tyrant/NATO] towards the Islamic countries.

Press TV: The issue of human rights particularly the issue of European countries talk more often than not about the issue of human rights in terms of, they want those countries that they say violate human rights to be brought to justice and they themselves say that they are the biggest advocates of human rights in the world.

A lot of people say that the sanctions against Iran that primarily affect ordinary people in the country; they say these sanctions are in essence in violation of human rights of the Iranian people. What do you think?

Petritsch: Absolutely.  Anybody who reads the Charter of the United Nations sees that sanctions must not cover, for instance, medical supplies or food and things like that.  That means anything that touches the basic human rights of people you cannot sanction, right?

But *they are doing it,* so they are violating not only their own laws, but also the laws of the United Nations.  But who is there to take them to court?  That is a big problem, you know.

Press TV: You come from Switzerland.  Switzerland is part of the countries that are imposing sanctions against Iran.  Is that something legal in terms of the Swiss Constitution, the Swiss internal laws?

Petritsch: No.  The Swiss government is acting illegally because Switzerland and the spirit of Switzerland, is based on neutrality.  That’s what Switzerland is all about.  And it’s about humanitarian aid. That’s also why the Red Cross has its headquarters there, and UNICEF and all these humanitarian organizations.

So what the Swiss government is doing by blindly following the sanctions of the United States and of the EU is, in my opinion, definitely breaking the laws and *the spirit* of Switzerland.

That is not correct because they’re taking sides, and Switzerland does not take sides — it always helps, normally, people who are suffering.  And I know that the Iranian people are suffering because of these sanctions.

Press TV: How does Switzerland explain, justify the sanctions against Iran?

Petritsch: The Swiss Foreign Ministry and the government say that they cannot step out of line, out of this NATO policy.  They cannot be something different because otherwise *they will suffer themselves.*

But I think that the Swiss politicians should have enough backbone to say to the EU and NATO countries ‘you can do what you want, but we have our own policies’.

Press TV: Switzerland is not taking independent policies?

Petritsch: No.  That is a big problem that a lot of people see, that more and more, Switzerland is losing its independence, its own free decision-making, its neutrality.  This has a couple of reasons:

First, the reason is that we are, in Switzerland, *under huge pressure* from the outside because we are surrounded by NATO countries and by EU countries.  So you can imagine being a small island in this sea, we are under huge pressure – just like Iran.

*They [The World Tyrant/NATO] don’t like independent countries.*  They don’t like countries that don’t follow their policies.  So this is a huge pressure.  The problem is that our government is collapsing to these pressures and they shouldn’t do that.


Press TV: Is there anything else that you wanted to discuss?

Petritsch: I would like to say to your viewers that Iran has many friends in the West who are realizing more and more that the way Iran is treated is wrong.  Also, that there is a completely wrong picture about Iran out there.

The reason is that the Western media *purposely* is showing the wrong picture about how the Iranians are, what they think, what they want.

I hope that with more and more information, we can open up the minds of the people more so that they understand that what their governments are doing is wrong against Iran.

We are fighting here an information war.  The question is, who will win this information war?  We are up against a huge enemy with endless resources, who control all the media and therefore they can show this wrong picture.  The question is can we counter that?



See: Mon Sep 24, 2012 7:27PM GMT











Yemeni [puppet] intelligence official shot dead in Sanaa




Abdulilah Al-Ashwal, a colonel in the [puppet] Political Security Office, the domestic intelligence service, was leaving a mosque in the Safiya district of Sanaa when gunmen [freedom fighters] on motorcycles opened fire on him


Last week the [puppet] government began procedures to try 41 men who were seized in the fight to oust militants [freedom fighters] from Abyan this year.





SANAA | Mon Sep 24, 2012 3:58pm EDT












Interview with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad






MORGAN: You’ve come here to make a speech to the United Nations.  Many are saying it’s the most important speech of your life.  Do you feel that?


AHMADINEJAD (Through Translator): About 10 years ago, perhaps, Iran was under direct threat.  Those who have occupied Iraq and Afghanistan [The World Tyrant/NATO] were threatening Iran on a daily basis.

I do not believe that we are under any special conditions now from those sources [The World Tyrant/NATO], but the fact [is] that [the old] world-historic period in the world is coming to an end, an era during which power has set the first and last word.  Those holding the keys to power have set the fate of many populations.  That era is coming to an end.



MORGAN: The big catalyst for protests at the moment in the Middle East was the video that was released which mocked the Prophet Muhammad.  As a result, there was an attack, as you know, on the American [World Tyrant] embassy in Benghazi in Libya. The [World Tyrant] Ambassador Christopher Stevens was murdered.

Do you condemn the attack which caused his murder?


AHMADINEJAD (Through Translator): Fundamentally, first of all, any action that is provocative [and] offends the religious thoughts and feelings of any people, we condemn.  Likewise, we condemn any type of extremism.




MORGAN: There were protesters all over the Middle East now threatening the staff of American embassies, threatening to kill them, to behead them.  Do you think they should stop?

AHMADINEJAD (Through Translator): You see, I cannot determine what people or nations should do, but I do think that extremism gives birth to following and subsequent extremism.




MORGAN: Let’s turn to Syria. Syria is a huge flashpoint at the moment in the Middle East.  There is a belief that a lot of the Assad military are using weapons they’ve got from Iran.  Is that true? And how long will you continue to support Assad given the appalling conditions, the humanitarian catastrophe that we are all watching?  At what point do you, the president of Iran, say enough of this violence


AHMADINEJAD (Through Translator): I do believe that we must all say enough of this violence right now. Six months ago, I said enough of this violence.  Our opinion vis-a-vis the issue of Syria and other nations is completely clear.


I am now hard at work to organize a contact group in order to bring the two sides into a point of national agreement.










See: Aired September 24, 2012 – 21:00 ET









[Syrian Arab Republic Information Minister Omran] Al-Zoubi: Syria is Strong and Coherent with its Institutions and Army




Syria is strong and coherent and its institutions work despite the attack on [it] as its army bravely faces the enemy who didn’t leave any tools or weapons [untouched] but used them [all].


“More than five thousands well-trained and of high military skills foreign militants who are equipped with most sophisticated weapons entered Syria through Turkey and the neighboring countries,” al-Zoubi added in an interview with the Lebanese al-Manar TV Channel aired on Monday evening.


He pointed out that *opposition is a national need as it constitutes the mirror of the government performance* and the political work but the current confrontation is *not with [a] genuine political opposition* but with armed terrorist groups which carry out the Western-Zionist [World Tyrant-puppet Israel] project.


The Minister expressed his regret at the fact that terrorism in Syria is honored while the terrorism [that] hits the United States [The World Tyrant], France and Spain and other countries is condemned and must be confronted.


“The reason for the delay of putting an end to terrorism is not a lack of ability, but to avoid causalities among civilians or destroying the cities as the army is facing armed gangs which occupy houses, displace their inhabitants, attack the governmental institutions and have the ability to communicate and get logistic and military support,” the Minister said.


He held Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other countries responsible for the failure of [the] mission of the former UN envoy to Syria, Kofi Annan, asserting that if the UN new Envoy, Lakhdar Brahimi, wants his mission to be a success, he should call a spade a spade, particularly in terms of responsibility of those countries for the continued…military escalation through sending gunmen, money and incitement.


The Minister underlined that Syria has a genuine interest in the success of Brahimi, so it will spare no efforts to achieve that.


He slammed Turkey’s stance as it still establishes camps for training and harboring terrorists on its land and supplies them with arms and ammunition in cooperation with Qatar, Saudi Arabia and many other countries.


The Minister hailed Iran’s crystal-clear stance regarding extending help to solving the crisis in Syria, expressing Syria’s support to any transparent effort [that] contributes…[to] the success of any initiative *with true intention.*


He stressed that the opposition’s recent conference doesn’t represent all the Syrian opposition but there is another conference for other powers of opposition in the forthcoming days, expressing hope to reach a *national* political dialogue with all sides without exclusion or cancelation.


“We talk about a national Syrian-Syrian dialogue without any foreign interference.  If the opposition dares to sit…[at] the dialogue table, we are ready to sit with them tomorrow; we have no problem with the attendance of the ambassadors and the UN envoy to Syria according to their request but without the presence of the Qatari, Saudi, Turkish and Israeli at the dialogue table as it is a redline.”




See: Sep 25, 2012









Syrian refugees angry over camp conditions hurl stones, clash with Jordanian police




Angry over harsh living conditions in their desert tent camp in [Zaatari] Jordan, dozens of Syrian refugees clashed with Jordanian police, hurled stones and smashed charity offices and a hospital


A Syrian refugee in the camp, Abu Nawras, said police fired tear gas to disperse the protesters who were demanding improved conditions, better food and education for their children.


Abu Nawras, the Syrian refugee, said many of the Zaatari residents, disillusioned with the conditions there, are now demanding to go back to Syria.


But a representative for the [World Tyrant’s] U.N. refugee agency in Jordan, Andrew Harper, said it would not be safe for them to return home now [that the World Tyrant’s terrorists are being wiped out].




See: Tuesday, September 25, 8:16 AMAP











Drone attacks in Pakistan are counterproductive, says report





The study by Stanford and New York universities’ law schools, based on interviews with victims, witnesses and experts, blames the US [World Tyrant] president, Barack Obama, for the escalation of “signature strikes” in which groups are selected merely through remote “pattern of life” analysis.


Families are afraid to attend weddings or funerals


“The dominant narrative about the use of drones in Pakistan is of a surgically precise and effective tool that makes the US [The World Tyrant] safer by enabling ‘targeted killings’ of terrorists, with minimal downsides or collateral impacts.


This narrative is false,” the report, entitled Living Under Drones, states.





See: Monday 24 September 2012





and URL to:





Under External links, click on


The full report


to get


Rights and Conflict Resolution Clinic (Stanford Law School) and Global Justice Clinic (NYU School of Law), Living Under Drones: Death, Injury, and Trauma to Civilians From US Drone Practices in Pakistan (September, 2012). (PDF, 182 pp.)








America died


AUGUST 6, 1945


while giving birth to




which immediately began writing –in blood– its




Asterisks indicate my emphasis.



West wages all-out war against divine religions, spiritual values: Activist [Manfred Petritsch]  –  Yemeni [puppet] intelligence official shot dead in Sanaa  –  WHAT THE DEVIATIONIST CURRENT IN IRAN MEANS… / Interview with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad  –  [Syrian Arab Republic Information Minister Omran] Al-Zoubi: Syria is Strong and Coherent with its Institutions and Army  –  Syrian refugees angry over camp conditions hurl stones, clash with Jordanian police  –  Drone attacks in Pakistan are counterproductive, says report






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