July 22, 2006

Pinning The Tale On The Ass

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Pinning The Tale On The Ass
Friday July 21, 2006
Associated Press [1]
Saddam Pins War on Bush, Pro-Israel Lobby 
This newsstory round-abouts the "Handwritten let-
ter from President Saddam Hussein to the American
people." [2]
To round-about means to waste your time.  Better
to consult the letter itself.
After his arrest, The Superpower sent "sent a group
to talk with me.   They said they were from an Ameri-
can University and that they wanted to engage me in
a broad discussion.
"I agreed and I confirmed to them that Iraq didn’t
have any of the things the American officials claimed
and I advised them [the US] to leave Iraq quickly and
apologize to the people,
warning them that they were going to get what they
now are facing and what they are now embroiled in –
in fact, the fate I expect for them is worse than what
they are facing now – 
and they will never have an adequate chance to pull
their arms and equipment out of Iraq if the two halves
of Iraq [Shi‘ah and Sunnah] engulf them,
and they will engulf them, God willing, because our
people are deeply rooted and conscious.   They know
that our liberation can be clean and complete only
with their unity,
and that tolerance must be the basis for the orienta-
tions of our people within their [Shi‘ah and Sunnah]
and that wounds must be bound up, not ripped open."
That's the prospect in Iraq itself.
And the larger prospect?
"America is a big country on the other side of the At-
lantic.  It has developed a unique unparalleled power
such that I think some people there imagine that it is
on its way to attaining the crown of the world all for
itself as a world empire.
Have they not learned a lesson from their war in
Viet Nam?
The west used to promote the idea that world Com-
munism and the Soviet bloc threatened their interests
and also the security of the entire west.
But despite that promotion, this was nothing but a
flimsy cover.  Nevertheless, America used it and wrap-
ped itself in it
until the heroic Vietnamese people expelled them by
"As to their invasion of Iraq, it came in a situation
that made the first step easy from the standpoint of
the reaction of the international community because
of the international balance of forces.
But it came in a situation that might make it more
costly than its war in Viet Nam.
That is because when America was expelled from Viet
Nam it did not lose its standing, or we might say it only
lost a small part of its standing.
But when it is expelled and routed from Iraq, which
has no great power to support it directly, it will lose
the fundamental basis of its standing."
"In fact it has now already lost the foundation for that
standing and its reputation has begun to decay.  It is
no longer able to wield the big stick that it formerly
threatened to use.  It used to accomplish more by
threatening to use force than by really using force.
I will go further and say that after its war in Iraq, that
stick no longer frightens many people and America has
come to need the silence of the smallest and simplest
countries and tries to please them in order to get them
to stay quiet about America’s crimes and reckless,
deviant policies.
Before, many of the world’s countries used to court
the United States and most countries in the world, all
except a few, used to fear her threats or parried
them [only] with defensive arguments.
But now Mao Zedong of fond memory is laughing in
his grave because his prediction has been fulfilled and
America is a paper tiger."
From the point of view of political analysis, the key
statement is "Iraq...has no great power to support
it directly" --as the Democratic Republic of Viet Nam
had the Peoples Republic of China just to the north.
And Iraq is not mountainous; nor is it covered with
jungle.  It's large, but not that large.
Meaning: the smallest and simplest countries can take
the offensive against The Superpower *provided*
they are populated by a heroic people.
But is "America...a paper tiger" just yet?
Friday, July 21, 2006
Associated Press [3]
U.S. Threatened With More Isolation 
"Bush's uncompromising support for Israel in its
battle with Hezbollah...is threatening to isolate the
United States even further from the international

"It is also putting the administration at odds with
fragile democratic governments in the Middle East
that it is simultaneously trying to prop up, and sow-
ing increasing anger across the Arab world."
Oh, yes:
"The democratically elected prime ministers of both
[puppet] Iraq and Lebanon have been among the
most vocal critics of U.S. policy in the 10-day Israeli
bombardment of Lebanon."

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